Fearful Man.png

      Our greatest enemy is not the Jews, it’s not the Blacks, and it isn’t even the Communists, it is FEAR.

     As long as White people are afraid to embrace us, they won’t.  Doing or saying things that only encourages this FEAR, is doing a great disservice to this movement.  It might get you on the evening news, but it won’t convince the average White person to associate with us. 

     Is it therefore not in our race’s interest to do all that we can to mitigate this FEAR?? Is it not in our race’s interest to go out of our way in making White people feel comfortable in their association with us?

     Our organization, the Racial Nationalist Party of America, chooses to be the exception to the rule.  We choose obscurity to sensationalism because we believe in the long run, that it is in our race’s best interest not to engage in extreme rhetoric or actions.

     For over 20 years we have been quietly doing just that.  We don’t make headlines, we don’t posture for the enemy press, instead we concentrate on educating our Folk and in doing good works.   That is what we call The

Quiet Revolution.v