The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) is a group that occasionally makes the news, usually as a source of information for what it calls ‘hate’ groups.  This disparaging word is something the SPLC throws around cavalierly against any group whose viewpoints it is in opposition to. 

     The media, along with some enforcement agencies, see the SPLC as a source on groups that they simply are too lazy to investigate themselves.  As a result, much of what they report is often biased by the tunnelvision that the SPLC employs.  And this is where the problem arises, as it often results in legal prosecution that is unjustified onits own merits.  It is therefore incumbent upon us to put the SPLC in proper perspective as one could argue that it was the SPLC that was the forerunner of the political correctness that now dominates American politics.

      The SPLC was started by Morris Seligman Dees Jr. and Joseph Levin Jr. back in 1971.  Although ostensibly intended to fight “hate” groups, it is interesting to note that the SPLC does not designate any communist organizations as “hate” groups even though the communist movement has killed millions of people:  20 million Russians, 9 million Ukrainians, and 40-60 million Chinese.  This does not include the millions more it oppressed. 

     The SPLC is most noted for launching legal suits against the Ku Klux Klan.  Dees was subsequently valorized by the liberal media in a TV movie: Line of Fire: The Morris Dees Story.

     In some ways, the racial nationalist movement owes Dees a debt of gratitude in that he and the SPLC pretty much outlined the parameters that we as a movement must operate within.  It is these parameters that the Racial Nationalist Party of America (RNPA) has operated within ever since its founding back in 1998. To this day, the RNPA has remained free of any legal charges, and that serves as a testament of our commitment to the legal process.  We are constantly reminding our members and supporters to: Stay Legal, Stay Active, and to Stay Strong.

     That said, the media should be reluctant to valorize Dees and the SPLC.  Today, the latter is little more than a slander machine that defames the most well-meaning patriots.  It does so more as a fund raising gimmick, and this criticism is one that dogs the SPLC. 

     As for Dees, he is really a reprehensible individual.  In divorce proceedings his wife testified that he tried to involve her in a ménage a trios with another man, AND, tried to seduce his 15 year old step daughter. 

     When it comes to taking their information on groups seriously, the media and law enforcement should do so with a grain of salt.  For instance, in an article dated 11/22/2016, written by Sarah Viets, they lumped the (RNPA) in a group of organizations that it claimed to number less than five. The question that media and law enforcement groups should be asking is: how did they come up with that number? 

      Let us use logic here: would they not have to infiltrate an organization to know how many members it has?  And if they did not infiltrate an organization, any claim that it knows how many members that organization has, is bogus!  AND, we can guarantee you this, they can not infiltrate the RNPA national headquarters!  It’s as simple as that. 

     Now, if any group, individual or whatever, wants to believe that the RNPA only has 5 members, then by all means, let them believe that.  In all things, we don’t tell people what to believe, only what we believe.   BUT, for any one to take the SPLC seriously, after serving up this erroneous information, is rather disturbing on the face of it.  It implies, that the SPLC could say anything, without a shred of evidence, against any one they target, and there would be stupid people accepting it as fact.  That should send up a red flag to all thinking people!  v