Why Has White Youth Turned Against Us?

by Karl Hand, RNPA Party Chairman

     For the Racial Nationalist activist it is disturbing to see so many of our young turning against their own kind, their own heritage, and even their own family.  The question that arises is why has this come about?

      For every problem there is a solution, but first we must recognize the problem.  The fact is that the racial nationalist movement has been hampered by this generational gap, and we have done little or nothing to bridge it.  This falls squarely on the shoulders of the leadership of this movement. 

     It is quite easy to explain away this as a case of brain washing in our school system.  And there is a great deal of truth in this, however, what have we done as a movement to combat this? 

     Let us be honest enough to admit that our generation, the older generation, has failed our youth.  For one thing we should have put an end to this back when the system started targeting our youth by busing our children.  That was a call to arms IF there ever was one, and we failed to answer that call.

     Now our youth are placed in the unenviable position of being psychologically attacked and physically coerced and intimidated every day they spend in our educational system.  If they complain about physical intimidation they are largely ignored, or even blamed as the instigator.

     And then we have these Jew communist instructors who instill in them a sense of White guilt, placing blame on their young shoulders for something that was done hundreds of years ago by a minority of Whites, ignoring that those crimes were carried out every day by every race on this planet.  That is not to minimize the crimes, just to put them in proper perspective. 

     This is complicated by the fact that this movement has served to reinforce some of the stereotypes that the Jew controlled media and entertainment industry has fostered.  In short, we have become our own worst enemy with reckless rhetoric and actions. 

     Our youth have been placed in an impossible situation, and we haven’t done anything to remedy that situation. 

     The solution to this predicament is two fold: first we must endeavor to contradict the stereotypes that our enemies have created.  And secondly, we must undertake to provide a place of refuge for our youth, so that they won’t feel threatened by identifying with us.

     One of the stereotypes that we must diminish is that we are the enemy of free choice.  This is why the RNPA does not call for stricter drug laws even though we are against drug usage: to do that, call for stricter drug laws, makes that a liberty issue, and that plays into the hands of our enemy and our youth’s natural tendency to rebel.  The same holds true for abortion; although we fight against it, we do not call for a constitutional amendment to prohibit what we see as barbaric and genocidal.  Instead, we are confident that IF we just demand full disclosure of what abortion details, most women would rebel against that procedure. 

      The RNPA hopes to create a port of refuge for our people, young and old alike, by creating a cohesive White community, a community within a community, a society within a society, and a nation within a nation.  We work to dispel some of the stereotypes created by our enemies and enhanced by some of the reactionary rhetoric and actions of our own.  We have been in operation since 1998 and have had no linkage to criminal behavior.  We offer literature that contradicts many of the stereotypes concerning this movement, and we build our own community by offering programs to strengthen that community, such as our White Christmas Drive for needy white kids and elderly, our anti-drug program, R.A.I.N. (Rise Above It Now), and our Operation Bootstrap, which acts as our outreach program for White inmates.

     As Racial Nationalists we do not see ourselves as the enemy of Blacks.  In fact, Blacks are encouraged to embrace their own destiny through racial separation.  For this we have an affiliate, the Volunteers of Africa which seeks to gain support in the Black community for our Black repatriation program.  This program is in its infancy, but we have high hopes that many Blacks will see the wisdom in realizing a racial divorce.  At first we expect skepticism, but bear in mind the Back to Africa movement was supported by many Black Nationalists in the past.  In truth, it is the only real reparation.   

     We are the Racial Nationalist Party of America.  If you haven’t heard of us it is probably because we don’t engage in criminal or vigilante actions, or reckless rhetoric that only hurts our cause and creates sensationalist headlines.  Instead, we are The Quiet Revolution.  We offer solutions, not excuses, and as such we are becoming the leader in the Racial Nationalist movement. v



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Above:  This is the kind of White self-hatred that our youth are indoctrinated with.  The above nutcase is an actual college professor. 

Above:  This is the kind of White self-hatred that our youth are indoctrinated with.  The above nutcase is an actual college professor.