Last year, the Racial Nationalist Party of America quietly celebrated its 20th year in operation.  We have been able to reach that mark by staying true to ourselves.  First and foremost, we have maintained that we are a legal organization, and all through those 20 years, we had not one,  not one, legal charge against us. Our legal position is emphasized repeatedly in the slogan, “Stay Legal, Stay Active and Stay Strong.”

     As a result of our strict adherence to this position we are beginning to realize that those who would not normally associate with a pro-White movement, begin to offer assistance.  I know many would give in to their frustrations, but reckless behavior and rhetoric  does irreparable damage to our movement.

     Let me give you an example of what I am writing about.  Recently, while I was at a location that had a TV, there was aired a program on Outlaw motorcycle gangs.  This particular segment featured the Bandidos.  Now,  the Bandidos had a reputation for being quite reckless, but then a new voice emerged arguing that they should tone done this recklessness.  He ran for President and had to argue his case.  He won the election and started implementing his ideas.  This saw a dramatic increase in membership for the Bandidos.

     So, if we ever hope to enter the phase of mass recruitment, we must first embrace legality.

     Secondly, we have to accept that our people have been victimized by 70 years of brainwashing, and if we ever hope to undo that damage, we have to reach them with well reasoned alternate views.  This is not an overnight cure.  It takes time.  Just like a farmer who plants a seed and then must wait for it to germinate, sprout and grow, so too, must we be patient.  And like the farmer, who if he expects the best results from his labor, must maintain his garden, by hoeing and pulling weeds, etc., we must put in the same effort. 

     And remember this:  if we survive, we win.


Karl Hand, Party Chairman