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       Yesterday, September 29th, 2019, I received a deposition from the Cheektowaga Police, sworn to by, Detective Terence Griffin, with the title of Detective. Included in part was this statement:  “The facts on which this accusation is made are on my own knowledge and information and belief, as follows: The said defendant did admit to Detectives Griffin and Striejewske that he drove his 2003 Saturn, NY registration HJU 2923 in the area of Standard Parkway and threw trash and litter from his vehicle into several yards, driveways and lands adjacent thereto.”

     This statement is absolutely false:  I admitted nothing of the sort.  I admitted to distributing political literature. The fact that this ‘detective’ would misconstrue the facts, is a sad commentary on the Cheektowaga Police. 

     Now, after the distribution, the Assistant Police Chief, Michael Sliwinski said in a release that the pamphlets contained ‘racial and religious wording that was offensive’.  According to Sliwinski, he consulted with the Erie County District Attorney’s office, who stated that no criminal charges could be filed.  In short, the Cheektowaga Police took this up on their own. 

     In an article that appeared on the WKBW website the police say I ‘canvassed’ portions of Cheektowaga with White nationalist pamphlets.  Now why would I canvass an area with ‘litter’?

     I have filed a complaint with the US District Court and one of my complaints was that I did not receive any supporting documents as requested.  Then, shortly after filing that complaint was filed, I got this deposition.  So, I suspect someone got a phone call and now the police are starting to ‘crawfish’. 

     Now false statements made on the deposition are punishable as a Class “A” Misdemeanor pursuant to Section 210.45 of the Penal Law.   The question remains, will Detective Griffin be penalized, or is there a separate law for the police?

     A lot of people harbor hatred for the police.  I am not one of those.  In fact, a cop may have saved my life, a long time ago.  But this hubris demonstrated by the Cheektowaga Police, who obviously believe that they and their little fiefdom are above the law, is disconcerting to say the least. 

     Whether or not the US District Court buys into this twisted thinking is something we will have to wait and see.  v

Defiance 2.jpg


Western District of New York

United States District Court

U.S. Courthouse

2 Niagara Square

Buffalo, New York 14202


                                                                                                                                                       September 24, 2019


Karl E. Hand Jr.


Cheektowaga Town Court,

Assistant Police Chief , Capt. Michael Sliwinski,

Cheektowaga  Police Department,

Justice James J. Speyer Jr., Et Al.

     Now into  this honorable court comes Karl E. Hand Jr., a pro-se litigant, seeking injunctive relief, sanctions, court costs, and what ever other punitive actions and damages that this court may see fit against the above named defendants.

The Facts:

      The plaintiff distributed literature from the Racial Nationalist Party of America, in the town of Cheektowaga, on or about August 7, 2019.

      The Cheektowaga Police Department issued a summons for ‘littering’ , which he is scheduled to appear in Cheektowaga Town Court, on October 15th, 2019 (see attachment no. 1).  The plaintiff views this as a flagrant attempt to circumvent his First Amendment right to Freedom of Speech, as cited below:

      The plaintiff asks that the court note that on the summons this distribution was described as ‘refuse’.  However,  in articles published in various news media, including the Buffalo News (see attachment no. 2), Assistant Police Chief Capt. Michael Sliwinski  stated in a release that the pamphlets contained, ‘racial and religious wording that are offensive’.   This comment, of course,  makes it clear that this summons was issued not because it was ‘refuse’, but because Sliwinski  viewed it as ‘offensive’.  By that yardstick, anything that Sliwinski, or anyone else deems ‘offensive’, could be used to deny a citizen their constitutional right to Freedom of Speech. 


     “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble; and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.”


     The Supreme Court has interpreted this to mean that a state or municipality may NOT ban the distribution of leaflets on streets, sidewalks or public places: Jamison v. Texas 318 US 413 (1943) and Marsh v. Alabama, 326 US 501 (1946) .


     The Supreme Court applied this to Universities, both state and private, in Papish v. University of Missouri 410 US 667 (1973).  Furthermore leafleting may NOT be prohibited on a military base in areas of public access.  Flower v. U.S., 407 US 197 (1972). 

     The Supreme Court has also found that door to door solicitation for the purpose of distributing literature may NOT be banned regardless of the wishes of the householder to receive such information in this manner, Martin v. Struthers, 319 US 141 (1943). 

     Furthermore, a state or municipality may NOT tax or license the distribution or sale of political or religious material door to door, Opelika v. Jones 319 US 105 (1943).  It is the plaintiff’s contention that charging an individual with ‘littering’ , which carries a fine, could be regarded as a ‘tax’. 

     In shopping center cases the Supreme Court has said that privately owned property may be treated as if it were publicly held where it is open to the public.      In McIntyre v. Ohio Elections Comm’n, 514 US 334 (1995), the court invalidated Ohio’s prohibition on the distribution of anonymous campaign literature. There is a “respected tradition of anonymity in the advocacy of political causes,” the Court noted, and neither of the interests asserted by Ohio justified the limitation.   Certainly, IF the anonymous distribution of literature was protected, then  literature that is identifiable would certainly be protected.  The Equal Protection Clause would cover that. 

     It is obvious that the Supreme Court takes a dim view of any attempt to limit  the First Amendment right to free speech.  The Cheektowaga Police may try to disguise it as ‘littering’, but when you pull the curtain back it is pretty apparent as to what is really going on.  For these reasons, the plaintiff is seeking injunctive relief, sanctions, court costs, and what ever other punitive actions and damages that this court may see fit against the above named defendants

     Failing in this, the plaintiff would ask that this court compel the Cheektowaga Town Court to submit any and all documentation.  There is a check box on the summons for this, and the plaintiff did in fact check this box, but as of this date, has yet to comply. 




Karl E. Hand Jr., pro se

6266 Robinson Rd.

Lockport, NY 14094




Dateline: Tuesday, September 17,  2019


     Today, I followed through on a promise and distributed leaflets in the Buffalo suburb of Cheektowaga.  This followed after my being charged with ‘littering’ for distributing literature previously. I had dubbed this a Day of Defiance.

     I view this ‘littering’ charge as an end around ploy to circumvent the US Constitution, and a flagrant violation of Freedom of Speech.

     I am planning another distribution soon, only this will be in a Black neighborhood, and will include our leaflet “Who Really Brought The Slaves To America”, which exposes the Jewish role in the slave trade.  It will also include our “An Open Letter To Blacks” which has gotten pretty good reviews, with one individual going so far as to calling it ‘beautiful’.  I’m not sure if I am going to hit Buffalo, or Niagara Falls with this, but we shall see.  The tubes are already stuffed and ready to go.

     While distributing the literature this morning, I noticed a car that was stopped and someone got out and went from one side of the street to the other.  I thought that some knucklehead was going around and gathering up our tubes, so I spun the car around to see what he was up to.   He came back to the car and wasn’t carrying any of our tubes, so I can only guess that he was getting out his own literature.  Apparently, some people can distribute literature in Cheektowaga and others can’t.

     I hit one home with what appeared to be a police vehicle parked in the drive.  It was really dark, so it was difficult to tell if it was or wasn’t, but I made certain that it got a tube as well.  I did this because when the Cheektowaga police interviewed me the one indicated that if I had left literature at his home, he would’ve kicked my ass.  I simply told him, “I can take an ass whooping for my political beliefs.”  You see, we aren’t stupid, we don’t take the bait, and that’s what this was, an attempt to bait me into doing something, or saying something stupid.  These people underestimate us, and that’s good.  Our day will come. 

     Our whole  purpose in these distributions is not to gain recruits, that is unrealistic.  We are living in prerevolutionary times.  These are but seeds that we are planting in the hope that they will germinate and take root when the bottom falls out of this anti-White, mongrel society.    v



Keith Ellison with Antifa.png

Above: Democrat leader, Keith Ellison palling around with Luis Enrique Marquez, head of the Portland branch of ANTIFA


September 12, 2019


     A conflict of interest has been uncovered in the ‘littering’ summons that I was charged with regarding the justice, James J. Speyer Jr..

     First, understand that included in the mailing tubes that I distributed was a leaflet linking the Democratic party with the communist group, ANTIFA. This group (ANTIFA) has been responsible for causing riots from Berkeley, to Portland, and on to Charlottesville. As a result, many in law enforcement consider them a domestic terrorist group.

This is a matter of public record with the #2 man in the Democratic party, Keith Ellison having been photographed with the Portland organizer of ANTIFA.

      Upon a simple search, it was discovered that Speyer received the unanimous endorsement of the Cheektowaga Democratic Committee for the position he now holds.  This according to the Cheektowaga Chronicle, April 17, 2018.

