The manual that you are now holding in your hands is the Third Draft of the Racial Nationalist Party of America (RNPA) handbook.  As a ‘third draft’, this replaces and updates the first and second drafts that were originally released by the National Committee of the RNPA.

     This handbook is subject to future contributions and modifications as circumstances arise and as seen fit by the National Committee.

     The expressed purpose of this handbook is to provide the membership of the RNPA with the organizational and tactical guidelines to build upon.  Beyond this, it is hoped that it will serve as an individual reference to the membership from which to draw upon.  With it, each individual member will be able to come into step with the rest of the party.  Only by developing party discipline geared towards set goals and objectives can our party hope to be successful.

     A political movement can be compared to a ship at sea.  Without discipline within the Party, without guidelines, it will just flounder at sea like a rudderless ship on a wind-swept sea.  Perhaps it may make port with incredible luck, but more than likely, it won’t.  This handbook is designed to set the RNPA on a sure course and to see that it stays true to that course.

     Once in print, there can be no arbitrary changes, no second-guessing, and certainly no excuses.  This is our blueprint for victory.  We need only commit ourselves seriously to it with the same tenacity and vigor that has been the hallmark of our Race throughout history.

     We welcome all who are newcomers to the Racial Nationalist Party of America, and sincerely hope that this will assist you in becoming a more productive, dedicated and enthusiastic member.



                                                                     Karl Hand, Party Chairman




     This handbook is NOT a secret document.  In fact it is designed for mass distribution as it will familiarize the reader with the Party and its positions.  Consequently, don’t fret if it should be discovered that it has fallen into enemy hands.  It was meant to be, it was designed in part to be, as ours is a movement of converts. Distribute this at will, to whomever you will. v



     The term ‘Racial Nationalism’ is a term chosen to identify the ideology of the RNPA.  It has been a term used infrequently in the past and has taken many forms.  What is called ‘Black Nationalism’ is in fact a form of Racial Nationalism.  Racial Nationalism is therefore not a philosophy of hate as it is a philosophy that any racial group can adopt; and usually does, under one name or another.  Our form of Racial Nationalism has been called ‘White Nationalism’ by some, but we choose to use the more formal term.  ‘Racial Nationalism’ is important to us because by its adoption it gives us an identity.  This is why when we selected our organizational name we chose to include it.  Racial Nationalism reflects an unbridled love for our folk, our values, our customs, our traditions, our way of life and our nation.

     Racial Nationalism is a world view and is in direct opposition to that of the Globalists, who seek world domination.   The truth is that races really do exist and nations really do exist.  Try as the Globalists may to wipe these out, this will always be the case.

     The Globalists will have their day, but the moment any financial advantage that globalism might offer drops off, the Globalist empire will come crashing down.  That will occur when it reaches a certain saturation point, or when some other factor comes into play like a political uprising, a substantial military defeat, or an environmental catastrophe.  The same people who are promoting this insidious globalization are the same ones who are undermining our Race, destroying our constitutional liberties and gouging our planet of its resources.

     It is human nature for humans to segregate themselves into groups.  Race is the most natural grouping, nation the most convenient.  Racial Nationalism recognizes the differences that separate men, whether by nature, or by choice.

     All through history there have been men who dreamed of world domination.  The Jews have made a religion of it.  The capitalists and oil companies have made a business of it.

     Globalization is just another euphemism for communism.  It, like its Marxist cousin, seeks total, global power and threatens to squash the last of our liberties.  Globalists are totalitarians by nature, Trotskyites and Maoists in business suits.  They do not tolerate dissent, for dissent threatens their existence.

     The Machiavellian manipulation of minorities, women and even children as propaganda tools is perhaps the most telling sign of all that Globalists are not worthy of the power they crave.  They have been behind every major social upheaval and experimentation that threatens the existence of our race and America.  They have given us abortion, forced busing of children at bayonet point, radiation and drug testing on our servicemen and civilians, the welfare state, the drug culture, the weakening of the Bill of Rights, open immigration of non-Whites, the Negroization of our culture, the promotion of miscegenation, pornography, homosexuality and their perpetual wars.  All are done to bring us down to the lowest common denominator, to further their plans for global control.  They seek to pile drive us into equal shapes, sizes and tones, for their easy manipulation.  Their plan is so transparent, so egotistical, and so diabolical.

     There is one other significant distinction between Racial Nationalism and the Globalists, as we embrace the heroic ideal.  That is something alien to Globalists.  They hide behind their armed guards, secreting themselves behind the walls of high tech security and black shock troops, while others are forced to suffer the consequences of their actions. 

      We in the RNPA advocate a new currency to build our nation on: not gold and silver, but courage and honor.  We  do  not  shrink  from the name-calling, the slander or the harassment and intimidation of the agents

of these globalists.  Instead we stand tall and fight where we stand.  We will not be dictated to, and we will not

be cowered into submission.  Every day that goes by, the RNPA grows stronger.  The day will come when we will break the globalists and their agents apart.  We will not suffer them or their mischief for eternity.  We will destroy those that seek to destroy us.   It took the Spanish 800 years to drive the Moors out of Spain, but they eventually succeeded.  It is in this, what we call our Resolution of Steel, that distinguishes the RNPA from some petty, bourgeois opposition groups that have arisen .  They seek to ‘oppose’, whereas we seek to destroy.  In an effort to appear ‘reasonable’, they will ‘compromise’, and try to appease the Globalists.  You can neither compromise with, nor appease the Globalists.  Identify them, expose them, fight them tooth and nail, and when the time comes,  drive them and their minions into the sea.  No Retreat, No Surrender and No Quarter! v



     The RNPA is the organized vanguard of the White community, composed of the most race-conscious, the most courageous, the most self-sacrificing cross section of that community.  The RNPA does not stand above, but is part and parcel of the White community.  It is the General Staff of our folk. 

     The RNPA is armed with the knowledge and experiences of its combined leadership.  These are powerful weapons in the hands of the RNPA.  They enable the Party to direct the struggles of the White community along the correct line, and to gain victories while avoiding unnecessary sacrifice.  This knowledge and past experiences enables the Party to know which forces are acting in the interests of the White community and which are against it.  This allows the Party leadership to find the best methods to employ in the building of organized White resistance.

     As the leader and organizer of the White community the RNPA leads that community in the fight against those programs and trends that threaten it.  Whatever is against the interests of the folk, the Party is set to organize against it.

     The RNPA realizes that certain conditions must exist before that which threatens the White community, can be overcome.  To this end we accept the fact that we are living in pre-revolutionary times.

     There are conditions that need to exist before any revolution, political or otherwise, can happen.  The majority of the White community must be educated to the point that they know the dangers ahead, and know who is responsible for creating those dangers.  The majority of the race-conscious, thinking, politically active members of the folk must be filled with such urgency that they are willing to sacrifice their livelihoods, their security, and even their lives if necessary, for the radical change that is needed to secure the existence of our folk.  Additionally, there must be such a weakening of the system that a state of government crisis exists.  This will draw even the most apathetic into the struggle.

     Of course, these conditions alone are not sufficient for the successful struggle of the White community.  Even if it is generally known that Racial Nationalism is the liberating force against the tyranny of the Globalist system, even if they know that this struggle can be won by dedicated sacrifice, unless there is a strong and highly organized RNPA in place, explaining the aims and methods of the struggle to the rest of the community, and is in the forefront of them, no change will come.

     How will the RNPA convince the majority of the White community that political change is necessary?  The Party can do this by becoming the trusted vanguard, the beloved organization and leader in the struggle of our folk.  Agitation and propaganda alone are insufficient.  Something more is needed to convince the individual members of the White community of the necessity for a Racial Nationalist political and social revolution.

     Members of the White community need schooling through their daily struggles under the leadership of the RNPA.  Most people learn politics through their own experiences, but more is needed, for there is a hidden hand, with a hidden agenda.  The Jews have declared war on our Race and Nation, and it is a war of deception.  It is incumbent upon us therefore to educate our folk to the Jewish Question.  This is the key to the mystery, the key to understanding the politics of the world.  Once they are educated to this question, then they will realize the true nature and aims of the system and will understand that beyond all of the euphemisms, the Jew system is a giant collection of lies.  And therein lies the seed for White revolution which will germinate and spring forth.     The White community learns through their own experiences that they must have the RNPA to lead them in their struggles, and which, in preparation for, and in the midst of, the struggles, continuously exposes every move of the enemy and teaches them the lessons that should be learned from their struggles.

     It is thus, by providing leadership to the White community, by exposing its foes, that the RNPA will win the confidence of the folk, and become their recognized leader, their General Staff, their vanguard, which they will follow in the final battle to victory.

     The chief strategic aim of our Party in this pre-revolutionary period is to win the hearts of the  White community.  Through education and specific programs and activities we befriend them, and thus, win their friendship and goodwill for the struggle ahead.  By doing acts of goodwill, we demonstrate that we are worthy of the friendship of the White community.  Additionally, because the Jew controlled media has cast such horrible aspersions against us, we undermine and weaken their credibility in the eyes of the White community.  This opens a window of opportunity to reach their minds.  They become more receptive to the RNPA message, because we are their friends and because the Jew media is shown by both their deeds and words, to be untrustworthy.

     Education, as alluded to earlier, is an important part of our program.  Many facts and historical truths have been flushed down the memory hole in an effort by Jews and Liberals alike, to create their own history, a history that defies reality.  Again, by educating the White community to these facts, we not only educate them to these very facts, but we educate them to the reality that these facts are being deliberately kept from them.  They have been deceived and lied to in an effort to undermine and usurp them.

     Because we are living in pre-revolutionary times, and because we operate under the all-seeing eyes of the Big Brother police state, it is imperative that each one of us disciplines ourselves to the Party position on legality.  That policy recognizes that although we won’t condemn armed struggle against the state, we must insist that our members do nothing illegal.  The first Party directive is that members must refrain from illegal activities.  Should a member violate this directive, that person shall face disciplinary action.  A member who engages in illegal activities, or advocates illegal actions, is putting this Party in jeopardy.  Armed propaganda is a reality of this struggle but it is not one that this Party can be actively involved in as we have other priorities.

     With that door of armed struggle closed we must elaborate on what activities the Party will undertake to achieve political power.  Make no mistake, achieving political power is our ultimate goal.  In order to undertake the changes that we intend to make, we are going to need to attain political power.  That is a simple political reality.

     Complacency and apathy are the twin enemies of civilization.  They destroy from within.  They rot out the soul.  They can only be overcome through emotion.  Just as anger destroys fear so too does emotion drive out the evil demons of complacency and apathy.  Agitation is the tool that acts as the catalyst of emotion.  Consequently, it is the focus of the Party to inject passion into the body politic.  This is done most effectively through political confrontation, not just physical confrontation, but the violent and dynamic Clash of Ideas.

     By confronting the foes of our folk, we again earn the friendship of that folk, but also, we force them into decision.  At first there will come simple verbalization of support for our Party and activity, but later this will materialize into more direct political action.  As tensions heighten so will the position of the Party in the hearts and minds of our folk.

     The body politic is much like molecules in a bar of steel.  When the temperature of the steel is cold, the molecules remain inactive and stable.  It is difficult if not impossible to bend.  However, put some heat to that same bar, and the molecules begin moving and vibrating, allowing that bar of steel to be bent.  That is what the RNPA is doing.  We are heating up the body politic through political confrontation, through the Clash of Ideas, so that they can be more easily bent to the will of the Party. 

     Elections are both a propaganda tool and a means by which we can legitimize the Party in the minds of the White community.  By partaking in them we also prepare ourselves for the actual assumption of power by the Party. 

     In all  we do, whether  it be literature  distributions  or our participation in elections, it is imperative that we remain patient, as like anything else it takes time to convince people that we are a legitimate force.

     It is human nature that people prefer winners to losers, and no matter how sincere our intentions, it is difficult to win the support of the people without a winning record.  This applies to any undertaking.  The winning of even a modicum of credibility is a long, hard road.  Most people won’t invest in company stock unless there is a track record of success, or a new and sensational product line that they get excited about. People simply don’t invest money in chancy investments.  And we can not expect people to invest their time, money or energy into the Party unless we can convince them that the RNPA is genuine and legitimate in its quest for political power.  We do this through continuity, by being ahead of the curve,  by demonstrating a vision for the future, and by creating a climate of positive thinking with enthusiastic and uncompromising support for the Party.

     Defeatism in our ranks is the greatest ally that the enemy has.  They create defeatism by attacking our movement, our leadership, our ideas, and often, our own self esteem.  The foe does this in a number of ways.  Make no mistake, he is very clever in his modus operandi.  He stays alert to any indication that we are gaining strength.  If he perceives a possible threat on the horizon, he sends in his infiltrators to undermine, to inform on, to divide, and to entrap.  We have to be ever vigilant in this regard, without falling into the trap of becoming paranoid to the point of inactivity.  Inactivity is the fast road to political irrelevancy.

