Fortress America:  We believe in a strong and invincible nation state.  This means not only that we believe in a strong defense, but also that our young should be taught the importance of patriotism.  We envision a free, independent and safe America, one where its citizens can confidently raise their children.  In dealing with foreign nations, we embrace the wisdom of George Washington who cautioned against foreign entanglements.  America was never meant to be the policeman of the world: no more foreign aid, and no more foreign wars.


Racial Separation:  We believe that as the White race goes, so goes America.  Integration leads to miscegenation which threatens our existence both as a race and nation.  We hold no animosity or ill will towards other races, but miscegenation and our low population numbers force us to see other races as an existential threat.


Overpopulation:  The sustainability of the earth’s population is estimated at 9 billion, a figure we are closing in on.  Overpopulation will result in resource depletion, mass migrations, and an increase in poverty, violence and war.  When you talk about overpopulation you are essentially speaking of a colored population.  The White race accounts for just 8% of the world’s population.  We are below Zero Population Growth (ZPG). In short, we are a dying race.


Global Warming:  We are not misanthropes and do not accept the argument that changes in weather patterns are solely the responsibility of man.  An overview of this planet’s history demonstrates that our planet goes through, and has gone through, many radical changes, some cyclical in nature.  Solar activity certainly plays a role in this, as does the fact that our magnetic poles ‘shift’ every 27,000 years or so.  The Permian Extinction, which saw the extinction of over 100,000 species, occurred before the Age of Man.


Communism:  We are against Communism as we see it as a failed economic concept, oppressive and murderous in intent.


The First Amendment:  We are strong supporters of First Amendment Rights.  We believe that the rights of even those who are critical of us should be rigorously protected, so long as they voice their opinions in a civil and reasonable manner, and do not incite or threaten violence.  However, just as they have a right to voice their opinions, we have a right to voice ours; and to evaluate their opinions, to shine light on them, and to dismiss or accept them. 


The Second Amendment:  History has shown that governments are not to be trusted.  The last recourse that the citizenry has against a government that has grown arrogant and oppressive, is through the force of arms.  It is for that reason that we enthusiastically support The Right to Keep and Bear Arms.


Morality:  We believe that high morality should be something that as a nation we should strive for.  This does not mean that we seek to tell anyone how to behave in the bedroom, or with whom, but that is something we feel should be kept in private, not taught in our schools.


Governance:  We believe that government must be both principled and responsive to the wants and needs of the people.  It can never be allowed to get too comfortable to where it feels it is above the citizenry.  For this reason, we advocate term limits for US Senators and Representatives.


Right To Privacy:  We believe that you have a Right to Privacy from government spying.  A government that spies on its own citizens is a government bent on mischief.  For this reason, we advocate the purging of all documents procured by government spying that can not be proved to have been collected for a legitimate criminal investigation. 

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