      Additionally, let the record show, that on the summons there was a check box to receive supporting documents.  I checked that box, and as of this date have not received any documents.

     So, the democrats are not only linked with the communists, they have adopted their tactics including show trials.


Karl Hand, RNPA Party Chairman



In 2020 Smash the Democrats

A Vote For The Democrat party is a vote for ANTIFA


Soon, we will be holding a Day of Defiance, in which we will distribute leaflets in Cheektowaga, a suburb of Buffalo, New York.

     This is in response to a ‘littering’ summons that was issued to me for a distribution of political literature last month.  We consider this summons as a flagrant attempt to thwart our constitutional rights of free speech.

      Furthermore, the political nature of this summons was demonstrated by the Cheektowaga police holding a press conference in regard to this.  Ask yourself this, how often does any police force hold a press conference to announce a summons for ‘littering’?

     Let  us be clear on this, we are not against the police, however we recognize that many have been politicized by the media, and by such Jew communist front groups as the ADL (see Kathy Ainsworth).  Nor do we have any hard feelings towards Cheektowaga, the residents of that town, or even the court.  However, it is evident to us that certain people in power and position in that town, including the police, simply do not know the law, and we have to teach them the law.

What should have been done was that the Cheektowaga police should have patiently explained to the few complainants that we had a constitutional right to do this, but instead they wanted to grandstand and hold a press conference, a press conference for a ‘littering’ charge. Things must be really, really slow in Cheektowaga. By contrast, in Chicago, just over the Labor Day weekend, 35 blacks were shot by other Blacks with 7 being killed. And then back in Cheektowaga, the thought police are holding press conferences over ‘littering’ charges against myself for distributing political literature. Your tax dollars at work! I think maybe they have too much time on their hands. Maybe, they should work a couple of shifts in Chicago. Just the body count would keep them busy.

     The only way that we can head off future abuses is to take our stand now.  For that reason, there will be no acceptance of any plea bargain.  We will not be bullied, we will not be manipulated, and we will not be intimidated.  And, most importantly. we will not have our constitutional rights violated and trivialized.


Karl Hand, RNPA Party Chairman


PS: I am due in Cheektowaga Town Court on October 15th. 


BELOW: Crazy Broad Mentions RNPA and Racial Nationalist Manifesto

The Cheektowaga Town Court


Karl Hand



     I received a notice in regard to my “Littering” charge for distributing political literature.

     The notice reads as follows: 

           Pre-Trial Conference Date:  10/15/19  Time: 5:30 pm 

“Payment is required on the above date;

     You are scheduled for a PRE-TRIAL CONFERENCE in which you will be speaking with our Town Prosecutor to ascertain if mitigating circumstances exist regarding your charges.  You will then appear before the Judge for sentencing which will involve the imposition and payment of a fine.” 

     Let me ask you this, be honest, does this sound even remotely like due process to you?  It sounds to me like they already found me guilty. 

     Why  so long for a court date?  I can only think that they hope by having this hang over my head, that I will not distribute until the matter is resolved.  By then, winter will almost be upon us.  We shall see, we shall see. 

      The judges name for this proceeding is James J. Speyer Jr. 


Karl Hand, RNPA Party Chairman

PS: Address to the Cheektowaga Town Court is 3223 Union Road, Cheektowaga, NY 14227. The court advised me that seating was ‘limited’ and that doors open at 5:00pm. Can’t make it? Understood. After all, we don’t want to ID our own people to the police statists. Believe me when i say this: “I got this.”

Wish me luck but this is shaping up more like a Soviet Style ‘show trial’. Oh, wait, the fraud democracy isn’t even granting me that. Here is something to contemplate: If this is not political then explain to me why they called a press conference? How often do you suppose they do that for ‘littering’?



Cheektowaga Police


The Supreme Court


     The Cheektowaga Police have charged me with “Littering” for distributing  political literature in the town of Cheektowaga in Western New York.  This has become a common practice across America as the powers-that-be try to stifle the First Amendment rights of Americans with some individuals acquiring hefty fines and legal fees in the process.  This is largely because they usually get attorneys who are not versed in Constitutional law, and are nothing more than plea bargain specialists.  I suspect many of these were court appointed, but regardless, these so-called attorneys shouldn’t even had accepted these kind of cases and are guilty of Legal Malpractice by doing so.  Furthermore, they lacked the junkyard dog mentality needed to take on these bureaucrats and their minions.

     We are intent on breaking this unconstitutional practice once and for all.  We thus charge the Cheektowaga Police with violating my/our Constitutional Rights, Conspiracy to Deny me/our  Constitutional Rights, and with Selective Prosecution. We are going to put an end to this lawlessness, and won’t rest until we do. 

                                                                          ….Karl  Hand, RNPA Party Chairman



     “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble; and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.”




     The Supreme Court has interpreted this to mean that a state or municipality may NOT ban the distribution of leaflets on streets, sidewalks or public places: Jamison v. Texas 318 US 413 (1943) and Marsh v. Alabama, 326 US 501 (1946) .

     The Supreme Court applied this to Universities, both state and private, in Papish v. University of Missouri 410 US 667 (1973).  Furthermore leafleting may NOT be prohibited on a military base in areas of public access.  Flower v. U.S., 407 US 197 (1972). 

     The Supreme Court has also found that door to door solicitation for the purpose of distributing literature may NOT be banned regardless of the wishes of the householder to receive such information in this manner, Martin v. Struthers, 319 US 141 (1943). 

     Furthermore, a state or municipality may NOT tax or license the distribution or sale of political or religious material door to door, Opelika v. Jones 319 US 105 (1943).

     In shopping center cases the Supreme Court has said that privately owned property may be treated as if it were publicly held where it is open to the public. A leading treatise of the First Amendment says this on the subject:  “First Amendment interest should not be defeated because the property owner either disapproves of the message conveyed or simply wants to censor all speech activities.  Whether outside of a freestanding store or in the common areas of a shopping center, a bare property interest does not justify the subordination of the First Amendment speech rights.”

     In McIntyre v. Ohio Elections Comm’n, 514 US 334 (1995), the court invalidated Ohio’s prohibition on the distribution of anonymous campaign literature. There is a “respected tradition of anonymity in the advocacy of political causes,” the Court noted, and neither of the interests asserted by Ohio justified the limitation.   Certainly, IF the anonymous distribution of literature was protected, then  literature that is identifiable would certainly be protected.  The Equal Protection Clause would cover that.  v



Freedom Man.png


Cheektowaga Police



US Constitution

      Recently I was charged with ‘littering’ for distributing political literature by the Cheektowaga Police.  I see this as an open and flagrant attempt to limit Freedom of Speech.

     Let’s be clear, the US Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land.  No petty local ordinance can be devised or enforced that can circumvent the guarantees that the Constitution affords each and every American citizen to express their political opinions.

     Our forefathers sacrificed their blood and fortunes to ensure that these freedoms would not, could not, be ‘infringed upon’. 

     We will never surrender our Constitutional rights, and neither should YOU.  We will not go quietly into the night.

      And remember, if they can take our rights away, they can take yours.

                                           …..Karl Hand, RNPA Party Chairman 


News From Michigan…


     The Racial Nationalist Party of America respectfully calls upon President Donald J. Trump to issue a pardon for Julian Assange.  We firmly believe that Whistleblowers like Assange are important to keep the establishment honest!!!!!

Julian Assange.png

Three Things

     Before Donald Trump even announced his candidacy, we stated on our website that there were three things that the next President would have to accomplish if they wanted to be considered ‘Great’.  Those three things were:

1. Seal the Border

2. Repeal NAFTA

3. No War!

     As of right now, it appears as if Trump is following that formula.  That is not to say he is following it, only that it appears that he is. 

     The RNPA never endorsed Trump, because we know the temptations of high office, and we understand the nature of Realpolitik.   However, we have supported him (and opposed him) on an issue-by-issue basis.  For example, we opposed it when he ordered the bombing of Syria.  We saw this as an attempt to appease the RINO warhawks like John McCain.  On the other hand, we of course support him in his ongoing battle to Seal the Border. 

     Some individuals in this movement have voiced displeasure with Trump for various reasons.  One of those reasons is because as a movement we have never understood the difference between posture and position.  For that reason they take offense when Trump kisses some kosher butt every now and then.  They thus accuse him of being a Jewish lackey, perhaps he is, BUT, I sincerely believe If he were the lackey they accuse him of being, we would already be in another  World War.  The fact that he hasn’t wrangled us into a war in the Middle East at the behest of Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, speaks volumes.  Remember Hillary’s no-fly zone over Syria promise?

