Every year since 1999, the Racial Nationalist Party of America has sponsored a White Christmas Drive for needy White kids and elderly.  We accept canned foodstuffs and blankets for the elderly; new and used clothing, coloring books, art materials, action toys, dolls, games and basically any kind of new toy for the kids.  We also accept monetary donations which assist us in the mailing costs.  Any such donations must be made payable to: 

Karl Hand, Bookseller,

P.O. Box 1281,

Lockport, NY 14095. 

     Please earmark for the White Christmas Drive so we know to dedicate your donation accordingly.  These are not tax deductible as we don't want the help of the federales in any way shape or form.  That would give them a certain legitimacy that we will never give them. 

     Just for the record, the 2019 White Christmas Drive will be our 20th annual