     We must steel ourselves so that rumor-mongering is rendered useless.  The best antidote is to attack it with enthusiasm.  That said, make no mistake, the Racial Nationalist Party of America is quite able and willing to use the weapons and tactics of the enemy against them.  And we do not hesitate to attack our foes on a personal level.  We do not fear them, their attacks or possible reprisals, because we can and will retaliate against anyone and everyone who targets this party.  We will drag them through the same mud they seek to drag us through.  We will trash them as they trash us.  We do this not just out of revenge, but even more importantly, to discourage others from thinking that we are their whipping post.   We have attacked our enemies in the past, sometimes publicly in leaflets and in our publication ‘White Voice’ , and sometimes by simply circulating intelligence that we have gathered on them.  When someone picks a fight with the Party they better bring a lunch bucket, because its going to be a long afternoon.  No retreat. No Surrender. No Quarter. 

     Obstacles were meant to be overcome, not surrendered to.  Adversity to the Party is just another form of opportunity.  Time and time again we have been faced with obstacles and through tenacity and through the use of problem solving, we have overcome them.

     Leadership is based upon trust and respect earned.  To become the leaders of the White community, we must constantly work to gain this trust and respect.  People trust those who are true to their word, both in their private and political affairs.  In this regard they look for continuity, stability and regularity.  Furthermore, people give their trust to those who do not ask others to do what they themselves have never done.  Before you can lead, you must first follow.  Lastly, people trust those who demonstrate courage.  Courage is not in not knowing fear, but knowing fear and overcoming it.  Mark Twain summed it up best: “Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear - not absence of fear.”  Courage is a learned trait.  Teddy Roosevelt was terrified of bears, so to overcome that fear, he took up hunting bears.  A display of courage attracts men to the cause like a magnet. 

     The body politic is feminine in nature, and subsequently, it is attracted to that which is masculine or strong.  Our foes know this to be true, which is exactly why they portray us as weak and ineffective.  In a way this serves the Party as it weeds out the weak hearted.  At this stage we are looking for the strongest of the strong.  This will form our leadership cadre and there can be no weaklings at the top, just gladiators.  That said, it is important to remember one important rule: any fool can estimate strength in size or numbers, it is quite a different matter when it comes to measuring the size of a person’s heart.  Just remember the words of one of America’s founding fathers, Samuel Adams,  who has been called the father of the American Revolution: “It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people’s minds.”  Many Americans do not realize it but only one third of the Colonists favored rebellion.  Another third was dead set against it and were called Tories.  The remaining third didn’t care who won that struggle.  We can still see these three classes reflected in the politics of today.  The percentages might be different, but that can be changed by educating the masses to the need for radical change.  That is the chief role of the RNPA:  to sway those percentages to where radical change is both desirable and inevitable.

Our foes have convinced themselves that Whites are too weak to fight.  This offers an advantage for those intelligent enough and gutsy enough to make use of it.  We must learn to exploit this racial stereotype to our full advantage.  We must learn to SEIZE THE TIME!

     Revolutionary victories are made by persistent activism, not by idle complaint.  The memory of the masses is said to be around three days.  Advertising agencies recommend saturated advertising for precisely this reason. It is critical for us to understand this formula.  Whatever we do, it must be persistent and it must be relentless.  A single demonstration or literature distribution becomes almost meaningless in 3 days, unless there is sufficient follow-up.  We must hammer the selected target, and then hammer them again.  We must become like the hounds of hell on the heels of our foes, yapping incessantly as we go.  Revolutions require hard work and sacrifice.  There is not a single revolution in history that did not contain these elements.  This is not a hobby that occupies our time, it is our life. 

     Women in America are gaining in social and political influence.  The Party recognizes this and openly encourages women to take active and leadership roles in it.  Often we will specifically target women audiences in our rhetoric and literature.  What is amusing to a man might seem insensitive to a woman and we try to remain cognizant of this, without compromising our principles, and without slanting it to either extreme.  It is balance that we strive for.  The Party does not just see White women as objects of desire for men to goggle at, but as productive, intelligent  and important contributors in the shaping of the destiny of our Folk.  And let us be truthful here, many times our women demonstrate more moxie than many of today’s emasculated males.  They may or may not be as physical as men, but they stand their ground, and serve as a source of pride and inspiration. 

     It is important that members get involved with community groups, even those with non-Whites in their membership.  Be open but not antagonistic.  These are a means to make contact with others.  By appearing contrary to the stereotype that the Jew media has conjured up against ‘racists’ is in itself worth the effort.  As mentioned earlier, this will help destroy their credibility.  Sometimes you may find that they actually think they are winning you over.  Let them think what they will.  We are not responsible for what others think of us.  Gaining acceptance is the first step in winning over a targeted individual or group. 

     The RNPA is of the belief that when it comes to recruitment, if every white person was given the same set of facts that we have at our disposal, they would join us in a heartbeat.  That is the importance of education.                It is the contention of the Racial Nationalist Party of America that white people have been bullied into accepting the false premise of racial equality, because they have been denied pertinent information that will give them the knowledge and courage to stand up to those who seek the destruction of our race.  For instance, if most Whites were made aware that Blacks never had a civilization in their entire racial existence, that may cause them to think a little differently, don’t you agree? 

     Arnold J. Toynbee, who most students of history today are not even vaguely familiar with,  was a world renowned historian. He wrote a 12 volume study of civilizations called the ‘Study of History’ (aka ‘History of the World’).  In it Toynbee contended that of the 26 great civilizations, 3 of them were Oriental, 23 were Caucasian in origin, and none were Negro in origin. 

     The reality is that the Liberal idea of race is based on political agendas, emotional appeals, and sophistry, not on facts.  Many scientists have come forth and tried to shed light on this subject and were either slandered or ignored.  Dr. John R.  Baker wrote a comprehensive work entitled, simply “Race”, which was published by Oxford University Press in 1974, but this was largely ignored and allowed to go out of print.  It contained over 600 pages of insightful and scientific study.  Other works by Dr. Henry Garrett, Dr. William Shockley, and Dr. Carleton Coon are certainly more credible than any theory that the Jew communist, Franz Boas, ever expounded upon.  In  fact  Boas’  whole  theory  has been disproved with the study of identical twins who were

raised in different environments but shared nearly identical intellectual development.      

      Since the Jew controlled (and ‘Liberal’) media promotes the argument that anyone holding dissident views on race is mentally defective let us briefly look at some of these individuals.  Let us start with Dr. Baker.  He was a biologist, physical anthropologist and professor at the University of Oxford.  He contended that “no indigenous civilizations ever arose in Africa.”  So basically, he confirmed what Toynbee stated.

     Dr. Carleton Coon was a physical Anthropologist, Professor of Anthropology at the University of Pennsylvania, lecturer and professor at Harvard, and President of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists.  He authored many books, two in particular:  “The Origin of Races” and “The Living Races of Man”.  For the most part anthropologists classify the human species into three distinct races: The Caucasoid, the Mongoloid, and the Negroid.  However, Coon concluded that there was five races of mankind: the Caucasoid, the Congoid, the Capoid, the Mongoloid and the Australoid.  As you can see, ‘racists’ don’t always agree, not even scientific ‘racists’.  There is no set dogma, and it is because of these differences that additional study needs to be done and should be welcomed, instead of being repressed and routinely denounced.

     Dr. Henry Garrett was President of the American Psychological Association and chair of Psychology at Columbia University.  He has many works to his credit, including “IQ and Racial Differences” and “Children: Black and White”.  In Dr. Garrett’s words: “Despite glamorized accounts to the contrary, the history of Black Africa over the past 5,000 years is largely a blank.”  So again, we have confirmation of Toynbee’s contention that for the most part the black race is  a race of non-achievers.  Those are our words, not Toynbee’s. 

     Dr. William Shockley was the man who almost single-handedly gave us Silicon Valley.  Time Magazine  named him as one of the 100 most influential people in the 20th century.  In 2011 he was listed as #3 on the Boston Globe’s MIT 150 list of top innovators & ideas in the 150 year history of MIT.  He was a professor at Stanford University and received honorary doctorates from the University of Pennsylvania, Rutgers University and Gustavus Adolphus College.  He won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1956, and was a member of the National Academy of Sciences.  Later in life he became interested in race and eugenics and it was then that he fell into disfavor with the establishment and their media.  He committed the ultimate sin by just questioning the myth of racial equality.  For that he was slandered, libeled and demonized, but Shockley was not to be intimidated.  He felt that his work was absolutely necessary for the survival of civilization, in fact he called it his most important work.  It was in his view that the higher rate of reproduction among the less intelligent was having a dysgenic effect, and that a drop in average intelligence would ultimately lead to a decline in civilization.  He summed up his work as “the application of scientific ingenuity to the solution of human problems.”

     Dr. Arthur Jensen was professor of educational psychology at the University of California, Berkley.  He was the author of over 400 scientific papers published in refereed journals and sat on the editorial boards of two scientific journals.  Jensen argued that Blacks scored significantly lower on IQ tests, that these tests are not flawed as some critics claim, that the average 15 point difference in IQ tests between blacks and whites stems from the inability of blacks to reason conceptually, and that there is a developmental lag between white and black children.  Furthermore, unlike the tortoise and the hare, blacks never catch up with whites. 

      These are just a few ‘racists’ who defy the ‘racist’ stereotype that the Jew controlled media and entertainment industry promotes.  A couple of others include Carleton Putnam and Dr. Charles C. Josey

     Since the implementation of integration, America has gone from number one in science and math, to number 17th and 24th respectively.  This according to the 2006 Program for International Student Assessment.  So, those terrible ‘racist’ scientists were right all along, and so are we.

     The truth is often portrayed as hate, but is telling the truth really hateful? Dr. Albert Schweitzer was a true humanitarian.  From 1913 until his death in 1965, Schweitzer practiced as a doctor in the hospital he founded in Africa in the jungle village of Lambarene.  His ethic was “reverence for life” and in 1952 he won the Nobel Peace prize for this life work.  This is a warning he made that was rescued from the liberal memory hole: “I have given my life to try to alleviate the sufferings of Africa.  There is something that all White men who have lived here like I must learn and know: that these individuals are a sub-race.  They have neither the intellectual, mental or emotional abilities to equate or to share equally with White men in any function of our civilization.  I have given my life to try to bring them the advantages which our civilization must offer, but I have become

well aware that we must retain this status: the superior and they the inferior.  For whenever a white man seeks to live among them as their equals they will either destroy or devour him.  And they will destroy all of his work.  Let white men from anywhere in the world, who come to Africa remember that you must continually retain that status: you the master and they the inferior like children you help or teach.  Never fraternize with them as equals.  Never accept them as your social equals or they will devour you.  They will destroy you.”

     The RNPA views blacks as a predator species.  The killer whale or Orca is an apex predator, that means it is on top of its food chain.  It is actually related to the dolphin.  Now which would you rather be in the vicinity of if you were, say, a seal?  We realize that is a bit simplistic for a complex situation, but it does explain the black-on-white crime epidemic in America that the liberal media continues to ignore and cover-up.

     The Racial Nationalist Party of America (RNPA) is a principal proponent of black repatriation.  Because it is a pro-white organization it is often times labeled a ‘hate’ group by the liberal media.  But really, does simply being pro-white mean that one is a ‘hate’ group?  And does being pro-white and advocating black repatriation necessarily make one anti-black?  These are questions that thinking Americans must ponder carefully. 

     There appeared an article in The Christian Science Monitor (April 4th, 2014) by Chris Stein, entitled: “Back to Africa?  For some African-Americans, the answer is yes.”

     Let us consider the case of Jimmy Thorne.  He is a  black that is quoted in Chris Stein’s aforementioned article.  Thorne claims relocating to Ghana  8 years ago was one of the best moves he’s ever made.

     Life has been good to Jimmy Thorne since he relocated to Africa.  Ghana is his home now.  He found a wife, reconnected to God and manages to play golf daily.  According to Thorne: “Once you accept it as your home, why wouldn’t you stay in your home?  This is where we came from originally, so maybe that’s why we’re here.  Maybe it’s divine providence.”

     Imahkus Okofu moved to Ghana from New York City 24 years ago.  He runs a health spa in his African homeland and has authored a number of books on black repatriation.  According to Okofu: “Wherever it is we find ourselves,  in Africa is where we should be.”  Those are profound words indeed. 

     Otis Davis moved to Ghana in 2011.  He says he loves his new home.  He is the president of the African-American Association, an organization that assists others who have repatriated.  His son, Ezra visited his father and now plans to stay, “It’s not really just about money, you have the ability to create something… to contribute.”

     Marcus Garvey (1887-1940) was one of the pioneer Black leaders who advocated repatriation.  He was a truly  great Black leader.  He had over two million blacks enlisted in his Back to Africa movement.  Unfortunately, there were, and still are, powerful forces that did not want to see that happen and Garvey was railroaded to prison. 