      There is another reason for this anti-Trump undercurrent that is surfacing in this movement, and it must be addressed: egotism.  Some feel uneasy about their role being minimized and resent in their having to live in the shadow of Donald Trump.  The truth of the matter is that Trump is so media savvy that everyone lives in his shadow, and we might as well accept it. 

     The reality is that sooner or later we will have to part company with Donald Trump, however that time is not until after the 2020 election, barring unforeseen circumstances.  In the meantime we should take advantage of this lull in our being in the spotlight.  This is an opportunity to build the mechanics of organization.  We have a lot of work to do - let’s quit worrying about Trump and get on it.  v

fbi cOUP.png


     Whenever a White person comes forward and demonstrates a little intestinal fortitude by standing up for their race, they are inevitably subjected to ridicule and name calling .   It is a shallow reaction by shallow individuals, many of whom make up the anti-White,  Jewish controlled media. But it’s not just shallow, it is not just juvenile, it’s downright infantile. They may as well as call us ‘stupid heads’ or whatever is in vogue with 3 year olds nowadays. 

     Some feel that we should request a fairer hearing, but seriously, we in the RNPA don’t expect or want a fair hearing from these people.  They are our race’s mortal enemy, and only fools would expect anything else other than the treatment they routinely dish out to any proud Whites. 

     The RNPA’s first response when the media calls us names, or purposely misrepresents us, is to quietly go about our business.  Anything other than that would convey weakness. 

     Our second response to the media is:

‘Grow the Freak Up!’

PS:  The Racial Nationalist Party of America officially quit using the “N Word” over a year ago -  We guess that only proves that we are better men and women than our critics in the media who rely so heavily on the “R Word”.



attention blacks!

Break the chains of your former masters by choosing independence!

Black Slavery Chains.png

What The Two Party Swindle Offers You:

  • Economic Slavery

  • False Promises

  • Platitudes

  • Euphemisms

  • Smiling Faces

What The RNPA Offers You:

  • Your Own Nation

  • Your Own Flag

  • Your Own Police

  • Your Own Judges

  • Your Own Destiny


Ask about…

Volunteers of Africa

An Affiliate of the RNPA

P.O. Box 1281, Lockport, NY 14095


Check Out the ‘Africa Calling’ page on this website!


Important Disclaimer: Inclusion of videos on this website does Not imply that the person(s) or organizations included embrace our racial nationalist ideology. all it means is that we believe that the particular video would be of interest to our friends. This is similar to having any conversation with your friends and telling them about a video you saw. We find it odd that the same people who might find this disturbing had no problem when the communist Party supported Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton. To be more to the point:Mark Dice, the deplorable choir, Hunter Avallone, etc…, are not racial nationalists.

Below: Just For Laughs

John Pinette was a real comic icon. Unlike the political, Leftist hacks that pass themselves off as comics in today’s PC world, Pinette, although certainly not a Racial Nationalist, was certainly a liberating force.

R.I.P. John Pinette


Below: Climate change is part of the earth’s history - Even before the Age of Man



Above: The prosecutor, Rachel Mitchell is one smart cookie. Her questions were both disarming and methodical. She brilliantly catches Ford in one of her many lies. I foresee a judgeship for her.



Iron Island Park Rally

September 22nd, 2018


     On September 22nd, we held a rally at Iron Island Park in the Lovejoy area of Buffalo, New York.

     Actually, it turned out to be a rally of one, with me standing on the corner of William St and North Ogden, with a sign that read: “Death To Communism”.  That’s ok, I’m a one man army.

     I originally called for three rallies, but that was just a diversion, one of a few I employed for this event.  I had only scouted out the one and decided that Iron Island Park would be perfect. I passed by here often after returning from the doctor’s office and it struck me as ideal, not too big, curb side parking and three large bison statues, which seemed to offer some cover, should the situation warrant it. 

    I kept the location secret so know one knew but me.  I got there before the scheduled start time of 3:00pm but decided to get the show on the road early.  I left a little after 3:15pm.

      As you know I advocate ‘hit and run’ tactics and this was a trial run.  From that point of view it was successful.  Almost as soon as I got to the corner I was getting ‘thumbs up’, and cars honking.  Despite the many Skraelings that passed, I didn’t get a single one finger salute. Kind of unexpected. 

     There was one man, who was a retired school teacher, and we had a bit of a chat.  He was a little crazy, and married to a Taiwanese woman.  I was very upfront with him on my views on miscegenation.   He asked for one of my brochures and I gave him one.  Later, he would come back around and ask if I was ‘The’ Karl Hand.  He seemed impressed for some reason, but like I said, he was a little crazy.  When his son, who he was teaching to drive abruptly stopped the car in the middle of William street, and a woman in the car behind him started honking, he went ballistic, got out of his car, chased the car half way down William street, giving her a finger.  Then he decided to teach his son parallel parking - right behind my car!  That kid should never drive!  His father went so crazy he had to sit down on the park grass. 

     There was a lot of preparation that went into this event, too bad others didn’t participate.  Their loss, as the reactions were pretty positive. I know some people were put off by the secrecy, others by the fact that I told the police to ‘stay home’ - which they did, still others because they were fearful of Antifa showing up, and what I might have planned.  I did have one individual tell me that he would bring 10 men IF I set up meeting, so he could sell trinkets to help pay for travel expenses.  The problem, that is the thing I think we need  to get away from - presenting a sitting target.  We have to become a moving target, like political commandos.  So, I simply told him that wasn’t going to happen.  I am telling you this not to embarrass anyone, but because I want it understood that even IF it means doing something by myself, even If it means I have to stand alone, I will.  I won’t compromise my views and what I believe needs to be done. The RNPA has to define itself, and be true to its self.

      I had to order a new megaphone, because the one I had was old and wouldn’t work.  A man from Florida made a $100. donation, which went to that and other supplies. I had signs to make up, thoughts to gather, etc.  When the day came, I put on some prison body armor, just in case.  That’s some National Geographics and duck tape wrapped around the vitals - I actually had to do this twice because my pants wouldn’t fit. Once I got it all together, it felt oddly comfortable.  Oh, and no Antifa, so yes, there was no Political violence. v

No Antifa = No Political Violence






Time to Rock the establishment all over again!

John McCain: Fraud ‘hero’ for the fraud ‘Democracy”

Melania Trump Speaks Out.jpg

30 Years Ago: Trump on Oprah

Collection of Eyes.png


Berkeley Liberation

Dateline: July 4th, 2018


      Berkeley, California is the base of communist subversion here in America.  It is time we address this by invading AntiFa’s base of operations in that city. 

     To counter this communist threat, we are calling on all racial nationalist activists to target Berkeley, not with threats, nor with weapons, but with a full scale distribution of literature that counters the communist and anti-White propaganda (and stereotypes of this movement) that is regularly spewed out from this communist stronghold.  Consider this the Radio Free Europe of Berkeley.

      We are encouraging everyone and every group to distribute literature in the Berkeley area.

      Where this is impossible, we are asking that you send donations to support this effort, so that we can offer a steady supply to racial activists in that area.

     As you are reading this, a random mailing is already targeting businesses with RNPA literature.


Make checks or money orders payable to:

Karl Hand, Bookseller,

P.O. Box 1281, Lockport, NY 14095

Earmark it for Operation Berkley Liberation


Unleash the Weapons of Mass Distribution!

Invade Anti-Fa

Clinton & Putin.png
Clinton in Russia.png

Anti-Fa Beaten Down in Portland

     Advisory:  In the future, don't wear sunglasses.  Someone can blacken both your eyes with a single punch.  Instead, use soft goggles to protect yourself from pepper spray.  Also, we need to utilize electronic surveillance on 'safe spaces' to learn the identities of these scum, and of their plans, then we can take this fight to them.  Don't forget mouth guards too.  Other than that, great job - we salute you. 

Adolf Hitler, World War I and II and the Middle East Crisis


     Most scholars agree that the first World War was contrived by Britain as a means to contain Germany, which was experiencing an unprecedented rise to economic prominence. 

      It was to Britain’s advantage that it held sway over many nations of the world through its Commonwealth, which was the product of its colonial past. Consequently, what should have remained strictly a war between two nations became the worldwide conflict we now know as the First World War.

     In order to bring the US into the war on its side, Britain promised the Zionist Jews the right to Palestine.  This was formalized through the infamous Balfour Declaration (1917).

     The Treaty of Versailles ended the hostilities and Britain achieved its goal of economic containment of Germany, through the imposition of the economic burdens imposed by that treaty.

