The fall of the Soviet Union may have been lamented by some Russians, especially with the loss of prestige, but many Russians welcome closer ties with the US. 

     The billboard above pretty much sums up the positive reactions by the Russians to the election of Donald Trump over the crazy interventionist Hillary Clinton. 

     A Russo-American alliance would mean more stability around the world, less proxy wars, greater energy options,  and with 180 million potential Russian customers, a possible gold mine for entrepreneurs. 

      Of course there are those who will work against this kind of a relationship.  Some of this bad blood is personal, some of it financial, in other cases, like those in the intelligence community, it becomes a question of job security.  What will they do if there is no big bad Russian wolf, errr bear, to watch and work against? 

     We have been in the forefront when it comes to advocating closer ties with the Russians, even before Donald Trump announced his candidacy for the US Presidency.  We do this without ever having received a single Russian ruble, without even having seen one.  We do this because we feel that this is what we must do to end the cycle of war.  We are ready for it, and we believe both the American and Russian people are ready for it. Once again, we lead, all others follow. v