     Blacks, along with Hispanics, are looked upon by the powers-that-be as cheap labor.  Not only are they themselves viewed as cheap labor, but by their mere presence, wages are kept lower due to supply and demand in the labor force.  It’s Economics 101.  For that reason, we continue to see obstacles set in the path of any and all who seek to realize self-determination.

     As Racial Nationalists we must continue to encourage black repatriation. The RNPA does in fact support legislation that would financially assist other blacks to repatriate, and to offer aid packages to those African nations who open their doors to American blacks.

     A common  position  among Liberals, especially  promoted  by  the  media and Hollywood, is that whites in

America owe blacks something because of slavery.  So, let us briefly examine that issue.

     To begin with, all races practiced slavery at some point in time.  It was not an exclusive practice among whites.  In fact, it was blacks who sold their own kind to the slave traders. 

     Now it is pretty ironic that the liberal media and Hollywood should be the biggest promoters of this white guilt.  The reason we say that is because both are dominated by Jews who were among the biggest providers of black slaves.  A look at some of the owners of the slave ships provides a glimpse into this hard reality:

Ship name:  Nassau - owned by Moses Levy - Jew

Ship name:  Four Sisters - owned by Moses Levy - Jew

Ship name:  Hester - owned by David and Mordecai Gomez - Jews

Ship name:  Elizabeth - owned by David and Mordecai Gomez - Jews

Ship name:  Betsy - owned by Wm. De Woolf - Jew

Ship name:  Polly - owned by James De Woolf - Jew

Ship name:  White Horse - owned by Jan de Sweevts - Jew

Ship name:  Expedition - owned by John and Jacob Rosevelt - Jews

Ship name:  Caracoa - owned by Moses and Sam Levy - Jews

Ship name:  Abigail - owned by Aaron Lopez, Moses Levy and Jacob Franks - all Jews

Ship name:  Prudent Betty - owned by Henry Cruger & Jacob Phoenix - Jews

Ship name:  Anne & Eliza - owned by Justus Bosch & John Abrams - Jews

Ship name:  Antigua - owned by Nathan Marston and Abram Lyell - Jews

Ship name:  Crown - owned by Isaac Levy and Nathan Simpson - Jews

Ship name:  Charlotte - owned by Moses and Sam Levy and Jacob Franks - all Jews


     The argument that next comes into play is that “Jews are white”.  There is no doubt that many Jews have a high percentage of white blood, but that does not erase the fact that they also have negro marker genes.  So, do those negro marker genes make them black?  No, of course not.  What it means is that the argument that Jewish slave guilt transfers to us whites is invalid.  Furthermore, even if they were white, even if all the slave traders were white, does the crimes of the father get passed on to the sons and daughters? 

     What’s more, Jews don’t consider themselves white.  They consider themselves ‘Semites’.  If they see you as an enemy of the Jews, they call you an ’anti-Semite’, and Semites are not white.  The first three presidents of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) were not blacks, but Jews.  The last one being Kivie Kaplan, a millionaire shoemaker.  The attorney that filed all of the desegregation lawsuits on behalf of the NAACP was Jack Greenberg, a Jew.

     Most Americans are somewhat familiar with the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) but are given a jaundiced view of what this organization truly represents. The NAACP was co-founded in 1909 by a mulatto by the name of W.E.B. Dubois and a Jew by the name of Joel Spingarn.  The highest award in the NAACP is the Spingarn medal.   Dubois, according to the New Websters Universal Encyclopedia was formerly with the "black militant Niagara Movement".  He was a communist sympathizer who eventually joined the communist party in 1961. When you add in the Jewish origin of communism, it is reasonable to assume that Spingarn and Dubois held a similar world view.

     In regard to our position that the media and Hollywood are controlled by Jews, we need only to consider some of these revealing quotes

         s “The people who own and manage national impact media are Jewish...I am referring to the major news wire services, pollsters, Time and Newsweek magazines, The New York Times, Washington Post, and The International Herald Tribune...They are all Jews!”

                                        …..Spiro Agnew, Vice President of the United States of America.


        s "Hollywood is run by Jews; it is owned by Jews - and they should have a greater sensitivity about the issue of people who are suffering.  Because...we have seen...the greaseball, we've seen the Chink, we've seen the slit-eyed dangerous Jap, we have seen the wily Filipino, we've seen everything but we never saw the kike.  Because they knew perfectly well, that that is where you draw the {line}."

                                       …..Marlon Brando, actor, quoted on 'Larry King Live', April 5th, 1996 


          s    "Everyone's afraid to touch anything that's religious because most of the people out here are Jewish."

                                      …..Dolly Parton, country music legend, taken from Vanity Fair, 1997, in discussing why her idea for a TV series was turned down by Hollywood


     When you see an article or movie that appears anti-white, or anti-Christian, or that attacks someone who comes out pro-white, or even pro-Christian, you now know the forces at work. 

     Even those who would contend that Jews are white can not argue with the glaring truth that the Jews have acted in bad faith, that they are in fact a fifth column working against our race and nation. 

     There are of course those that will defend the Jews at all costs.  Some of this is based on the misguided and naïve notion that Christ was a Jew.  The RNPA does not take a position on religious matters as we feel that involves the spiritual realm and should be left up to clerics.  However, when it affects the welfare of our folk we feel obligated to point out pertinent facts. One of which is taken from "The Resurrection Tomb" by E. Raymond Capt, Appendix A pg 73-74.   This is a letter from Pontius Pilate to Tiberius Caesar describing the physical appearance of Jesus.  "A young man appeared in Galilee preaching with humble unction, a new law in the Name of the God that had sent him.  At first I was apprehensive that His design was to stir up the people against the Romans, but my fears were soon dispelled.  Jesus of Nazareth spoke rather as a friend of the Romans than of the Jews.  One day I observed in the midst of a group of people a young man who was leaning against a tree, calmly addressing the multitude.  I was told it was Jesus.  This I could easily have suspected so great was the difference between Him and those who were listening to Him.  His golden colored hair and beard gave to his appearance a celestial aspect.  He appeared to be about 30 years of age.  Never have I seen a sweeter or more serene countenance.  What a contrast between him and his bearers with their black beards and tawny complexions! "

     What many people fail to appreciate is the tremendous amount of migration that was visited upon ancient times.  We tend to think of nations in modern terms, but that was not the case.  The wandering of peoples was so prevalent, some of it caused by invasion, some by over population, and some by the forces of nature.  It is not inconceivable that Jesus was white.  The early Persians were white, at least the Medes.  J.M. Cook, in his definitive work, “The Persians”  relates how “At all events the Medes declared themselves to be Aryans.” Their  chief  god  was  Ahuramazda, “The God of the Aryans”.  L.A. Waddell  has  pointed  out  that  both the

Phoenicians and Sumerians were Aryan in origin.  So, in truth, whites were known to inhabit those regions that we now naively consign as the homeland to these Semites.  And, to take it a step further, Semites are the product of racial admixture.

     One can not understand the hate and venom that emanates from the Jew, or why anything such as the concept of a Judeo-Christian civilization is ridiculous at best, until one examines The Talmud.

     Central to Judaism is a collection of rabbinical writings comprising 63 books known as the Talmud.  A rabbi is a Jewish religious leader and the Talmud reflects the attitudes of the Jewish leadership and their adherents.  It is their code of conduct, and it is easy to see why they have been condemned throughout history and why their religion has been called a ‘garbage religion’ by some.

     According to the late Arsene Darmesteter, a Jew, “The study of Judaism is that of the Talmud, as the study of the Talmud is that of Judaism.”   We can thus ascertain that the Talmud is the principle foundation of Judaism, an essential part of being Jewish.

     For those unfamiliar with this subject, a ‘gentile’ is a non-Jew.  A ‘goy’ is an offensive racial epithet against non-Jews. 

     These are just a sampling offered in the Talmud, which in effect makes it one of the most twisted examples of hate literature found in the civilized world.

     “Jews are human beings; the other people of the world are not human beings, but beasts.”

…..Baba Mezia

     “A Jew is permitted to rape, cheat, and perjure himself; but he must take care that he is not found out,

so that Israel may not suffer.
…..Schulchan Aruch, Jore Deah

     “A Gentile girl who is three years old can be violated.”

…..Aboda Shara 37a

     “Even the best among Gentiles deserves to be killed.”

…..Abodan Zarah 26b

     “Extermination of Christians is a necessary sacrifice.”

…..Zohar II 43a

     “Every Goy who studies the Talmud, and every Jew who helps him in it should die.”

…..Sanhedrin 59a

     “The Jews were created to be served by non-Jews.  The latter must plow, sow, weed, dig, mow, bind, sieve and grind.  The Jews were created to find all of this in readiness.”


     “God has given the Jews power over the possessions and blood of all nations.”

…..Seph. Jp., 92.1

     “Regarding any Gentile claims to property rights, their possessions are ‘like unclaimed land in the desert.”

…..Baba Bathra 54b

     “All non-Jewesses are whores.”

…..Eben Haezar


     Once you become aware of the Talmud, it is easier to understand  where  all  the  anti-White, and anti-Christian propaganda in Jew controlled Hollywood and the media comes from.  v



     We have already stated the first party directive of maintaining legality, the second party directive is to not give media interviews.  As stated earlier, the media is controlled and operated, directly or indirectly (advertisement) by those who seek to portray this cause and its views in the most negative light. In the face of such media hostility it is imperative for the Party to restrict media access.  To do otherwise is foolhardy as it is like walking into an ambush. Let us be perfectly honest in regard to the media: simply put, the role of the media is one of criminal culpability, they are agents of national surrender and racial suicide. 

     It is imperative that the Party presents a united front.  Any hint of division in opinion will be used to cause division within the Party.  On more than one occasion the media has played the role of agent provocateur, creating division in the ranks of the movement, and even helping to entrap individuals who have allowed their rhetoric to get away from themselves. 

     Another and important factor in restricting media access rests with our desire to create a grassroots movement.  We can not realize this if we become a personality cult.  To avoid any fixation on a particular leader, we resist the temptation to elevate a singular political persona and instead force the White community to develop its own leadership, in its own time, from within. 

     By not giving interviews, we prevent the enemies of our folk from determining who our leaders are.  We have seen this happen many times before.  What happens then is that we become a movement that is ego driven, measuring success not by actual achievements, but by the amount of media coverage.  Gaining the attention of the enemy press may serve the personal ego, but it does not serve in the development of a revolutionary organization.  To achieve the latter we must learn to sacrifice the personal ego and instead replace it with the collective ego: we must turn ‘me’ into ‘we’.  This is the organizational team concept that we hope to cultivate in the RNPA. 

       There is one exception to this second party directive which allows RNPA endorsed political candidates to give interviews, thus allowing them to  gain maximum exposure for their candidacy.   As an added bonus, this should encourage more RNPA members and supporters to run for political office.  Additionally, it is hoped that in the future more candidates will seek our endorsement.

     Endorsements will hinge upon two factors: 1) the candidate openly seeks our endorsement. 2) the candidate is openly supportive of racial separation which is the only guarantee of our race's survival.   

     A primary function of the RNPA is the reeducation of the masses.  We accomplish this by creating our own media.  Our publication ‘White Voice’ is a prime example.  It has been in publication from the earliest days of the Party.  It began modestly as a one page, legal size, newsletter.  Over time it has grown as we have grown.  Again, this is based upon the methodical, organic growth that we advocate.

     Another example of the development of our own media is the publication of over 100 leaflets that we offer for distribution.  These allow us to comment on the various issues facing the White community, and to give a Racial Nationalist viewpoint of those issues.  

     Another example of media development was our website.  This however became vulnerable to the website provider, who after 10 years, cut that service.  We however had anticipated this as we know far too well that this so-called democratic society is a fraud.  Consequently, we were not so caught by surprise as some other groups would have been.  Today, the threat of internet censorship looms large, and a number of other groups have experienced similar actions.   Many organizations have abandoned the print media altogether due to the emergence of the electronic media, but as you can see from this, this makes them vulnerable to a similar attack.

     One of the problems that we recognized from the start with the internet is that it makes people lazy.  All they need to do is log on to the site and they have, in their minds, done their bit of activism.  

     One of the greatest challenges that we face as a movement, is geographic in nature, i.e., America is such a large nation that it is difficult to organize any political movement.  For instance, in one presidential election, over $600 million was spent by one candidate.  In order to meet this geographic challenge, the Party has launched  “Operation Gatherstone”.   This allows, and encourages,  local units, individual members and supporters of the Party, to randomly select names out of their local phone book and mail them copies of our literature, leaflets being the cheapest and most economical.  We are having more and more success with this.  One thing must be kept in mind, this struggle is as much a psychological battle as a physical and political one.  If the enemy receives one of these it is like a hammer hitting them between the eyes, because in their mind, this battle is already won.  Also, we have to view these like body punches, rather than a knock out punch. 