     This gave rise in prominence to Adolf Hitler.  Without the Treaty of Versailles, which Hitler repeatedly railed against, he would not have come to power.  In fact, despite his popularity, Hitler actually saw his poll numbers weaken in the last election prior to his being appointed Chancellor. 

      It is for this reason that some have argued that World War I and World War II were actually one, historical bookends, if you will. 

     Unfortunately, although Hitler did much to improve the conditions of the German people, he was also an expansionist, which contributed to the hostilities that led to the World War II, and to a tremendous loss of life. 

      After two World Wars, Britain conveniently forgot the Balfour Declaration and failed to deliver Palestine to the Jews as promised.  This led to the rise of Jewish terrorism in that region. 


      Foremost among the Jewish terrorist groups was the Irgun-Stern gang, which carried out some of the most gruesome acts imaginable.

     One of the most spectacular acts of terrorism ever carried out, was the bombing of the King David Hotel in Jerusalem on July 22, 1946.  At this time Britain still occupied Palestine, and thus this was specifically aimed against them.  91 people were killed and 46 injured in this attack, which served the purpose it was set out to do: to cause the British people to question Britain’s continued occupation of Palestine.

    In preparation for the end of Britain’s Palestinian mandate, the Irgun gang set about an ethnic cleansing program to drive the Arabs out of their long-held homeland.  This culminated with the Deir Yassin massacre on April 9, 1948.  120 Irgun fighters attacked this small village, killing over 100 villagers,  many of them women and children. Israeli historian Benny Morris wrote that there were multiple cases of mutilation and rape.  Many bodies were thrown into the village well so that the water supply would be poisoned, thus driving the Arabs into poverty-ridden refugee camps that persist to this day.

      On May 14, 1948, when Britain ended its Palestinian mandate, the nation of Israel was declared.  Of course, this was problematic with the large number of Arabs residing in those boundaries. 


     Contrary to the belief of many Americans, the Iranians are not Arabs, however, it has allies in the Arab world, including the nation of Syria along with such influential groups as Hamas and Hezbollah. 

      Much of the hostility that Iranians harbor towards ‘the West’ stems from Britain’s meddling in their domestic affairs, which they mischievously involved the US in.

      Back in 1951, the Iranians, under their democratically elected Prime Minister, Mohammad Mosaddegh, threatened to throw out the Anglo-Persian Oil Company (now BP).  The British wanted to invade Iran over this, but the US, under Harry Truman, refused to back this move.  Consequently,  the British hatched Operation Ajax, which was intended to impose a regime change.  The US, now under the Eisenhower administration ,  backed this scheme, and the CIA colluded with Britain’s MI6 to bring this about.  The result was that the only democratic government Iran ever had was deposed, and in its place was placed the Shah, whose secret police tortured and murdered thousands, thus opening the door to the Islamic revolution  of the Ayatollah Khomeini, hence, the real reason they are suspicious of us.  v


RNPA Viewpoint

The Inspector General’s Report on the FBI

     So, after 18 months of ‘investigating’ by the Jew Inspector General, Michael Horowitz released a 560 page report showing extreme bias in the FBI against Trump, only to conclude that there was no bias.  It was reminiscent of Comey indicting Hillary Clinton in a press conference, only to not indict her. 

     What this document tries to do is separate the FBI from the perpetrators of this attempted coup, and I find that unacceptable.  With all the resources at the disposal of the FBI it is unfathomable, to me, that these actions were not known and embraced by the bureau in total.

     Furthermore, the abuse of power by the FBI goes way back, with COINTELPRO.

     An excellent work on FBI corruption is:  The ADL - FBI Conspiracy Exposed by Eustace Mullins.  It is only 24 pages in size and really goes into some depth.

     Basically, this is the Deep State covering for the Deep State, and only an idiot could conclude that this would be anything but the whitewash it turned out to be.

     There is something else more important than the arrogance and name calling:  What actions were taken by these usurpers? What role, if any, did the FBI play in the anti-Trump demonstrations?  What connection, if any, was there between AntiFa and the FBI?  And, did the FBI use its power and influence to get local police from Berkley to Charlottesville to ‘stand down’ when Anti-Fa rioted, assaulting American citizens and doing millions of dollars in property damage, because someone sure as hell did. v


Above: Justin "The Weasel" Trudeau: Destroying Canada one mass migration at a time. Not surprisingly he has teamed up with Europe's "Rapist-in-Chief", Angela Merkel and John "The Traitor" M Cain.

Above: Justin "The Weasel" Trudeau: Destroying Canada one mass migration at a time. Not surprisingly he has teamed up with Europe's "Rapist-in-Chief", Angela Merkel and John "The Traitor" M Cain.



After much deliberation it has been decided that now has come the time in our organizational history to begin the process of forming a national staff.

      Up until this time, I have pretty much been a one man army but we can’t very well realize victory with one person doing everything now can we?   Consequently, we are going to seek out potential candidates to assist in this effort on a national level.

       Let me begin by stating that these will, at least at first, be volunteer positions.  And because they are going to be volunteer positions it is important that I emphasize, that although they will be such, we will not in any way compromise on quality.


1. Candidates will be required to be RNPA members for a least  6 months.

2. Candidates will be required to live within 60 minutes of Lockport, New York, with high availability. 

3. Candidates will be required to be dedicated, disciplined and have a sense of urgency. 

4. Candidates will be required to submit an additional application for a position on national staff.

5. Candidates must be convinced of the RNPA platform, that the RNPA and Racial Nationalism is the future, and leave any obsession with the past behind.


      From these candidates, we will begin the process of training and grooming them to the job description best suited for them.

       This is will be a learning process.  Hopefully, we can find the people we need to advance toward the next level. 

      However, I want this understood, I make no promises.  If you relocate here, you will be welcome, but that is no guarantee either.  That involves risk on your part, it did on mine when I joined the KKK and left Buffalo with my belongings packed in a car to join them down in Louisiana way, way back.  Tom Metzger did something similar when he volunteered to help out in David Duke’s first major election campaign.  He packed his belongings, leaving his family in California, and worked tirelessly for that campaign.  These are things you should know, and embrace.





Two Pillars / Race & Nation,

Karl Hand, Party Chairman


White Child.jpg


The Use of the Word ….


In  The Racial Nationalist Movement

By Karl Hand, Party Chairman

Racial Nationalist Party of America


     It is time that we examine the use of the “N’ word in political discourse, and in particular, in the White Nationalist or Racial Nationalist movement.

     This is a word that has been around from almost the earliest beginnings of America it would seem, and yet it is one whose use has been vilified so ferociously in recent times.

      Let us begin by stating that this word is used by both Blacks and Whites.  Black rappers use it all the time.  I myself have used it, sparingly, and have even had Blacks come up to me and say, “Hey, my Nigger”.  Perhaps, this is a case of the Black community needing to clean up its own back yard first. 

     Most Whites use it when they are mad at Blacks.  Blacks use the charge of ‘racism’ for political, social and even sexual advantage.  When Whites see Blacks doing this, this often triggers a defense mechanism, however, it is not a mechanism of ‘hate’ as some would argue, but one of fear.  Anger is an antidote to fear. 

      Many will argue that by using this word is a sign of disrespect, fine, but respect is earned and is a two way street.  Have Blacks earned the right to be called, ‘Black’ or ‘African Americans’, when they degradingly refer to Whites as ‘Honkies’ and ‘White Boys’?  We see ourselves as ‘Aryan Americans’, maybe IF Blacks saw us as that as well, mutual respect would build.  Or do they deserve respect, when they refuse Whites to identify racially: i.e. there are all kinds of Afro-centered studies being offered on universities, but nothing for Whites.  And, let us remember the Black History Month every February, with no such recognition for July as White History Month.

     This brings us to the use of the Confederate flag.  We in the RNPA do not use the Confederate flag, anymore than we would use the Swastika flag.  We are not out to offend anyone.  However, to suggest that anyone who does use the Confederate flag is espousing a return to slavery, is a total and complete falsehood.  Some do it because they lack a popular replacement for any display of White pride, some do it in defiance of a corrupt and twisted federal government.  We in the RNPA use the Celtic Cross, which has identification with our racial past and, to some, religious connotations.  Christians see it as the Cross carried by Jesus Christ, Odinists see it as the Eye of Odin , and Wiccans see it as representing the four elements, Earth, Wind, Fire and Water.

      Sometimes, it is easier to just demand respect, than to actually achieve it.  It doesn’t help when there is duplicity, when one is permitted to do something, and another is condemned when trying to realize the same benefits.  That is called DISCRIMINATION. 

