Every month we will be publishing a Popular Content page on our website.  This should not be confused with our Statistics Analysis page, but it kind of goes hand in hand.  Basically, this tells you what subjects our viewers are finding interesting.

      Public opinion is often like the Sands of Dune in the Sahara, constantly shifting, and this gives us a bit of a pulse on where they are moving to. 

      Whereas the statistics analysis page gives us specific information, the Popular Content requires a little more of an overview, a broader look at  where we are influencing public opinion. 

     For the month of May 2018,  the following content was viewed, starting with the most popular and working its way down.


1. Index

2. Truth About John McCain

3. About US

4. News & Views

5. White Voice Newsletter Subscription Form

6. An Introduction to the RNPA

7. Books for Inquiring Minds

8. Race: You Can’t Handle The Truth

9. Propaganda Central

10. After Yellowstone

11. Speech: A Racial Nationalist Viewpoint

12. Martin Luther King: The Truth

13. R.A.I.N. = Rise Above It Now

14. Southern Poverty Law Center Exposed

15. Drug Wars

16. 1981 Anti-Martin Luther King Demonstration Revisited

17. Statistics Analysis Page

18. Bill Clinton: Liberal Icon

19. Why Has White Youth Turned Against US

20. White Christmas Drive

21. Earth Changes

22. Hillary Clinton: How She Lost

23. Teenage Wasteland

24. Confederate Jews

25. FBI: War Against Freedom

26. Marie Sklodowska Curaie: Giant of the White Race

27. The Police And Your Rights

28. Thomas Edison: Giant of the White Race

29. Nikola Tesla: Giant of the White Race