     Our object is to wear the opponent down, the opponent not being a singular individual, but the idea that they collectively share.  That said, we don’t want to deliberately target individuals because they are the enemy.  We seek rather to create a sea change in the way the average person views this movement.  This is a war of attrition.  It requires patience, along with deliberate and methodical thought.

     We are not out to preach to the choir.  We are not out to recruit members from other groups.  Hopefully, other groups will see what we are doing, view it favorably,  and will model themselves after us.  Let a thousand flowers of white resistance grow. 

     When dealing with other pro-white groups we maintain the position that the RNPA is a friend to all and an enemy to none. However, the Party must always be upheld by the membership above all others.  The RNPA does not give up for a moment its independent political role.  Thus, the Party, in all phases of any united-front action, while fighting side-by-side with non-Party personnel, must always show Party solidarity within any other form of solidarity.

     The Party, in its every day work, must clarify to the White community in a positive and concrete way the principle difference between the RNPA and other groups within the racial nationalist movement.  By remaining united in purpose, positive and enthusiastic, we build confidence in the Party and capture the imagination of others.  Enthusiasm is contagious and we will create a tidal wave of enthusiasm. We need not offend those who one day may look to join our ranks.  It is through enthusiasm, strength and civility that we will one day witness the unification of the racial nationalist movement under the RNPA banner. 

     We are confident that one day the members of these pro-white groups will opt to join with us, but that is something they will have to determine is the best course on their own.  When they see that we are blazing a path to victory, they will come to the realization that this is their path as well.  This is as certain as the sun rising the next day.   But this must be done on an individual basis.  By this we mean, we do not seek any ‘mergers’ as this would allow for the possibility for cliques to emerge, and thus jeopardize internal stability.  In fact, we have already turned down such proposals of merger, preferring to avoid the possibility of internal conflict.

     There is no short cut to victory.  It must be done with deliberate thought, dedication and sacrifice.  This is the Revolutionary Ideal we seek to encourage.  We must purge the racial nationalist movement of the hobbyists and the naïve notion that victory can be achieved by some racial messiah, that it can be purchased without sacrifice.  Only by cultivating this mindset  can we hope to survive the trials ahead.  It is for the future that the Party must prepare itself for, the time when the powers of the state are enhanced to an immeasurable degree, for a time when strife overtakes our civilization.  Much of what we say and do is done to prepare the Party for this time.  It is this kind of foresight that has allowed us to survive the many trials that we have thus far encountered, and it is this same foresight that will allow us to survive the many obstacles ahead. 

     Internally, the Party must develop its own discipline.  This ‘Party Discipline’ demands that we all follow the two Party Directives stated in this handbook.  It also requires that we must learn to act as one.  When we are told to ‘hold’, we hold; when we are told to ‘retreat’, we retreat; and when we are told to ‘attack’, we attack.  Deviation from this weakens the Party.


     The racial nationalist movement is by nature a volunteer effort and Whites are individualistic by nature.  This was developed as a result of our experience with the Ice Age when we had to learn to depend on

ourselves to survive.  Additionally, there is the natural instinct of establishing a ‘pecking order’.  These are some of the causes of factionalism, which we will deal with later.  Suffice it to say, that these are challenges that we as a movement must recognize and deal with.  And again,  often this requires that we submerge our personal ego in favor of the collective good.  One individual can not achieve our goals.  It will take a good amount of team work, collaboration and working through individual differences and preferences. 

     The RNPA is a vibrant and dynamic organization that is growing every day.  Others have come before you, and more will come after.  New recruits may look to you with the same anticipation that one finds when someone new comes into any organization.  You might also find that they will look upon you with a sense of admiration and awe.  Perhaps they will have read or heard about your Party activities.  Then again, perhaps they simply know by instinct, that by belonging to the RNPA, you took a dramatic and courageous turn in your own life which sets you apart.  Walk proudly with your head held high.  You are a lion among men, or in the case of women, a lioness among women. This is what the Party gives back to you. v




     A word must be said about National Socialism or Nazism.  We are not National Socialists even though we consider National Socialists to be Racial Nationalists.  We differ with National Socialists on the form of government and society that Adolf Hitler argued in favor of, that of a dictatorship and a regimented society. Furthermore, Hitler was an expansionist that led to the catastrophic war that saw millions of White people slaughtered.   All of this can be verified in a reading of Hitler’s Mein Kampf.  Our friends in the national socialist movement may try to ignore these elements of Hitler’s movement, but they are essential elements whether they want to admit to it or not.  The fact is, despite Hitler’s views on race, which were loosely based upon America’s own eugenics movement, he was wrong to pursue an expansionist agenda.  He wanted the Ukraine and everything in between.  World War II was a result of this agenda, and this led to his abandonment of his own principle of never getting involved in a two front war.  This is what Hitler saw as the cause of Germany’s defeat in World War I, and was also, tactically speaking, the reason he lost World War II.  He repeated the same mistake as his predecessors which he swore not to do.  This fact is often overlooked by national socialists of today.

     Hitler’s belief in a regimented society is also documented in Mein Kampf.  Hitler saw the consequences of Marxism’s class warfare up close and personal.  He saw the civil war that ensued as a result of this class warfare.  He saw Germans killing Germans because of class.  When he entered the military he saw none of this.  Instead he saw position determined by rank, rank that was earned, not given to one by birth or inheritance.  He thus reasoned that this was the solution to class struggle: the regimentation of society, the remaking of society along the lines of the military.  This was quite the philosophical jump but the Weimar republic did little to convince the average German that democratic rule could bring order and stability to a nation torn by the class struggle of the Left.  In fact, its weak opposition to the Left, forced many Germans, including Hitler,  to conclude that the Weimar Republic was the chief benefactor of the Left. They saw the Weimar Republic doing everything to undermine and arrest any nationalist resistance to the Left, while basically allowing the Left to run amok. 

     National Socialists in America may argue that they believe in a constitutional republic, but that is a hard sell when you are basically mimicking the National Socialists in Germany in every other way.  The result is that most Americans view national socialism today as an alien idea.  Hitler himself was a great admirer of Italy’s dictator Benito Mussolini, but he did not call his movement the German Fascist Party. It would have been viewed as alien by many Germans, a cheap copy of the original.

     Aside from philosophical differences with national socialism, we have tactical differences.  John Lennon of the rock group, the Beatles,  met with two members of the Trotskyist International Marxist Group, Tariq Ali and Robin Blackburn.  After that meeting, he wrote the song “Revolution” in which he sung the words,

“But if you go carrying pictures of Chairman Mao, You ain’t gonna make it with anyone anyhow.”   When Lennon was asked about this later on in an interview in The Red Mole (1/21/1971) he said that all he was trying to say was ‘be more subtle’.  Today the Democratic party has been taken over by the most radical leftists who took Lennon’s advice, infiltrated and took control of that party, and are now on the precipice of destroying America from within.  We in the RNPA call them Lennon’s Leninists.  Perhaps it is time for the national socialist movement to begin thinking about being more ‘subtle’.  Perhaps going around wearing swastikas and yelling ‘sieg heil’ is not the smartest tactical maneuver, but then, that is their business, not ours.  However, let our National Socialist friends remember this, when George Lincoln Rockwell of the American Nazi Party ran for Governor of Virginia, he did not use the term ‘Nazi’ or ‘National Socialist’ on his campaign literature.  Nor did he use the swastika on any of it.  Also, a long time supporter of Rockwell told of a letter that Rockwell supposedly wrote expressing regret for having taken the route that he did.  There is no proof that this letter existed except the word of this now deceased Rockwell supporter, so you have to use your own judgment here. 

     Many people associate themselves with the national socialist cause today because they see them as a dedicated form of opposition to the Left and the traitors who sponsor and coddle them.  They see them out in the streets performing heroic opposition to these traitors, and rationalize that the way of national socialism is the best course to follow.  But many do not stop to ask themselves some of the questions we have just raised.  Desperate men do desperate things, and let’s face it, we are in desperate times.

     We can of course learn from some of the political successes of Hitler, as we can learn from the Left and their successes.  Hitler himself admitted that he modeled some of his tactics after the communists, not allowing politics to interfere with tactical considerations. 

     The RNPA must recognize the differences between our movement and the national socialist movement, but that does not mean that we should take measures or stances that serve to alienate those in that movement.  We must strike the perfect balance of maintaining our own identity while being a trustworthy friend in the trenches.  We openly state our differences, and if pressed, will openly defend our differences, but we will not try to distance ourselves for political gain.  That, in our opinion, is the lowest form of cowardice.  v



     The RNPA is not an “open membership” organization.  Only those who meet our qualifications are accepted into our ranks.

     The first prerequisite for membership into the Party is that one has to be White and at least 18 years of age. 

     The second prerequisite is that the applicant’s beliefs are in accordance with the principles of the RNPA including the position of racial separation of the races.

     The third prerequisite for membership is that the applicant be willing to subordinate him/her self to Party discipline and directives.

     No person is allowed into our ranks who hasn’t a sense of honor, duty, courage, honesty or commitment to a higher ideal than to one’s self.

     No person is allowed into our ranks who is unable or unwilling to commit themselves to the RNPA, and to our complete and total victory.

     No person is allowed into our ranks who cannot practice real camaraderie to other RNPA members.

     RNPA membership is open to Whites of all religious convictions.  Christians, Creators, Pagans (Odinists, Wiccans, etc..), Agnostics and Atheists are welcome.  Jews are excluded from this as they have a separate identity and are considered by the RNPA as subversive with their own agenda, an agenda that runs counter to our Race’s interests. 

     It is not necessary for each and every RNPA member to be a street activist, but we expect every member to contribute something in the way of activity, even if it is only random mailings as part of our Operation

Gatherstone program.  We recognize that in any army, even political ones, the personnel that is not actively engaged in physically confronting the treason of the enemy, may actually make up 80-90% of the entire force. 

We don’t expect Party functionaries to be sacrificing themselves on the front lines.  Their main priority is to keep the Party bureaucracy functioning on the highest level. 

     As for street activists, these are our front line fighters.  They are a different breed.  They are more like the Grunts in the US Marines.  We don’t expect them to be spouting poetry, or to be that well informed on the scientific  aspects  of  race (another reason for the Party’s second directive of not giving interviews),  we  do expect them to stand up for the Party, win the hearts of their countrymen through displays of courage, and if necessary, fight our foes which are demonstrating an increasingly violent tendency.  That is their forte.

     Whether you be a young geek, an elderly gent or lady, or a hardened, street fighter, the Party has a place and need for you. v




     The RNPA has adopted the Celtic Cross as its symbol.  A symbol is important as it is easily recognizable to friend and foe alike.  It serves as a lightning rod and is part of our identity.  It is our duty to make this symbol hated and feared by our foes, and welcomed and loved by our friends.

     There are actually two parts to the Celtic Cross.  The first part is the circle which is representative of the wheel of creativity, of continuity, infinity, the circle of unity, motion and is the ancient Aryan symbol of the Sun or light. 

     The second part of the symbol is the Cross itself, a symbol of balance.  With it outreaching the circle, it represents a projection of all that is contained within the circle, in four directions.

     The Celtic Cross has been a popular symbol among European peoples throughout history.  It is seen in many cemeteries as a grave marker, a fitting symbol to erect over our political enemies.

     The colors of the RNPA are gold, green and white.  White stands for our Race and for purity, Gold is a precious metal and is symbolic of the preciousness of our folk, and Green stands for life as is evident all around us. 

     The motto of the RNPA is “Oderint dum Metuant”.  Translated it means “Let them hate, so long as they fear.”  As the enemy sees us grow in strength, they will learn to fear us because they will then know in their hearts that the days of their treason are numbered.  v



     The official slogan and greeting of the RNPA is “Two Pillars”  It is also used as a closing in letters and e-mails. For instance, at the close of a letter, instead of writing  the closing, “Sincerely”, one may choose to use “Two Pillars” or if the recipient is someone who may not be schooled in this, then you may choose to put “Two Pillars / Race & Nation”.

      “Two Pillars”  pretty much sums up our world view. There really isn’t any need to go any further than that.  Without our race and our nation, really, what purpose do we serve?  To be drones and/or cannon fodder for a bunch of corporate snobs? We think ourselves better than that. 

     We have a vision.  That vision requires that we maintain our racial integrity to realize the true potential of ourselves and our nation.  We seek not to be anyone’s Master, but neither will we accept the proposition that

we should be anyone’s Slave.  We offer freedom and respect to all, the globalists offer genetic and total enslavement.  We need only make these choices clear to everyone.  v




     There are seven different levels of organization in the RNPA.  Those levels are as follows: The Local Unit, the Section, the District, the Region, the National (RNPA Headquarters),  the Central Committee, and the Racial Nationalist Congress. 

     The Local Unit:  Because it is the Party’s basic building block, the Local Unit will be covered in much more detail later in this handbook.  For now, suffice it to say that the Local Unit is the lowest level of organization, but its most important level.  The Local Unit is led by a Unit Leader.