     In conclusion, let me state, that in the future, the RNPA will refrain from using the ‘N’ word in our publications in the hope that Perhaps, Maybe, Blacks will see the other side of this issue and stop being so myopic.  Let us Whites, be Whites, nay, encourage us to be ‘Aryan Americans’ by giving us the respect you say you deserve.  v

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By Bob Smith

Ah, the Royals are getting married... as I heard once in an old cartoon, "What's the hubub, bub?"

Why indeed do so many Canadians have such a fascination with one of the most wealthy families on Earth (who have never, by the way, shared any measurable amount of that wealth to help the poor and homeless of Great Britain.

Queen Elizabeth II, is thought of by many here as Canada's queen. Her portrait hangs in government buildings, her face is on our money and technically she is Canada's Head of State, not the Prime Minister, as so many people believe. Her personal fortune is estimated at between $500 and $530 million, and that's not including the value of their residence, the property they own, vehicles and their clothing. And in London streets, people are starving.

Happy and glorious? That's not quite the way the British royals, past and present, should be thought of --or any other man or woman who believes that a blue bloodline gives them unquestioned dominion over whoever is in the nation they live. You need go back to the days of Henry VIII, perhaps the first British sovereign to start a church thanks to his penis. The Church of England was founded not long after he was told that divorce was forbidden by the Catholic Church and the rest, literally, is history. So what has the Monarchy done for the United Kingdom? Well, there's the horrible way that nonwhites were recruited (e.g., the Sihks, some of the world's best mercenaries) to kill whites -- the same Sikhs whom the British tried to destroy the religion and culture of as part of their many colonial empires that have virtually vanished off the face of the Earth. The British were the ones who set up concentration camps in South Africa for the Boers where women and children languished. The Royal Family oversaw the building up of an Empire on the necks of the "commoners" worldwide, only to have its last few generations oversee its demise, all the time exploiting nonwhites and encouraging their population growth  in lands where DNA-recessive whites were starting to dwindle in numbers. That is what they have done for the white people in England and other places where the population treats and reveres them like gods. And. like too many legitimate world leaders, they meddle in other nations' affairs. Although they gave approval to the Canadian Constitution Act in 1981, they still act towards Canadians as their slightly unkempt, yet entertaining, stepchildren, giving them a message of peace and joy each Christmas.

Monarchs stay in power through their own terrible vanity and the silly naivete of many of their "subjects" too soused on the glamor and pomp to even think that they are obsolete (Like the Royals, Canadian killer Paul Bernardo and his disgusting mate Karl Holmoka rode around in a carriage, too). I don't know how many Canadians are members of the Monarchist League, but they -- and the Canadian Armed Forces and the vets -- are about the only ones to still worship the Royals. Ready to fight "for King and country" is a phrase still making the rounds at the Legion halls as the old soaks remember the "Big One" -- but not give a thought of the fratricidal wars that destroyed so many White European lives and also much of the art and towns, big and small, in two world wars.

To White Nationalists, the Royal Wedding is no big deal -- that's why there's not a lot of coverage of it on our site. The White Man's way does not include tolerating a skewed elitist version of democracy where a royal family and its abuses are ignored, or in places like Cambodia, where the first arrest was made of a man for insulting the monarchy (the same harsh treatment awaits you in Thailand if you show disrespect).  Considering how the royals have acted against the best interests of white people, it's not surprising that now their bloodline will be mixed with the entrance into the family of Meaghan Markle.

We need as white racists to recognize these truths and remember how dangerous a distraction any royal family -- British or otherwise is to our fight to maintain our racial survival. Here, when tradition gets in the way of common sense, we have a bunch of appointed elitists called the Canadian Senate, not elected as in the USA -- and the spectre of a parliament versus the rich in any nation with royalty isn't good for anyone -- except the bluebloods.

No, the royal nuptials are no big deal, so let's stop treating it like the Rapture-- and step into this century.  



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What the government and media don’t want YOU to know…..

The Coming Magnetic Polar Shift

Magnetic Polar shift.jpg


              There have been at least 74 of these events in Earth’s history.  This event will trigger major earthquakes, tsunamis on a huge scale, volcanic eruptions so large and widespread that the resulting ash clouds and gases could blanket the sun’s rays and trigger a new ice age.

              This process has already begun!  Airports in Florida and New Jersey have had to adjust their runways because of this slow but steady process.  Magnetic North is slowly moving towards Siberia at a rate of 40 miles per year. But that is not to say that this process will continue at a slow pace.  One single day the pendulum could swing with the poles just flipping, and then the world will be brought to its knees. 

Accompanying this event could be the second Permian extinction, which saw the greatest mass extinction in the history of the world.   Dead zones in the Pacific are growing at an unprecedented rate. 

      Why hasn’t the government or media been upfront with this?  One word, PANIC.  That one word could set the financial world upside down and bring riots to the streets like we have never seen before.  Volcanic prone areas, such as everything within a thousand mile radius of Yellowstone, would see real estate prices plummet.  Earthquake prone areas, such as the New Madrid and San Andreas fault lines, could suffer the same fate.

  Instead of  advising you of this dire situation the powers-that-be have undertaken a propaganda blitz of deception,  claiming that the climatic changes that are coming with this, are the result of CO2 emissions, and hence the fault of man.  That means, that it is manageable in the minds of the people whereas, a polar shift is not.  You can’t blame anyone, there are no convenient scapegoats, there is just the grim reality that this planet is going through another major change, which it has done many times before.

    And while the masses remain unaware or misled about the approaching storm, the elitists are quietly building bunkers to insure their own survival. 

Don’t say that you weren’t warned. 



McCain and Friends.jpg

Dateline: March 31, 2018


David:  Please allow me this opportunity to pass along some sincere advice that was given to me a long time ago:  "We are all seven day wonders".  What does that mean you ask?  It means that this wave of fame you are riding will one day come to an end, and you need to think about that.  Furthermore, I don't believe that you are an evil kid, but i do think that you are being manipulated by evil people.  I can't seriously believe that you want to put us at the mercy of these deep state operatives, especially knowing what kind of power today's technology can grant them.  This is serious business.  And remember this: if you live by the media, you will die by the media.  Only 6 corporations own 90% of the media outlets in this country.  That is a lot of power concentrated in a few hands, wouldn't you agree??  All i'm saying this that you should give all of this a little more thought.  Think about it, please.

founding fathers 3.jpg

Why Compromise With Gun Control Advocates Is Impossible

     The problem with trying to compromise with gun control advocates is that they aren’t willing to give up anything in return.  Nor are they willing to address some of the concerns that second amendment advocates have, including the fact that they believe that deep down inside the gun control advocates are not acting in good faith in any such compromise. They believe that gun control advocates who speak of ‘compromise’ are really advocating the death of the second amendment by increments.

     Let us first dispense with some of the erroneous notions about the 2nd Amendment.  This is not about ‘hunter’s rights’.   Our forefathers did not include the right to bear arms for anyone to go out and kill ‘Bambi’.  Nor is the 2nd Amendment about self defense.  Only the terribly naïve would argue that our forefathers included the 2nd Amendment in the Bill of Rights for the assumed and natural right for you to defend yourself, your family, your friends and property.  That is a natural right that needs no guarantee.  The reason for the second amendment is that our forefathers, having an understanding of the nature of governments, realized that the best way to insure the freedoms and form of limited government they envisioned, then the people needed not just legal recourse, but revolutionary recourse as well. 

     Thomas Jefferson put the 2nd Amendment in this perspective: “The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.”

     Today America is ruled by elitists who feel that they are above the rule of law.  They look down their noses at the common man, play the masses with false platitudes and euphemisms, and conspire against our freedoms. They are no more to be trusted than the tyrants of old, tyrants whose bonds our forefathers broke apart through the force of arms and by daring to be free.

     There are between 9,000 to 20,000 gun laws already on the books.  The 2nd Amendment has already been compromised, and we say: Enough is Enough!  The restrictions already in place prevent any equality-in-arms should the masses awaken and try to impose their revolutionary right.  v



Dateline: March 7, 2018


     The question that no one in America’s controlled media is asking is whether it was really ‘Russian’ interference in our 2016 Presidential election, or was it in reality British interference, that employed some minor Russian players in order to first undermine the candidacy of Donald Trump, and then, in collusion with embedded globalists in our intelligence community, sought to, and are still trying, to bring the Trump presidency to an end.

     Christopher Steele, the man who created the so-called ‘Russian Dossier’, was a ‘former’ MI6 agent (British intelligence).  Anyone familiar with any intelligence group will tell you that you are never a ‘former’ agent. 

