Truth About Black Nationalism

     On the surface one could hardly imagine that there could be any point of agreement between a movement such as the racial nationalist, i.e. ‘White Nationalist’ movement, which the deranged Southern Poverty Law Center has labeled a ‘hate group’, and Black Nationalists.

     In truth, once you get past the rhetoric and propaganda, there is one pivotal point that should  unite these two opposing factions: and that is in that both we and Black Nationalists embrace the universal concept of the self-determination of peoples.

     Reading some of the propaganda of Black Nationalists is a little hard for us White ‘racists’ to digest, but then, they probably feel the same way about our propaganda. 

     History is abundant with examples of enemies putting aside their differences, and hatreds, for the purpose of achieving a common goal.  It is the shortsighted who do not see or embrace the wisdom of this.   When it comes right down to it, Black Nationalists want what is best for their people, just as we want what is best for ours. 

     Elijah Muhammad, the late leader of the Nation of Islam, wrote back in 1973, in his enlightened work, The Fall of America” his thoughts on the coming collapse of the American Empire.  And although, this was written in 1973, these thoughts were reprinted in the Nov. 2nd, 2010 edition of ‘The Final Call’ newspaper, a Black Nationalist publication.  As far as his prophecy that America is doomed, well that thought is not unique to Black Nationalists, or even White Nationalists. Many have made such a prediction, although,  not for the same reasons he did, as he tended to put things down in a religious context. Here are some of the thoughts of this truly great Black man:

     “…..The problem, therefore is harder to solve, especially with the enemy trying to fascinate the Negro with his lower-class girls and women, arraying them partly nude before the Negroes in every public news media (cheap daily newspapers and magazines, radio, TV) and the Negro is quick to imitate.”

     “…..We want separation.  We want a home on this earth we can call our own.  We want to go for self and leave the enemy who has been sentenced to death by Allah from the day he was created.  No one - White, Black, brown, yellow or red -  can prove to me by any scriptures of Allah (God), sent by one of the prophets of Allah (God), that we should not be separated from the White race, that we should believe and follow the religion dictated, shaped and formed by the theologians of the White race.”

     “…..We hear the statement of Black educational, political and Christian classes, which express their love for the White man, publicly asking to be his brothers, if not his brothers-in-law.  Now this class wants to make it clear to the world that they really love the White race and not the Black race.  This means they want to be White instead of Black.  The devils have made them hate Black.”

     Liker Marcus Garvey before him, Elijah Muhammad was motivated by what he thought was best for his people, not by the greed, egotism and envy that motivates so many Black ‘leaders’ promoted by the Liberal media.v

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