     The Section:  Above the Local Unit is the Section.  The Section is designated as a County or Parish (Louisiana) where three or more units are operating.  Basically, a Section is a Local Unit that has been elevated to a higher status.  The Section is led by a Section Leader who is simply a Unit Leader who was elected by his peers (other Unit Leaders) within the Section.  This elevation in status is done by a special election authorized by the National once a county/parish realizes the requirement of three or more units.   The chief function of a Section Leader is to coordinate activities of all the Units within his section boundaries. This is in addition to his other responsibilities as a Local Unit Leader.

     The District:  Above the Section is the District.  The District is designated as a State where three or more Sections are operating.  Basically, a District is a Section that has been elevated to a higher status.  The District is led by a District Leader who is simply a Section Leader who was elected by his peers (other Section Leaders) within the District.  This elevation in status is done by a special election authorized by the National once a State realizes the requirement of three or more Sections.  The chief function of a District Leader is to coordinate activities of all the Sections within his District boundaries.  This is in addition to his other responsibilities as a Section Leader. 

     The Region:  Above the District is the Region.  The Region is designated as one of the regions outlined in the map on page 20 where three or more Districts are operating.   Basically, a Region is a District that has been elevated to a higher status.  The Region is led by a Region Leader who is simply a District Leader who was elected by his peers (other District Leaders) within the Region.  This elevation is done by a special election authorized by the National once a Region realizes the requirement of three  or more Districts (two in Region 2).  The chief function of a Region Leader is to coordinate activities of all the Districts within his regions boundaries.  This is in addition to his other responsibilities as District Leader.

     As one can readily observe, the higher the rank one obtains, the more responsibility that one is burdened with.  Also, we do not just hand out rank.  There has to be sufficient organizational strength to warrant the position. 

     The National Committee:  Above all of the Regions is the National Committee.   The National Committee is chaired by the Party Chairman and is composed of the following positions: Party Chairman, Deputy Party Chairman, Party Treasurer, Party Secretary, Party Membership Secretary, Party Propaganda Chief, and Party Security Chief.  The actual business name of the National is RNPA Headquarters.  The National Committee acts as the RNPA’s national staff and handles the day-to-day affairs of running the Party.

     The Central Committee:  The Central Committee is the National combined with the 10 Regional Leaders.  Its function is to establish Party Policy on major issues.  The Central Committee will meet once every two

years upon initial determination by the Party Chairman that there is an organizational need, which does not exist presently.

     The Racial Nationalist Congress:  The RNC is designated as the collective Party membership.  It holds no real power or responsibility but serves as a sounding board for the RNPA.  The RNC will meet once every four years upon initial determination by the Party Chairman that membership warrants it, which does not presently exist, but which is becoming closer to being realized. v




     As indicated on the map above, the Party is broken down into ten Regions.  They are as follows:

     Region 1:  Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island.

     Region 2:  New York, and New Jersey.

     Region 3:  Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia, Delaware, Virginia and Washington, D.C..

     Region 4:  Tennessee, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Florida.

     Region 5:  Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio.

     Region 6:  New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana.

     Region 7:  Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska

     Region 8:  Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming.

     Region 9:  California, Arizona, Nevada, Hawaii.

     Region 10:  Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Alaska.  For organizational purposes all military personnel and all US citizens residing in foreign nations are slotted into Region 10.

     For the average Party member these designations will have little impact, but as the Party grows, these will be incorporated into the organization, including on literature and in Unit designation.  For instance, a Unit in Region 3 might be designated as Unit 809.  But another Region could also have a Unit 809.  Consequently, literature put out by a local unit should also state what Region it falls under, even if there is no Regional apparatus presently in existence. v   

RNPA Organizational Chart.jpg


     The basic organizational building block of the RNPA is the Local Unit.  It is therefore important that we familiarize you with its organizational structure. The organizational chart below gives you the look of an advanced Local Unit. When starting out, a unit may only comprise 3 members so some members may have to take up 2 or 3 positions with their corresponding responsibilities.  The smaller a unit, the more responsibility each member shall have.  That in itself should be incentive to recruit.

     The Unit Leader serves as the nexus of the unit.  One of the principle responsibilities of the Unit Leader is the development of the Unit Calendar.  This essentially gives the times and dates of unit activities, whether they be meetings, election campaigns, random mailings or whatever. He basically acts as the Chief Coordinator and Task Master of the unit.  As such it is important for him to be able to build a consensus from the membership. This in itself requires good communication skills.  Another responsibility of the Unit Leader is conducting the Unit Meeting and the filing of Monthly Activity Reports to national headquarters .

     The first position in the primary organizational tier of the local unit is the Unit Treasurer. The UT  is responsible for putting the Local Unit on sound business footing. This means he must keep records of all income and expenditures.  In addition he must endeavor to legitimately increase the cash flow of the unit.  We are talking possible book sales, raffles, bake sales, spaghetti dinners, and so on. Sometimes we lose sight of the fact that fund raising is extremely important in this struggle.  If France didn’t finance the American revolution to the tune of 1.3 billion Livres, or roughly  13 billion dollars in current US currency, we probably wouldn’t be celebrating July 4th every year. This was actually an act of revenge on the part of the French, but the American colonists didn’t care about Frances’ motives.

     As the name suggests, the Propaganda Officer is responsible for creating and distributing  all literature, including a local newsletter. He is also responsible for organizing random mailings (Operation Gatherstone) and street by street distributions.  The Propaganda Officer is authorized to create teams, headed by team leaders, one for creation and design, and others for distribution.  In this it is recommended that he procure street maps from the local Board of Elections.  As each street is canvassed with literature they should be highlighted.  Each unit should strive to cover each street in its AO (Area of Operation) before revisiting them.  Areas should be targeted with specific literature, for instance, the Africa Calling leaflet would be ideal for Black held areas.

     The title Recruitment Officer may be a little misleading.  Although he is responsible for signing up and processing  new members, the responsibilities go well beyond that.  Included are the organizing of events that serve to bring new people into the RNPA.  A picnic where members can bring family members and friends to introduce them to the Party is one example.  Another is a music concert to bring younger people into the fold. 

     The Elections Officer is responsible for the organizing of election campaigns, the selection of candidates, etc… He must familiarize himself with election laws and maintain the required records.

     Jumping to the last position of the first tier is the Unit Secretary.  The responsibilities include all Unit correspondence, the keeping of Unit meeting minutes and acting as the administrative assistant to the Unit Leader

     The Security Officer is charged with the internal and external security of the Local Unit.  His prime duty is assuring that the First Directive of the RNPA, of not engaging in illegal actions, is rigidly upheld.  He is assisted in this by the Intelligence Officer, a second tier position. The IO is responsible for the approval or disapproval of membership applications. Furthermore,  should disciplinary action be required, the IO acts as a prosecutor, presenting whatever evidence  he may have gathered.

     The secondary duty of the Security Officer is of course, to protect the membership at demonstrations, rallies, etc… from violent elements. In this, he is authorized to create security details.  In respect to these, the Security Officer holds the military rank of Lieutenant.  The Detail Leaders under him hold the military rank of Sergeant or Platoon Leader, at the discretion of the Security Officer. 

     Security Details may be uniformed or non-uniformed, the latter serve as investigators, scouts and as infiltrators into enemy ranks during rallies, etc…  The uniformed have the distinction of wearing the only designated party uniform, which consists of white shirt with a party patch on the left chest area, black tie, black belt, black pants, and black, combat boots.  A unit patch may be attached on the left shoulder.  These must include the Unit Symbol (see below), the Region number and the Local Unit Number. An American flag patch may be attached to the right shoulder.  Rank bars are attached to collar tabs.  Three bars signify Lieutenant, two Sergeant, and one, Platoon Leader.  Black helmets are an option.  Round shields are also an option, painted black with a Celtic Cross on the front.  Due to the violent tendencies of our enemies, black arm braces, cups, mouth guards( these are surprisingly effective ),  eye protection, and personal first aid kits may be necessary.  Again, the only insignia exhibited on a uniform should be the Celtic Cross party patch, the Unit patch and the American flag patch.  To insure uniformity and to minimize exotic appearances, all other insignia are prohibited.

     Appearance is important for all Party personnel.  This is especially true of uniformed security personnel.  Cropped hair and neatly trimmed facial hair are important.  This may seem trivial, and that’s the point.  A person not willing to meet the most trivial standards probably isn’t cut out to be in the security corps.  You can bet that much more will be demanded of them than simply getting a haircut.     v



     The Local Unit is required to adopt its own symbol as a means of identification in the field.  This symbol must be registered with National Headquarters to prevent duplication.  In other words, a symbol can only be chosen once, per Region.  Typically this will be used on banners and on patches worn by Security personnel

     The only symbols not permitted to be adopted are the Celtic Cross, our Party symbol, and the Delta symbol ,which is reserved for National Headquarters.  v




     Every District (i.e. State) is assigned its own colors.  Up to 3 colors are permitted.  Again, this is to allow for identification in the field.  For that reason, every color combination must be registered at National Headquarters.  Hence, one color combination is used for New York, another for New Jersey, etc.  Typically these are used on Unit patches and banners. 

     Normal procedures allow for the first unit in every state to determine the District colors. Call it seniority. v




     Before you have anything manufactured, Unit patches, banners, etc…, send a proof to National Headquarters to ensure that it conforms with policy and regulations.  This is also true for newsletters, leaflets and any brochures produced by the Local Unit.  v



     A Local Unit Organizer may be appointed to head a probationary unit if there are not 3 members in the jurisdiction of the proposed Local Unit.  This appointment comes through the offices of either the Party Chairman or the Deputy Party Chairman.  This is only a temporary position and is intended to allow ambitious Party members to start their own Unit, begin laying down the mechanics of organization, and to give them a base of operations to recruit from. 

     The Probationary unit continues as such until enough members are recruited to start a Unit.  During this period, the Local Unit Organizer may open up a post office box in the Unit Business name (see below).  The Local Unit Organizer then begins circulating literature which can 1) be stamped with its address in the “Local contact” box provided on every RNPA leaflet. Or 2) can have RNPA Headquarters personalize the leaflets, free of charge, with:  ‘Local Unit Now Forming, contact: YOUR Name, P.O. Box, City, State, Zip’.    This gives you a professional appearance at no extra cost to you, just the cost of the leaflets themselves.

     Once enough members have been recruited, then they can apply for Unit status.  Once that is approved by National Headquarters, they can hold elections. v




     One half of all start-up businesses in the US fail in the first 18 months.  There are a number of factors that play into this, one of which is that it is pretty easy to start a business in the US.  Anyone one can do it without any proof of capitalization, something that is needed in most states for Corporations.  Delaware is the most notable exception to that rule which is why over 1/2 of the Corporations in the US are incorporated in Delaware. 

     But for the most part, corporations are a luxury and are complicated to maintain.  So for our purposes the sole proprietorship and not the corporation is the perfect form of business organization for a Local Unit to operate under.  It is by far the simplest, and fairly easy to form. 

     To form a sole proprietorship all one needs to do is go to your local office supplies store and get an Assumed Name Certificate (AKA Doing Business As - DBA).  Then, all you need to do is go to your local bank and have them notarize it, and then file it at your County Clerk’s office.  This will prevent anyone else in the County from doing business under that name. 

     Prior to filing your DBA you will of course have to choose a name to do business under.  When asked to provide the nature of your business, we recommend that you put desktop publishing.  You will want it understood that you will be publishing a local newsletter, that you will be selling items that will be of interest to your subscribers, and that you may be receiving donations. 

     Congratulations, you are now a business owner!  You can even open a bank account under your business name if you so choose.  The bank will want to copy your DBA for their records so be sure to bring it along when you go to open the account. 

      It is imperative that you maintain good records to put you in alignment with tax laws come April 15th.  Every penny that comes and goes must be accounted for.  Failure to do this puts your Unit in jeopardy.  It is the first line of defense for every Unit. Using a good filing system that categorizes every expense and every form of income is a top priority.  TIP:  Some receipts fade.  To insure verifiable credit, write (in pen) on every receipt, the date, the amount, the vendor and the location of the vendor.  This is particularly true of receipts from the post office which have about as long a lifespan as a housefly.  And if someone uses stamps to purchase goods or services, compute these into dollars and cents.

     A word on business ethics:  It is important that you maintain the highest standards possible in the conduct

of your Unit’s business.  Furthermore, a speedy response to all inquiries, orders, etc…  is of paramount importance.  Put yourself in their shoes.  Would you want to wait two months for a response?  To assist you in meeting the demands of Party business, we recommend utilizing form letters, etc..  Also, have a standard inquiry package ready to mail.  This will cut down response time. 