     Let us not forget that Trump was in favor of Brexit, which still rankles the British globalists.  In fact, his support was so crucial to its passing, that Nigel Farage, the architect of Brexit, came to the United States afterward, and campaigned for Trump, to return the favor. 

     Furthermore, let us not forget Operation Ajax, which saw the CIA and the same MI6 unite to overthrow the only democratically elected government of Iran, the government under Mohammad Mosaddegh (Prime Minister), who was deposed with a CIA/MI6 coup.  This was done to protect the British oil company, the Anglo-Persian Oil Company, now BP. This coup eventually opened the door for the Islamic revolution under the Ayatollah Khomeini who galvanized Iranian opposition groups, Right, Left and religious to topple the CIA/MI6 puppet government. .  Central to this opposition was the mass torture that Iranians experienced under the SAVAK, the Iranian secret police, who were trained both by the CIA and Israel’s Mossad. v

Christopher Steele 2.jpg

Above: British Spy and Globalist, Christopher steele

Dateline: February 20, 2018


      It is our belief that Clintonistas buried within the Deep State are directly or indirectly involved with the mass shootings across America which they hope to use as an excuse to disarm those terrible White 'deplorables'.  tHEY ARE DOMESTIC FALSE FLAGS INCITED BY THE LIBERAL MEDIA aND CARRIED OUT BY DRUG INDUCED LOSERS AND PAWNS OF THE DEEP STATE.

     Let us revisit the Sandyhook massacre.  Most know that the perpetrator's (and we don't give out names as we believe that encourages copycats - which is exactly why the Liberal media does- To encourage copycats so they can get on with the business of destroying our freedoms.) mother was a 'victim' and a part time teacher. Really?  She was a CIA operative and part of the mind control DARPA program, which replaced the declassified MK Ultra program.  Part of MK Ultra involved behavior modification through the administration of drugS, often surreptitiously. One look at the perpetrator and one can readily see that this 'son' of the CIA operative mother, was in fact doped.  Just by coincidence, the perpetrator's computer was seized and nothing was ever revealed as to what was on it.  Why is this important?  Because part of DARPA's experiments involved the use of video games.  Hmmmmm?

     Fast forward to the Vegas massacre.  Funny how this has been so neatly swept under the rug.  Funny, how no one has explained how a single individual was able to carry this out.  Funny how foreign witnesses who saw more than one black clad person at the scene have been quietly silenced. The Worst mass shooting in the history of the US , and it has been swept under the rug?? Oh yes, there is a report out there on the internet that the FBI supplied the specific weapons that they want banned.  AND just by coincidence, it was the same FBI who ignored warnings about the florida shooting perpetrator, THE FLOP EARED SPIC THAT JUST SO HAPPENED TO KILL AS MANY KIDS AS THOSE BURNED ALIVE BY FEDERAL AGENTS AT WACO.

     And let us not forget WACO.  That was where 80 people including 17 children were burned alive by Federal Officials, who were heard CHEERING "We Got Us A texas Barbecue."  And guess who was President then (Bill Clinton), and guess who was first Lady (Hillary Clinton). Yes people, these scum are not only capable of mass murder, they have done it before, and they will do it again!  You can't deny this, and you can't deny MK Ultra, and you can not deny the evil intentions of the Clintonistas or their fellow travelers in the FBI/CIA/Mi6 cabal. They ARE WANNABE rOYALISTS WHO want to genetically enslave us, and the first step is to brainwasH our youth and then disarm America. 


Above leaflet distributed by the Volunteers of Africa (VOA), an affiliate of the Racial Nationalist Party of America.

Above leaflet distributed by the Volunteers of Africa (VOA), an affiliate of the Racial Nationalist Party of America.


Dateline:  January 10, 2018

     OK , we're not sure what Trump was doing with his little White House immigration meet but before we pass judgement we need to take a step back and rationalize this event.

     It is easy to feel betrayed, after all, that is pretty much the lot for White People when dealing with the Party of Treason (Democrats) and the party of Surrender (Republicans). And that is the perfect reason that you should not feel it necessary to align with either, instead think RNPA.

     Still, i think it fair to remember that there is a distinct difference between position and posture.  It takes a deft politician to move unscathed from one to another.

     Lest we forget, Trump has been taking bullets for us 24/7 since before he was elected. I pray that what Trump is doing now is simply giving the enemies of the White Race and America a moving target, at least that is my hope.

      My one real concern is that Lindsay 'Amnesty' Graham seems to have had his hand in this, to some small degree at least.  This guy is a leper and should be steered clear of by trump. 

     In football you basically have two different kinds of teams:  the hard-nose, run through a brick wall team, and then there is the finesse team.  Which is better? The one that wins!

     We have always said that Trump was not the end game, so let's just settle down and see what course this takes.  In the meantime, let us resolve to educate, agitate and organize.  We still have a lot of work to do. 




Dateline: January 2, 2018

     So let me see if i have this straight - North Korea is threatening to freaking Nuke the US and South Korea chooses to side with the north by inviting them to their Olympics??

     In case you missed it, we suffered 92,134 wounded, 36,516 deaths with 4,759 missing in a war to save South Korea, and this is how we are rewarded?  With 'allies' like this the us doesn't need any enemies.

     If we were trump we wouldn't risk any more american lives, or another penny on these south korean ingrates. Instead, we would pull our troops out, revoke their special trade privileges, and boycott their stupid olympics. That would be the end of this one-sided love affair.



'Pro-White' Businessman Challenging Paul Ryan For Congress

Dateline:  December 28, 2017

     A self-proclaimed 'pro-white' businessman, Paul Nehlen, is running for Congress against career politician and House Speaker, Paul Ryan.

     In challenging Ryan, nehlen,who is described as a wealthy businessman, gave a blistering account of ryan:  "Paul Ryan's embrace of big government spending, his continued support of illegal immigration and imported workers, and his championing of the job killing trade deal known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership, betrays me, this district and this nation."

      Nehlen is a successful executive, entrepreneur and inventor.  He serves as senior vice president of operations for a leading filtration and disinfection technologies company, and helped relocate manufacturing jobs from Canada to the US, including moving several product lines to Wisconsin. 

     Nehlen was originally promoted by breitbart News, but since his 'Pro-White' views became noted, that Kosher Konservative news group backed away from him.

    Nehlen has not asked for the endorsement of the RNPA, so we haven't extended it,  But anyone who is concerned about the browning of American should consider supporting him.

     Contact:  or write: Paul Nehlen, Box 796, Williams Bay, WI 53191.






Dateline: December 24, 2017

     There are those even in the Donald Trump camp who sometimes wonder exactly what Trump is doing with all of his tweets and charades.  The answer to that is that trump has an iq of 156, so he is far ahead of most of his adversaries. 

     Do you remember the infamous 'covfefe' tweet?  Trump had to be laughing at the crazy, over the top reaction by the media to what was an obvious joke about him needing coffee because he was up so late.

     Then there was the speculation about his relationship with his wife melania because she avoided holding his hand in public. OK, couples fight and argue, so maybe she was upset at something. who knows?  But the media tried to make this look ominous.  This is kind of like how the media drew UP all kinds of innuendo when the Russian President, valdimir Putin, offered his jacket to the wife of the Chinese leader.  What pathetic scum. He makes a noble gesture and they try to make it into something dirty.

     The media are globalist in nature, and they try to create mischief for anyone who does not fall in line with their globalist agenda; whether they be American, European or Russian is of no consequence to them.

     The media is largely made up of aged Trekkies who think that a united globe will duplicate the adventures of the starship enterprise. They are the bastard children of Charles Forte, failing to recognize the contradiction this creates for them. On the one hand they want  to go star hopping, and on the other hand, they embrace the idiotic notion that a mongrelized nation can lead us there.

     But I digress.  Trump understands that the media is in the hands of America's enemies, and that because of this, they have a lower approval then even Congress. Therefore, in Trump's view, the more the media criticizes and mocks him, the better it is.

     The media lost any moral imperative that it may have had a long, long time ago.  Trump obviously recognizes this and exploits it.  If it weren't for the enormous collective ego of the media, they would have seen through this a long time ago.

Tolerant Liberal.png
Democrat perverts.jpg


December 21st, 2017

     The recent passage of the GOP Tax Reform Bill has been getting diverse reactions, most of which is partisan in nature.

     First off, we live in a nation ruled by the two party swindle, and unfortunately that means that no matter what one party proposes it will be met with opposition. 

     Also, no matter what is proposed, those who do not share in its immediate benefits will oppose it,  As will anyone who is negatively impacted.  This makes it very difficult to pass anything that will benefit the country as you can never please everyone.

     This tax bill will help some people, and will not help others.  That said, we believe that it will simplify tax filing which is welcomed.  Of course, i don't imagine that tax prepare-rs will welcome that.  Nor would i imagine that the IRS will welcome it.

     The one major flaw in it is that it is a basic trickle down package.  And therein lies the crux of a major problem for its authors: IF, i said IF, Big business does not pass the goodies down the line, you could see a backlash to it in the Upcoming 2018 congressional elections.  That would benefit the commies in the democratic party and empower their reckless globalist, and anti-white agenda. 

      If we see no increases in wages and benefits, this will backfire on its authors,  and that is precisely what the commies want. 

     As for those on the lower end, they should start to see their net income increase in their paychecks in February 2018.  Unfortunately, the middle class won't see any real benefits unless the high end share their's.  We shall see, we shall see.

     Now, the middle class has benefited some with Trump killing off the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP).  And should he be able to repeal or at least renegotiate NAFTA, that too would benefit the middle class.  This too has to play out. 

     So, it comes down to Greed.  If the upper class hands out big bonuses to themselves, while ignoring the Middle class, it will all come crashing down, and the commies in the democratic party will win. Trump is rolling the dice here.



December 14th, 2017


by Margaret Marie (December 7, 20017)

Borrowed from Red Tea News at  Red Tea News is in no way connected with the RNPA, nor is the author.  This article is provided only for your own edification and in no way implies that Red Tea News or the author subscribe to the whole of our Racial Nationalist views.

     President Trump has ended America’s “participation in the Global Compact on Migration” in keeping with his “America First” promise. The UN deal that the US entered under the Obama Administration declares among other things that participating nations will promote “the inclusion of migrants in host societies, access to basic services for migrants and gender-responsive services,” “access to sexual and reproductive health-care services,” and the acceleration of “refugee admission procedures to the extent possible…”

     But the Trump Administration has decided that immigration policy is not something that can be uniform among all nations, and the American people should have a say in the immigration policy of their homeland. UN Ambassador Nikki Haley summed up the decision in saying that “No country has done more than the United States and our generosity will continue,” however “our decisions on immigration policy must always be made by Americans and Americans alone.” Haley said, “The global approach in the New York Declaration is simply not compatible with US sovereignty.”

     As the world faced a record-breaking immigration crisis in which 21.3 million people became displaced, many believed the Obama Administration incentivized illegal immigration by adding the US to the compact at a time of global insecurity. In response, America elected a president whose most popular campaign promise was to end illegal immigration and secure the country’s borders from known criminals and terrorists.

     According to CNS News, refugee admissions to the United States were down 83 percent in the first two months of the fiscal year2018 compared to the first two months of fiscal year 2017. Trump has proposed a refugee admission ceiling of 45,000 for FY 2018, compared to Obama’s 84,994. Trump has also spared the US from the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal, the Paris climate agreement, and UNESCO, the UN’s culture and education agency.


December 13th, 2017


     The Communist Party (AKA the Democratic Party)  had a dramatic win over the Republican Party in Alabama for the highly contested US Senate seat vacated by Jeff Sessions.  This will mean one more vote for open borders, one more vote for the killing of babies, one more vote against the Second Amendment,  one more vote for mass surveillance, and one more voice of White Surrender.

     When you think about it, it is pretty pathetic that the Republican Party lost to the Communist party, in their own territory, even with Trump trying his noble best to salvage a Victory.  But then the establishment wing, i.e. the cFR Globalist faction, led by the Race-mixer, Mitch - the bitch - Mcconnell,  did everything to sabotage their own party.  You have to understand, the Mitch mcconnells, the bush family, and the john mccains see themselves as American Royalty.  Therefore, marrying for political advancement is what they do. They betray their race, they betray their nation, so it is not the least bit surprising that they would betray their own party. say what you will about the Clintons, they are a really, dare i say 'deplorable' family, but they have never betrayed their own party.  This is the weakness of the Republican Party, they have a leadership cadre without principles, without loyalties, save their own personal advancement.

     We only have ourselves to blame here. We, the RNPA , has not evolved to where we can offset the tremendous brainwashing our people have been subjected to which makes them into willing pawns of the aforementioned Establishment scum; and thus,  we have not, as a result of that failure to evolve, been able to offer a real alternative with real solutions to this two party swindle.  We must resolve to overcome our own shortcomings.  This was not our loss because we did not participate in this election; but, in truth, it really was our loss, And we have to own up to it.  It may not have been our baby, but we have to rock it. 

     Let us resolve to do everything we can to realize a Racial Nationalist victory.  That means educating our folk, and then radicalizing them with the reality that we have but one recourse: to destroy the destroyers.  Commit to this struggle!  Stand with us and fight, or stand out of our way!!

hillary Supreme Court.jpg





     From the very beginning of Donald Trump's political ascendancy the RNPA has taken the position that we didn't think that Trump was the 'end game'.  To us, he was a tactical ploy to be used by us, basically a target for our adversaries, which freed our movement up. 

     Since trump became President our position has been that we would judge him on an issue by issue basis.  For Instance, we registered our disapproval of his bombing of Syria Shortly after his inauguration.  That said, we have found much agreement with Trump, and have defended him, directly and subtlety when attacked by a liberal and biased media, that is trying to undermine his presidency. 

     On December 12th, Trump recognized Jerusalem as Israel's capital.  We honestly feel this is a bad move, however it might also be a clever maneuver by Trump.  As any other President, Trump is often motivated by his constituents.  In this particular case this includes the Southern Bible Belters (Please, that is not meant in a derogatory way) who get history confused and support Israel over all others, including their own.

    Hamas, the dispossessed Arabs in the Gaza strip, has called for an intifada in response to this Action by trump.  Hamas is regarded (wrongly) by the US government as a terrorist group, which we  in the RNPA do not. We see them more as freedom fighters.

     Trump is a deal maker.  Before we jump to any conclusions about this, we should wait to see what else Trump has in mind.  He has stated that he feels this move will help to bring peace to the Middle East region.  We  shall see, we shall see, but before we judge this move we should wait to find out what else trump has in mind.  This move by itself shall not bring peace, but will only compound the situation, in the opinion of the RNPA.  However, until we find out what else trump has in mind we should hold off judgement, and we would urge HAMAS to do the same.

     In the meantime, we should continue to follow our main mission which is to educate our folk,which includes Southern bible Belters.  And to that end we are presenting the article below for their and your edification.


November 23, 2017


     Happy Thanksgiving! One of the things that we as Americans Should be Thankful for is the Bill of Rights that some 'old white guys' thought up, and which guarantees our rights, such as free speech.

     Another thing that we should be Thankful for is that we are guaranteed that we are INNocent until proven guilty.  That means that we are innocent until proven guilty, not by rumor, not by the media, but in a court of law, where there are procedures and protocol designed to give you a fair trial. Without this it  would mean that  you could be found guilty of some heinous crime by some one, or some enterprise, that has a personal grudge, or a hidden agenda. Need I say more??      



November 4th, 2017

The Day Anti-Fa Died

     On November 4th, the commie front group known as Anti-fa may have suffered a fatal loss.  The group had advertised nationwide for a purge of What they called the Trump-Pence regime.  It expected a huge outpouring, instead, in some cases, like in Austin,  texas, they were hugely outnumbered by the Anti-Antifa crowd.  In Austin, the anti-fa group which numbered just 19, were protected by 50 police on bicycles.  One anti-Antifa demonstrator held an ingenious sign in the shape of an arrow.  On one side it read: 'Secret Trump Supporter', and on the other side it  read: 'needs more prozac'.  He pointed this at Anti-fa personnel when cameras were on them.    

     Make no mistake, this is a HUGE loss for Anti-Fa, but equally important, it was a huge loss for the globalist forces secretly aligned with them.  This includes the Jew communist and Billionaire george soros and establishment whores like the Bush family. George H.W. Bush,  the elder who was Ex-CIA, who voted for Hillary clinton, and who has recently admitted to molesting some women on a photo shoot.  And then there was JeB Bush 'the Mongrelizer, who was recently quoted as saying of Donald Trump, "He won't last Past December". This is the same Jeb Bush who BLEW $140 million in his attempt to gain the republican nomination

     It is estimated that Anti-Fa spent over $2 million  in ads To Advertise this event.  A full page ad was taken out in the Jew York times, with an approximate price tag of $100,000.  Who financed all of this is open to conjecture, but one thing is certain, it was not financed by some delusional college kids. 