     In all things Party related, whether it be literature distributions or filling orders, it is wise to keep Joe Girard’s Rule of 250 in mind.  Basically, what the rule states is that on the average, every person knows at least 250 people.  If you distribute 100 pieces of literature a week , that means possibly 25,000 people will be made aware of your unit’s existence, every week.  On the flip side, if you do not treat someone right, well, those numbers can pile up in a hurry.  Consequently, customer service is important.   

     The Rule of 250 was named after Joe Girard who is regarded as the No. 1 Retail Salesman in the World, so it has some weight to it.   But here’s something else, he came up with this BEFORE the internet.  In reality, in today’s world, the actual number may be 2,500.  v




     Essential to the continued growth and expansion of the RNPA are the dues that we require.

     There are two sets of dues, the national dues and the unit dues.  National dues are paid on a yearly basis and are $30.00 per year.  These are due on January 1st of every year.

     The unit dues are $1.00 per week and are collected at the Local Unit meeting.  This applies to all unit regardless of their status.

     Members are given 60 days to remit their dues to national.  If a member’s dues are not received by March 1st, he is immediately removed from membership rolls.  If a member can not pay the entire dues it is imperative that he make a partial payment.  The Party accepts the principle of “good faith”.  If a member has some extreme and extraordinary financial difficulties, it is acceptable for a member to pay as much as he can until the entire dues amount is met, BUT this must be sanctioned by national headquarters.

     Only upon receipt of the entire year’s dues will a new membership card be issued.

      Dues allows the Party to budget itself, and allows the Party to grow and continue its important work.  If you do not want the Party to grow, if you do not want the Party to succeed, then don’t pay your dues, because that is precisely the message you are sending.

     The first years dues are pro-rated.  If you join up in the first four months of the year, the first years dues are $30.00.  If you join up in the second four months of the year, the first years dues are $20.00.  And if you join up in the last four months of the year, the first years dues are $10.00. 

     Compared to most other organizations, the dues for the RNPA are relatively small.  The average member of the NAACP gives $20.00 per month.

      All RNPA members receive a complimentary subscription to ‘White Voice’.  Additionally, members receive a 20 % discount on most books and merchandise.  This discount is NOT automatic however, and you must deduct it accordingly giving your membership number. v



     I, (member’s name) , do hereby solemnly swear as a

Racial Nationalist and a member of the Racial Nationalist Party of America, to do everything in my power to bring about the betterment of my people and my nation.

     I pledge that I will work to insure the evolution of a cohesive White community that is free from Jewish thought, influence and from governmental tyranny.

     I swear to hold true and remain trustworthy to my fellow racial nationalists, and swear never to become cumbersome to my comrades or to the Party (RNPA).

     I pledge to always strive to educate and train myself and my fellow Party members to further better myself as a soldier in the Racial Nationalist ideology and in the struggle against the lies and hypocrisy upon which the Jew system is built.

     Above this, I swear to follow all Party directives, including the First Directive which forbids my participation in, or advocating of, illegal acts. 

     For all these things, I do swear, before whatever God or Gods and Goddesses, that I may hold sacred, and before my ancestors, and all those true men and women who stand before me, and who will come afterwards.  Let this be my sacred and solemn troth. v


1. Every Party member must think of themselves as a servant of the movement and of their people and act accordingly.

2. It is the most important task of every Racial Nationalist to keep alive the idea of racial unity and to do all in their power to continually strengthen this idea.

3. A member should be a leader and supporter as well as a good companion and helper to fellow Party members and the White community.

4. A Party member is bound to prefer a well tried fighter and true and candid speech as opposed to honeyed words of those who fawn on him. 

5. A member does not allow himself to become a mouthpiece of political enemies by spreading false and unproven rumors.

6. A true Racial Nationalist, having performed his duty, finds his greatest reward in the knowledge of the success of his work, and in the confidence of his comrades.

7. To be a Racial Nationalist means to set an example!  It is not only a political movement, but a state of mind.  To be the best that you can be.  Not only in the movement, but at home, work or school.  By excelling in the little things, one becomes a leader in the bigger things.

8. Never take offense against proper disciplinary action when it is enforced.  As far as enforcement, it should be done to correct, not to belittle.  The proper course is to sandwich a criticism with two compliments, before and after the criticism.

9. A Racial Nationalist is to maintain his racial pride at all times.  However, to be proud does not mean to be conceited or arrogant.

10. You are a representative of the Party.  You should let your behavior and appearance be determined by it.

11.  Let your loyalty towards the movement and your comrades be your highest virtue.  In Loyalty We Trust!

12.  In battle be tough and silent.  Always remember that courage is not the same as brutality.

13.  Strive for unity among all of our people and enforce the preservation and respect of our culture, our  values and our way of life.

14. Always observe and follow Party directives and the Chain of Command.

15. Let pride, honor and wisdom dictate your life.  Always strive to educate yourself and your fellow comrades.  Remember, knowledge is power.  We must strive to become smarter, stronger and more determined than who seek to destroy our culture and remake our nation.

16. The strong must protect the weak.  We must always rise to the defense of our folk who are weaker than ourselves.  v




     The RNPA is organized in such a way as to guarantee, first, complete inner unity of outlook; and, second, a combination of the strictest discipline with the widest initiative and independent activity of the Party membership.  Both of these conditions are guaranteed because the Party is organized on the basis of ‘democratic authoritarianism’.  

     Democratic authoritarianism is the mechanism and means by which the party functions and operates.  In the business world this would be considered as our management style.

     Democratic authoritarianism represents the melding of two different styles of management or governing, the democratic style and the authoritarian style.  This allows for a number of advantages.  Most importantly it allows for maximum input from our membership through democratic elections while maintaining the integrity of the RNPA.  Furthermore, it allows for Local Units a quick response time to local circumstances and challenges.  At the same time, it allows for the National Committee to step in just as quickly, and with authority, in case of sabotage, or other irregularities that may threaten the survival of the RNPA or its continued growth and advancement. 

     The Local Unit is the perfect example of democratic authoritarianism in practice.  All of the first tier officers, save one, are elected by the Unit membership.  First tier officers include the following;  Unit Leader, Unit Treasurer, Propaganda Office, Recruitment Officer, Elections Officer, Security Officer, and Unit Secretary.  All but the Security Officer are elected, the S.O. being appointed by the Unit Leader.  All of the second tier officers are appointed.  This includes all Team Leaders who are appointed by the Propaganda Officer; and the Detail Leaders and the Intelligence Officer, all of whom are appointed by the Security Officer. 

     The National Committee is another matter, as all positions are appointed by the Party Chairman.  This is done to insure the integrity, stability and continuity of the National Committee.  In addition, this allows it the freedom to facilitate and expedite Party operations.   Members of the National Committee are selected based upon their abilities and their character.  In terms of character, the qualities of importance are integrity, dedication to the principles of the movement, and whether or not they are team players.  Character always trumps abilities, as the latter can be acquired through instruction or experience over time.  Call it on the job training. 

     It should be noted by the membership, that all members of the National Committee are volunteers.  Their work is vital to our success, and they do this without financial compensation.  The only compensation that they receive is the recognition and respect that comes from the membership.  Please remember that when dealing with them.  v  



     Party discipline is based upon the subordination of the lower Party organizations to the Party and upon the conviction of its race-conscious members who understand that without them voluntarily accepting Party authority that there can never be a strong, solid and steeled Party capable of wresting control from the Jew system, aka, the Great Mongrelizer.

     There can be no discipline in the Party if there is no conscious and voluntary submission on the basis of a thorough understanding of the decisions of the Party. 

     Without discipline there is no unity of will, no unity in action.  The Party represents the organized will of our Folk and it must march to the beat of the same drum.

     This is a bitter struggle.  The enemy is powerful; it has all the means of deceit and suppression (armed forces, police, courts, movie and music industry, media, schools, and even churches) at its disposal.  In order to combat and defeat this powerful enemy, the army of the White community must have a highly skilled, trained General Staff (the Party), which is united in action and has one will.

     No army can successfully fight against this army of the enemy IF every soldier in the opposing army (the Party) is allowed to question and even disobey the orders and directives of his superior officers.

     Our Party can not lead the White community to victory if there is no unity in action.  Unity of will and action can only be achieved if all members of the Party act as one - are disciplined.  If each Party member selectively obeys only those decisions that he or she agreed with, it would be impossible to lead the White community in the struggle of White resistance.  This would seriously hinder the ability of the Party leadership to act, and any army with such an incapacitated leadership can be easily defeated. 

      Unified opinion is essential for unity in action.  Unified opinion is guaranteed in the Racial Nationalist Party of America through directives issued by the National Committee and/or the Central Committee. v




      Party discipline would remain an empty phrase if the RNPA did not provide for necessary measures against those who break it.  Breaches of Party discipline by individual members, such as financial irregularities, conduct or action harmful to the prestige and influence of the Party among the White community, failure to carry out decisions especially during demonstrations or other mass actions, violation of Party directives, may be punished by:

1. Censure

2. Public Censure (in White Voice)

3. Removal from position

4. Removal from all responsible work

5. Expulsion from the Party


     There is no such disciplinary measure in the RNPA as suspension or probation.  If a member commits an offense against the Party for which removal from his position is not sufficient punishment, but where there is reason to believe he can be corrected, the Party may decide that he is to be expelled from the Party with the right to apply for membership in a certain period of time (six months - one year). 

     The person in question is not considered a Party member during the period of his expulsion, all rights and benefits are thus denied him/her. 

     In order to be able to judge his attitude at the end of the period, the Party, in deciding on his expulsion, also decides on the work to which he is to be assigned to test his ability and willingness to follow the party line and directives of the Party.  If the expelled member proves to be sincere and honest, and has corrected whatever fault that first caused his expulsion, the Party will consider his application for membership at the end of the disciplinary period, and in some cases, before.

     Charges against individual members are made within the framework of the Unit that they belong to by filing of a charge with the Security Chief, who then forwards the charge to his Intelligence Officer.

     Every accused member has the right to a hearing before any disciplinary action can be taken against him.  This hearing will be held with all Unit First Tier Officers present, in addition to the Intelligence Officer who acts as prosecutor.  The final determination is made by the Unit Leader after consultation with the assembled hearing officers. The main thing in the hearing is to establish the essential facts in each case and to give an opportunity to the accused member to present his side with his witnesses and documents.

     A general rule is this: expulsion should always be an action of last resort.  However, where expulsion is deemed necessary, then that action should be justified to the point where most would agree with it.  As for other disciplinary actions, (censure, public censure, removal from position, or removal from all responsible work), these should be done in a professional manner and without emotion.  One should never get enjoyment from having to discipline a fellow Party member, but sometimes discipline is necessary, for both the growth and development of the Party, and even for the one being disciplined. v




     Self-criticism is the most important means for developing Racial Nationalist consciousness and thereby strengthening discipline and democratic authoritarianism.  Self-criticism helps to discover all the mistakes, deviations, shortcomings, which separate us from the White community.  It helps us to discover and expose the harmful policies or practices of organizations and individuals who work against the interest of the White community.  Self-criticism helps us to improve the work of the Party organizations; to exterminate unnecessary bureaucracy; to expose the agents of the enemy in our ranks.  It is our way of taking the pulse of the Party.

     Self-criticism is a natural part of the life of the Party.  Without self-criticism there can be no Party.  However, this criticism must never depart from the line of the RNPA, from the principles of Racial Nationalism.  We should make it very clear that there are two kinds of criticism:  one which, on the basis of the line of the Party, on the basis of revolutionary theory and practice of racial nationalism, analyzes mistakes and shortcomings, and offers concrete proposals for improvement in the work of the organization or individual member.  This is Racial Nationalist self-criticism - constructive criticism.  The other type of self-criticism is the kind which, if tolerated, inevitably leads not only to driving out new members, discouraging the weaker elements and disrupting the work of the RNPA, but also leads to factionalism.

     Factionalism creates an atmosphere where the Party is robbed of its conspirative protection in the face of the enemy and, by allowing itself to become enmeshed in it, runs the danger of being transformed into a plaything of the agents of the Jews and the Great Mongrelizer.  It nullifies the positive work done in the Party.

     Leaders of factions busy themselves with scandal-mongering, with every kind of petty factional trifle, trying to entrap the factional enemy, trying to dig up something in the personal life of that enemy, or, if nothing can be found, inventing some fiction about him.  These faction leaders are motivated by sheer personal egotism, by vanity, by selfish interests.  They would sacrifice the interests of the White community to satisfy themselves, preferring to be a general in a party of one, rather than be a private in a mass movement.

     Factionalism weakens the Party spirit, it dulls the revolutionary sense and blinds the Party membership to such an extent that, in their factional passion, they are obliged to place the interests of the faction above the interests of the RNPA and ultimately above the interests of the White community.  It is one reason why the Party will never consider talk of any other organization merging with the RNPA, as that is like importing factionalism.  v



     Informants and Agents-provocateur are part of the every day life of political activists in America.  This is largely due to the politicization of our police force brought about by the demonizing of this movement by such groups as the Anti-Defamation League, the Southern Poverty Law Center, and with the establishment of COINTELPRO by the government intended to track, disrupt and contain dissident groups and individuals.  The Deep State, with the CIA, the FBI, the NSA, the IRS and the ATF are very much a part of this apparatus. 

     COINTELPRO which many thought was abandoned after exposure by such luminaries as Senator Frank Church, was actually resurrected by John Ashcroft, the 79th Attorney General under George W. Bush.  He resurrected the program in order to silence anti-war activists, including the RNPA, who protested the Iraq war.  That war was purposely instigated by two forces, the Israel-Firsters whose argument for the Iraq War was made in a report entitled, “Securing the Realm”; the other being the agents of Big Oil, which included Saudi Arabia whose ambition was a pipeline extending throughout the Middle East to Europe.  This ambitious and reckless plan was called “Berlin or Bust” by the Saudis.  Of course, the COINTELPRO program was used, and has always been used,  by others to silence those who the Great Mongrelizer sees as opposing their envisioned ‘Meritocracy’, and their Globalist’s ambitions of destroying nations and races to put them under the yoke of a world government. 

     One of the tools of COINTELPRO is the agent-provocateur.  The agent-provocateur is planted in the Party in the hope of instigating violence, or the talk of violence (conspiracy), with the intent of entrapping Party personnel.  Because of the Party’s first Directive of not engaging in violence, we have been successful in muting this program.  But that doesn’t mean that they will not try in the future. 

     Because of the strict adherence to the Party’s First Directive, they then resort to other aims of disrupting the work of Party organizations.  Some of these methods are:

1.  Creating sentiment against the leadership of the Party

2. Systematic destructive criticism against the line of the Party.

3. Provocative proposals for certain actions, which, if adopted would lessen the confidence of the White community in the ability of the RNPA to lead them, because of the unnecessary sacrifice as a result of such provocative actions.

4. The spreading of rumors about individual leaders of the Party, concerning their political integrity or their personal life.  Those they smear, are those they fear!

5. Creating an atmosphere of spy mania in the Party organization by skillfully spreading rumors about certain individual being spies.

6. Accepting important assignments at strategic points and certain activity, and then sabotaging the carrying out of the assignment, in this way disrupting the action of the Party organization, and possibly putting Party personnel at risk.

     The most effective weapon in the hands of the RNPA against these agents-provocateur is the carrying out of the general line of the Party and the Party directives; the uncompromising fight against anyone who attempts to deviate from these; Party self-criticism; and correction of mistakes and shortcomings in the work of the Party organization or individuals in the process of applying and carrying out of the general line of the RNPA.  In a Party organization where these principles are strictly adhered to, agents-provocateur will be exposed quickly and subsequently neutralized. 

      Another tool of COINTELPRO is the informant or stool pigeon.  Sometimes these are actual agents of one of the previously mentioned government organizations, or agents of the local police intelligence group through what is known as the L.E.I.U. (Law Enforcement Intelligence Unit), or they are simply prostitutes who offer their time and effort for pay.  Basically all of these government groups are criminal gangs and one need only  to examine the cases of them working with mobsters, even to protecting murderers, to understand the criminal

nature of these government gangsters.  The Whitey Bulger case is the perfect example (see Newsweek, June 25, 2012 article: The Scapegoat) but it is certainly not the only such example. 

     Informants have the task of gathering information about the Party and individual members.  They work diligently, attend every meeting, and take responsible assignments in the organization.  They strive to be promoted to higher positions in order to gain more important information to their bosses.  The danger here is that the more information that they can pass along, the better they appear in their paymaster’s eyes, so consequently, they are often not particular about the validity of their reports.  They are very inquisitive about individuals, their names and addresses; they always like to get some ‘inside’ dope from and about Party officials.  They are present in every possible place they can get into.  They try to get a hold of Party documents and keep them for a day or so.  They try to find ways and means of insinuating themselves into every Party organization they can.

      Against both types of tools, the best safeguard is the proper selection of new members.  While we do not want to put up unnecessary roadblocks to our recruiting efforts, sometimes a little extra time and effort in investigating new members will offer a measure of security.

     It should be remembered that neither of these two tools have any regard for the truth.  All they care about is stopping us, at any cost.  To them the truth is collateral damage.  Oftentimes, they will ‘build a case’ against a target.  Taking a word here or there, to the disadvantage of the target.   The perfect example of this is the Martha Stewart case.  This woman was not even politically active and yet they wanted to make an example out of her, not so much her, but to prove the validity of a law, a law that forbids anyone from lying to agents of the federal government.  As a result, she was convicted and sent to jail strictly for violation of that law.  This is why we encourage all members, if they are approached by any of these government rascals, to give them nothing, no matter how innocent it may seem.  You should learn the five words:  “I have nothing to say.” , and do not allow them into your home without a warrant. 

      As for informants, we should all follow these general rules to curtail their activities:

1. Do not tell any member anything about Party members which does not concern that member.

2. Practice the ‘Need to Know Principle’.  If it is not necessary for a person to know some detail, don’t tell them.  And if that person is you, don’t ask.

3. Do not discuss any Party question outside of the meeting of the Party organizations.

4. Do not discuss inner Party questions where anyone can listen in, such as restaurants, etc.

5. Documents which are not meant for publication should be read only by those Party members to whom they are addressed and then should be destroyed.

6. Do not discuss Party business on social media such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

7. Should an informer be found out, expose them wherever and whenever possible.


     There is a tendency among some comrades to hide from the rest of the Party and the White community the fact that an informant has been discovered in the organization.  In certain circles, comrades develop the theory that if we expose an informant the White community will be afraid to join or even support the Party - because ‘there are spies in the organization’.  This conception is entirely incorrect.  The mass exposure of an informant will greatly increase the confidence of the White community in the Party.  It proves the Party is able to find out who the enemies of our Race are, even in our own ranks.  The exception to this is if someone is wrongly accused of being a spy, and is innocent, in which case prosecution will only backfire on the Party.  For this reason it is imperative that we can prove guilt beyond any shadow of a doubt.

     If someone has been proven to be an informant, then there is only proper method of exposing them, and that is mass exposure: creating and organizing mass hatred against them.  From a legal perspective, they have breached their contract with the Party (see RNPA Application).  They deserve exposure and our hatred. 

      As of this writing, the RNPA has not uncovered any such informants within our ranks, possibly due to our First Directive, which we highly publicize, and our application, which would identify them as a perjurer in any court of law.  v



     The RNPA has four main objectives, they are:

· The re-education of our folk.  For decades our people have been fed a steady diet of liberal pabulum.  We must counter this aggressively in order to break the hold that the Jew, anti-white system holds over them.

· The healing of our folk.  We have witnessed the disintegration and deliberate destruction of White society, and White people have fallen into disarray and embraced the most self- destructive practices.  We must urgently fight this on every level, on every front.  The system wants us to be dumb, drunk and doped as that makes us malleable and easy to manipulate and control.  The damage that Liberal democracy has done to our folk is undeniable, but it is not irreversible.   

· The building of a cohesive White society.  It is apparent to any thinking individual that non-Whites are allowed to possess a cohesive society within this society, but Whites are refused the same.  Part of building that cohesive White society is the White Voice newsletter, which, among other things, works to network individuals and organizations within the organized White community.

· The pulling away from the present society.  This includes our refusal to enlist in any of the wars of the Jew system, regardless of how loud the drumbeat, regardless of how many false flags.  We will not empower our political enemies who seek to use war to destroy their enemies (including the Party), and to consolidate their power.  Beyond that, we are creating our own media, our own charities, our own community within a community, our own society within a society, our own nation within a nation.  When this hideous Jew system finally collapses, and every nation that has embraced miscegenation (Egypt and India) has collapsed, we will be there to offer our people a port of refuge.  We refer to this as ATF (After The Fall). 

     To realize these objectives, the Party has launched a number of programs.  They include:

1. Operation Gatherstone:  This is our random mailing program.  To assist in this we offer over 100 leaflets, touching on the widest range of subjects.  We also, oftentimes, send out current event leaflets to direct others in their positioning on these events.  That helps to coordinate responses as they unfold.  Although this started out strictly as a random mailing to names in the phone book, this has expanded to include e-mail addresses.  Either way, this affords the recipient an opportunity to judge the Party, for themselves, in the privacy of their home, business or office.

2. White Christmas Drive:  The WCD is intended to help needy White children and elderly around the holidays. 

          The Party recognizes that many poor White children have     

      to do without toys and clothes at this time of year.  To help 

      remedy this, the RNPA started the White Christmas Drive. 

           The WCD is one of the many ways in which we build a       

      community within a community. It is our way of demonstrating that the Party is the trusted 

      friend of the White community.  Started back in 1999, this is one of our most popular pro-

      grams and the wisdom behind this program has caused other organizations to come aboard  

      as co-sponsors. 

           Those members of the Party who participate in this event are rewarded with the knowledge that they are bringing joy to some White kids who might not normally have such a  



     The RNPA has four main objectives, they are:

· The re-education of our folk.  For decades our people have been fed a steady diet of liberal pabulum.  We must counter this aggressively in order to break the hold that the Jew, anti-white system holds over them.

· The healing of our folk.  We have witnessed the disintegration and deliberate destruction of White society, and White people have fallen into disarray and embraced the most self- destructive practices.  We must urgently fight this on every level, on every front.  The system wants us to be dumb, drunk and doped as that makes us malleable and easy to manipulate and control.  The damage that Liberal democracy has done to our folk is undeniable, but it is not irreversible.   

· The building of a cohesive White society.  It is apparent to any thinking individual that non-Whites are allowed to possess a cohesive society within this society, but Whites are refused the same.  Part of building that cohesive White society is the White Voice newsletter, which, among other things, works to network individuals and organizations within the organized White community.

· The pulling away from the present society.  This includes our refusal to enlist in any of the wars of the Jew system, regardless of how loud the drumbeat, regardless of how many false flags.  We will not empower our political enemies who seek to use war to destroy their enemies (including the Party), and to consolidate their power.  Beyond that, we are creating our own media, our own charities, our own community within a community, our own society within a society, our own nation within a nation.  When this hideous Jew system finally collapses, and every nation that has embraced miscegenation (Egypt and India) has collapsed, we will be there to offer our people a port of refuge.  We refer to this as ATF (After The Fall). 


     To realize these objectives, the Party has launched a number of programs.  They include:

1. Operation Gatherstone:  This is our random mailing program.  To assist in this we offer over 100 leaflets, touching on the widest range of subjects.  We also, oftentimes, send out current event leaflets to direct others in their positioning on these events.  That helps to coordinate responses as they unfold.  Although this started out strictly as a random mailing to names in the phone book, this has expanded to include e-mail addresses.  Either way, this affords the recipient an opportunity to judge the Party, for themselves, in the privacy of their home, business or office.

2. White Christmas Drive:  The WCD is intended to help needy White children and elderly around the holidays.  The Party recognizes that many poor White children have   to do without toys and clothes at this time of year.  To help     remedy this, the RNPA started the White Christmas Drive. 

           The WCD is one of the many ways in which we build a  community within a community. It is our way of demonstrating that the Party is the trusted 

      friend of the White community.  Started back in 1999, this is one of our most popular programs and the wisdom behind this program has caused other organizations to come aboard   co-sponsors. 

           Those members of the Party who participate in this event are rewarded with the knowledge that they are bringing joy to some White kids who might not normally have such a  



     The RNPA has four main objectives, they are:

· The re-education of our folk.  For decades our people have been fed a steady diet of liberal pabulum.  We must counter this aggressively in order to break the hold that the Jew, anti-white system holds over them.

· The healing of our folk.  We have witnessed the disintegration and deliberate destruction of White society, and White people have fallen into disarray and embraced the most self- destructive practices.  We must urgently fight this on every level, on every front.  The system wants us to be dumb, drunk and doped as that makes us malleable and easy to manipulate and control.  The damage that Liberal democracy has done to our folk is undeniable, but it is not irreversible.   

· The building of a cohesive White society.  It is apparent to any thinking individual that non-Whites are allowed to possess a cohesive society within this society, but Whites are refused the same.  Part of building that cohesive White society is the White Voice newsletter, which, among other things, works to network individuals and organizations within the organized White community.

· The pulling away from the present society.  This includes our refusal to enlist in any of the wars of the Jew system, regardless of how loud the drumbeat, regardless of how many false flags.  We will not empower our political enemies who seek to use war to destroy their enemies (including the Party), and to consolidate their power.  Beyond that, we are creating our own media, our own charities, our own community within a community, our own society within a society, our own nation within a nation.  When this hideous Jew system finally collapses, and every nation that has embraced miscegenation (Egypt and India) has collapsed, we will be there to offer our people a port of refuge.  We refer to this as ATF (After The Fall). 


     To realize these objectives, the Party has launched a number of programs.  They include:

1. Operation Gatherstone:  This is our random mailing program.  To assist in this we offer over 100 leaflets, touching on the widest range of subjects.  We also, oftentimes, send out current event leaflets to direct others in their positioning on these events.  That helps to coordinate responses as they unfold.  Although this started out strictly as a random mailing to names in the phone book, this has expanded to include e-mail addresses.  Either way, this affords the recipient an opportunity to judge the Party, for themselves, in the privacy of their home, business or office.

2. White Christmas Drive:  The WCD is intended to help needy White children and elderly around the holidays.    The Party recognizes that many poor White children have   to do without toys and clothes at this time of year.  To help   remedy this, the RNPA started the White Christmas Drive. 

           The WCD is one of the many ways in which we build a   community within a community. It is our way of demonstrating that the Party is the trusted 

      friend of the White community.  Started back in 1999, this is one of our most popular programs and the wisdom behind this program has caused other organizations to come aboard  as co-sponsors. 

           Those members of the Party who participate in this event are rewarded with the know  ledge that they are bringing joy to some White kids who might not normally have such a  joyous holiday celebration. 

            Although originally intended for White children, this was extended to include White   elderly when the need became apparent that they too were neglected by other charities.

3. Operation Bootstrap:  This is our prison outreach program and has been quite successful as  we begin the process of re-educating our folk.  To this end we grant complimentary subscriptions of White Voice to a limited quantity of inmates, within our budget constraints.  It started out with 200 inmates, but has since been extended to 300.    This is an expense that we feel compelled to accept as part of our main objective of re-educating our folk.  We refuse to accept the notion that once lost, someone is lost forever.  Instead, we see this as an opportunity to use the incarceration of these men and women as a means to educate them to the call of race, and to a higher ideal.  Remember, most of these inmates will not be inmates forever.  And some that will be, pass along White Voice to others. 

4. R.A.I.N.:  Rise Above It Now or R.A.I.N. is our anti-drug program.  It distresses us deeply to see how lost some of our people have become, drug abuse being a prime example.  Our thinking behind this is that by utilizing positive peer pressure we can create a societal attitude adjustment.  This is not a challenge that can be easily overcome.  It is a slow process, and an incremental process.  We are however, experiencing some success in this, but we must do this on a much grander scale if we are to overcome this problem.  What we don’t want to do is encourage the passing of tougher drug laws, not only has that failed, but it turns this issue into a liberty issue.  That is something that we must avoid, so instead of advocating tougher laws, or even bullying, we use positive peer pressure.  That means stating our opposition and hoping that when enough people do the same, the weaker ones will be encouraged to resist this path of self-destruction.  To assist in this, the Party offers leaflets under the R.A.I.N. name, as an affiliate of the Party. 

5. Volunteers of Africa:    This program is something relatively new, having just been launched in 2017.  Basically, this is an attempt to get the support of Blacks for our repatriation program.  Some may question the viability of this so let us remind our membership that the Black Nationalist leader, Marcus Garvey, had over 2 million blacks signed up for this objective.  Some may then put forth the argument that that was then, this is now.  That is a valid argument, but let us keep in mind that when a former KKK leader ran for a state wide office, despite the rabid and negative coverage of the Liberal media which reminded everyone of his past, he still managed to garner 2% of the black vote.  The Party believes that it can generate support for this program in the black community.  It might not be overwhelming support, but it will help to undermine the present system which sees non-whites as cheap labor.  This is going to be a major challenge and it will take for us to aggressively sell it to the black community.  We do this by building up those blacks who advocate(d) repatriation, and criticizing those who are tools of the system.  It won’t be an easy sell, but the Party has confidence that it can at least encourage acceptance of this program to some degree.  One of the hurdles the Party faces is that many blacks have a certain image of Africa, an image that they got from Tarzan movies.  We have to undo that image.  To assist in this, the Party offers leaflets under the Volunteers of Africa name, as an affiliate of the Party.  v



     Central to Racial Nationalist thought is the proposition that civilizations are organic and not linear in nature. 

     Because civilizations are organic in nature, they go through the same aging process that all organisms go through.

     Just as individuals get senile when they age, so too do civilizations.  When this happens they become pacifistic and ‘tolerant’.  They become weak and unable to resist predators and invaders.  A spiritual syphilis sets in.  Their immune system is weakened.  They tolerate the intolerable.

     Race-mixing, or miscegenation, is but one symptom of this aging process.  Moral decay is another.  Degeneracy becomes a way of life.  It is always easier to go down hill, rather than climb up one, so as we weaken, our standards are lowered.

     Over time, the builders of civilization are overwhelmed by outsiders, like a bacteria the outsider infects the host.  They become a conquered people.  The victors take what they want.  Street by street, neighborhood by neighborhood, boudoir by boudoir, until all that was once theirs, now belongs to another.

     We are thus, like the white corpuscles in our own bodies, fighting off infections that threaten it.  What the Jew media ridicules as ‘white racism’, is really a healthy reaction to an unhealthy situation.

     Beyond the rhetoric, beyond the symptoms, there is a much greater battle being fought in this struggle.  We are fighting not just for the survival of our folk, but its very soul.  It is better to be strong, than to be weak.  In truth, kindness is often mistaken by a civilization’s predators for weakness.  And whether a predator is a wolf, or a wolf in sheep’s clothing, it is still a predator.

     It has always been the noble barbarian, with his sword and code of strength that has been the builder, shaper and defender of civilizations.  It is them that we in the RNPA strive to emulate, because they were men and women worthy of emulation.

     We willingly choose them over the pus-filled leeches who now occupy positions of power, and who sell out their own for a few shekels and the siren’s praise of the Jew’s media.  We choose strength over weakness. We choose the sound of thunder over that of a whimper.  We choose victory over surrender!v




Q.  What exactly is Racial Nationalism?

A. Racial Nationalism is a world view that combines love of one’s Race with love of one’s nation, and which advocates the self-determination of all races.


Q. Is this practical in terms of a global view?

R. We feel that each Race has its own unique characteristics and that the preservation of those characteristics should be as much concern as preserving the whale, or snail darter, etc…  We don’t see this as a hindrance to a world view.  It simply depends on the parameters that you are willing to work within.  There are limits to everything.  We set limits that will guarantee the future and security of our folk.


Q. What are the advantages that Racial Nationalism has as opposed to the global views of the multi-               


A. The first advantage that comes to mind is that this will eliminate the exploitation of one group by an   

      other.  Another is the sense of cohesiveness that one benefits from in such an environment.  Still an-  

      other is that one group will not be made to feel inferior to another.  It will not have standards set by an-     

      other.  They will be allowed to grow and develop at their own pace.  This will build racial self-respect. 

      And lastly, one group will not have another to always blame for its own short-comings.  This only builds   

      enmity and creates a victim mentality.


Q. What is the RNPA’s view on the Black problem?

R. We don’t see Blacks as a problem that can’t be resolved with a little give and take.  What we would like

      to see is the relocation of Blacks to Africa in exchange for those Whites who are living on that

      continent.  We are NOT talking about a dumping operation.  In fact, we seek to encourage voluntary    

      relocation by first educating blacks to this possibility and by creating incentives that would entice them        

      to repatriate.


Q. How would you pay for this effort?

R. We would start by eliminating foreign aid, reducing government waste, putting an end to  foreign 

      military adventures, and dramatically reducing the government bureaucracy.  In short, we would drain 

      the swamp to a more manageable and less costly size.   If necessary, we would consider selling Hawaii to

      the Japanese, or whoever.  And if necessary, we would  even consider selling Alaska.  Our racial sur-

      vival is  more important than a piece of real estate here or there.  Besides, the US only started out as 13   

      colonies, we seriously doubt if the loss of those two territories would hinder our nation.   At one time it

      was argued  that ‘Geography is Destiny’, but with the advancement of flight, that is hardly the case.  

      Any military advantage either offered us has been made obsolete with aircraft carriers and ICBMs. 


Q. What about the American Indian?

R. It can not be disputed that ‘Indians’ may have some rightful claims.  To compensate for those claims

      and to help us realize our own goals we recommend the dissolution of all Indian reservations and the

      awarding of a large tract of land to them.  That is subject to negotiation.


Q. What about the Jews?

A.   For decades the Jews argued that if they had their own nation that they would emigrate there and the

      world would be free of their mischief making.  Instead, they have had Israel since 1948 and still refuse to  

      relinquish their grip on our nation and its affairs.  We would force the Jews to live up to their promise to

      emigrate to  Israel or some other Jewish haven. v



     The weekly Unit meetings are the most important RNPA function.  It is out of these that all other activites flow and are planned.

     The following Order of Business is recommended for Party meetings.

1. Call to order, done by Unit Leader.

2. Opening Ceremony - this may include a prayer (unit option), or just a greeting, done by Unit Leader.

3. Roll call, done by Unit Secretary.

4. Reading of minutes from previous meeting, done by Unit Secretary.

5. Unit Treasurer’s financial report.

6. Unit Secretary’s report on correspondence, received and sent.

7. Propaganda Officer’s report.

8. Recruitment Officer’s report including new applications received. 

9. Security Officer’s report including applications approved and introduction of new members.

10. Unfinished Business

11. New Business/General Discussion

12. Education:  Every week a member will be assigned to present a 10-20 minute talk on racial history, or some other subject matter.  This will be on a rotation basis and serves the dual function of enlightening the Unit membership while providing the member assigned to become familiar with public speaking. May include a power point presentation, charts, reports and brochures prepared by the presenter, etc...

13. Dues:  The Unit Treasurer now collects dues.

14. Assignments handed out by Unit Leader

15. Meeting of Teams and Details (20 minutes maximum).  This allows Team and Detail leaders to issue assignments to their members. 

16. Social:  This is when members mingle.  Non-alcoholic beverages are served as well as other refreshments (cookies, doughnuts, fruit, etc..).


Note: This agenda is not fixed, giving the Unit some flexibility in deciding the Order of Business, but, it offers some guidelines to follow.  Remember, time is valuable to many members so every effort should be made to keep things to a minimum.  Meetings should not run more than 2 hours. If things get bogged down, then the Unit Leader should step in to move things along.  v




     Every important decision must come only after a thorough discussion in the Unit.  If the Unit members understand why certain steps must be taken by the Party, what the facts in a given situation are which demand the outlined policy, what the perspectives of the Party are regarding this action (what the Unit hopes to achieve) then the organization and mobilization of the members for the carrying out of the decision will be much easier.

     In assigning members to certain work, it is important to know as much about each member as possible; consideration must be given, among other things, to what position the member enjoys as far as employment, etc… Consideration must also be given as to what assignments or posts he/she has, their personal life (housewife, children, etc…), ability, desire for certain tasks, how long in the Party, etc…  If a member feels that they are unable to perform the tasks assigned to them they may respectfully decline, citing their reasons, and by accepting an assignment that is better suited for them.  v

     Assignments and decisions are to be registered in the meetings.  All decisions and assignments should be examined and reviewed at the Unit meeting to insure that they were carried out, and those not carried out should be noted.  This is done in the General Discussion period. 

     Those assignments not carried out should be sharply criticized and an open discussion on those members who shirk work should be encouraged.  This open criticism will help members take assignments more seriously.  The members must learn from these discussions one important organizational principle of the Party, namely, that each individual member has a responsibility to build the RNPA, the vanguard of White resistance. v




     This concludes the Third Draft of the RNPA Official Handbook.  A lot of work has gone into the preparation of this handbook.  It is something that we thought was necessary in order to lay a firm foundation for the Party.

     Our race and nation are facing perilous times.  Much has to be done.  The battle is bound to intensify, and so we must intensify our efforts.  The RNPA is not about one person.  It is not about a single personality.  It is about the future of America and our folk.

     Much has been written about these things, perhaps in better fashion, but what this handbook represents is an attempt to organize our folk against the tyranny of the Jew system, the Great Mongrelizer, in order to provide our folk with a better world to raise their children in.

     The enemy would turn America into a giant ghetto or barrio, a global plantation with the Jew at the helm.  We will have none of their twisted dream and will oppose them at all costs.  Their dream is our children’s, and our grandchildren’s nightmare.  One need only read their anti-White, Jew press to know that our children have no future in their world.  They would offer up all that we hold dear on the their blood-stained altar and not shed a single tear.

     Make no mistake, the enemy are the real haters.  They are the destroyers, their hatred is unparalleled , their treason knows no boundaries.  They would turn the entire world to ash in order to satisfy their age-old hatreds.  There can be no peace with the likes of these people, there can be only war.  But before we can wage a war, we must first raise an army.     That army is the RNPA.  Our uniform is the color of our skin; our weapons are truth, courage, and tenacity; and our battle cry is ‘No Surrender’.  Stay legal, stay active and stay strong! 

     Let us now set about to undo the damage that has been done.  Educate, Organize and Agitate!  Let us dedicate ourselves to the defeat of these scoundrels and their evil schemes.  v