     Anti-Fa has made some critical mistakes in its short history.  For one they thought that if they yelled 'racist', 'fascist' and 'Nazi' enough that it would take attention away from their alien and communist roots.  Furthermore, they underestimated those of us who would oppose them.  They wrongly assumed that we would meekly slink away when physically confronted.  The weak should never assume the role of a bully.  I mean seriously, a bunch of kids throwing a tantrum because THEY DID NOT GET THEIR WAY, IS HARDLY THREATENING. 


Above: Anti-Fa Leader

Above: Anti-Fa Leader

Above: Anti-FA front group advertisement. This is a common practice of leftists to confuse opponents and to provide cover for supporters like the New York Times.

Above: Anti-FA front group advertisement. This is a common practice of leftists to confuse opponents and to provide cover for supporters like the New York Times.




Guest editorial-October 4th, 2017....

by Don Andrews
Nationalist Party of Canada


     The Las Vegas race-mixer shooter had a sneaky Filipino girlfriend
with two social insurance numbers and identities. This same killer sent $100,000 to the Philippines to make one more Third World trip. He's a rich American connected to the Lockheed Martin aircraft company, who in turn is connected to the CIA and the FBI. The SOB killer attacked country/western music white fans and he had anti-white nationalist literature at his home along with many more guns and yet, the politically-correct police are still speculating about what the monster's motives were. The same goes for the mass Jewsmedia and their fake news liar pundits, They're all hiding who he is-- a vicious white self-loather propagandized by decades of anti-white Jewsmedia propaganda.

    All the controlled media can talk about is gun control, Sounds to me like a set-up orchestrated by the Establishment to bring in more gun control with crocodile tears shed over the white victims.
     White nationalists are not buying this scenario. White nationalists cannot trust the "Polizia" to tell the truth , especially days and days of knowing all these facts, like idiots, they're still asking for a motive.

     Tell each and every one of these fake news liars that this is an individual Antifa thug act of brutality that white nationalists will never forget or trust in the mainstream media, especially after this mini-9/11 outrage that they accomplished again. I know all Canadian white nationalists will do the same.


Las Vegas Anti-Fa.png
The war against Whites began with the government, and it will end with the government!  Build the Racial Nationalist state!

The war against Whites began with the government, and it will end with the government!

Build the Racial Nationalist state!

2 Clues From Las Vegas Shooting

Dateline:  October 3, 2017


    The Las Vegas police seem stumped by the motive behind the worst mass shooting in the history of the United States.  This is somewhat hard to believe.

     I am no trained investigator but I have found two clues without even setting foot in Vegas to investigate this horrific crime.

     The first clue is that the perpetrator left no clue.  People who undertake these kind of actions always offer some kind of explanation, whether it be because of some wrong they perceive that society did to them, or to promote some cause.  The fact that no such clue, no note, no rationale was left behind suggests that as twisted as this act was, there was even a more telling motive, one which would not be realized IF known.

     Then there is the other clue: the victims - largely White and conservative (country music). 

     Of course the choice of weapons could also be a clue.  They are a favorite target of the anti-gun fanatics.

     I am not going to make some claim that I can not prove, but since the election of Donald Trump, we had at least two instances of Bernie Sanders’ supporters doing some horrific things. 

     That said, let us all offer our condolences to the family and friends of the victims.  The perpetrator may be dead, but you can never kill someone like this enough. 

Karl Hand, RNPA Party Chairman



October 2nd, 2017

     Our condolences go out to the families and friends of the victims of the horrific shooting in Las Vegas.  The deranged perpetrator was killed but somehow that doesn't seem enough, you will always feel cheated.  There is not much to add.  The cold, calculating and cruel will try to spin this politically, but that kind of demagoguery is pretty transparent.  Those who try to turn a political profit from this and similar tragedies are not much different than the perpetrator.  RIP


Rest In Peace.jpg


September 28, 2017

      The recent war between the Negro Football League (NFL)  and White America is turning out quite well for the racial nationalist movement, and to think we owe it all to Barack Obama.  This all goes back to Obama suggesting that he would rather see the US drop the present anthem and replace it with some pansy bullshit entitled, 'I'd like to teach the world to sing."  No doubt his second choice would have been, 'Tip toe through the tulips." 

     Some people have asserted that these protests by athletes is a First Amendment right, fine.  So IF a White athlete had the gonads to come out as an open White Nationalist, these same people would support his First Amendment rights??  We all know the answer to that because this has nothing to do with the First Amendment, but has everything to do with promoting their anti-White and anti-American agenda.

     The protests backfired with patriotic Americans burning their NFL paraphernalia and boycotting those increasingly boring games.  Just think, we didn't have to do a thing and this monstrosity of mongrelization , the NFL, simply self-destructed.  We didn't spend a dime, and these overpaid, black racists destroyed the biggest money making, propaganda tool ever.  Furthermore, it exposed racial appeasement to be the fraud it is.  We can never appease these people, for they make impossible demands.  And that is becoming more and more apparent to White Americans.  And just think, we owe it all to Barack Hussein Obama - Thanks Obama!

     One final point needs to be made: none of these multi-racialists have any moral imperative.  That includes all those in the media, the clergy, the police,  and the insidious government and its multitude of agencies.  They forfeited any such claim when they resolved not to address black-on-white crime.  So let us be clear on this, we intend to unite all of the victims of black-on-white crime, and then we intend to storm the Bastille.  We hereby embrace the politics of revenge.   Justice will be ours!  We do not forget, and we do not forgive!  Those who oppose us ignore the pleas of their own folk.   Instead, they would rather coddle the very perpetrators of some of the most heinous crimes committed against their own people.  What a treacherous and despicable lot they are.  May they all rot in hell.   Death to the Great Mongrelizer!



September 21, 2017

     The first leg of our 18th annual White Christmas Drive is now operational.  This we have dubbed Hams & Yams and is intended to assist our White elderly with foodstuffs.  I just returned from shopping for gifts that were purchased with donations that included one from an attorney, another from a convict, and a portion out of my own pocket.   I am telling you this as it demonstrates the evolution of a cohesive White community. 

     Each packet will include a canned ham, yams, peas, mashed potatoes, gravy, an adult coloring book set to keep their minds alert (not that kind of 'Adult' coloring book). Oh yeah, and a small gift.  The men will receive a multi-tool, and the women will get a colorful and plush throw. 

     The Jews have at least a half dozen charities dedicated to their own, why shouldn't we have one for our own?  Regardless, we DO have ours and we need to support ours.

     We hope to have the Hams and Yams packages out by Nov. 15th, in time for Thanksgiving.  Then comes the White Christmas Drive for the kiddies. 

     Shopping for Whites in need can be fun!  Santa Karl Rides Again!

Send gifts to:  RNPA Headquarters, P.O. Box 1281, Lockport, NY 14095

Make Cash Donations Payable To:

Karl Hand, Bookseller

(earmark for White Christmas Drive)

Hams and Yams.jpg


Dateline: September 13th, 2017

     It is never a good practice to judge an opponent by their size.  Many a belligerent, and oversized bully has been beaten down by some skinny kid who has had enough of the bullying.  The same can be said of this loose collection of Leftists calling themselves 'ANTI-FA'.  They can drum up sizable numbers, but just how durable are they?

     Recently, ANTI-FA has been quoted as making some really outrageous statements, including their endorsement of raping White women.  To tell you the truth, for the life of me, I can not fathom the reasoning behind taking that kind of stance.  To me it, if true,   demonstrates frustration and lack of control by ANTI-FA. And that would tell me that ANTI-FA is wearing down.  When Black Panther leader, Eldridge Cleaver bragged of raping White Women in his book 'Soul on ICE', he did so largely to politicize this criminal act.

     Today, one in four college women, and one in sixteen college boys are subjected to sexual assault.  This is largely black- on-white, something the Fake News refuses to cover.  They call it 'spiking' a story.  They do this because the reality of race would destroy their narrative.

     Desperate men (and women) say and do desperate things.  This is why i suspect that things might not being going so well in ANTI-FA-ville.  The more outrageous they talk and act, the more it seems like they are trying to attract support, that they don't now enjoy, from the likes of such rape-happy groups like ISIS.  Let's face it, ANTI-FA are basically ISIS wannabes.  They are this, not because of ideology, or theology, but because they see ISIS as a power, and that is what really motivates them: the desire for power.

      In the racial nationalist movement, we have witnessed some people who, frustrated with the way things are progressing, do or say something idiotic that only hurts this cause.  From being an asset they become a liability.  I feel sorry for them, as I feel if they had gotten in touch with the RNPA, we could have diverted them from this suicidal course.  ANTI-FA reminds me of these people, only they are committing mass Hari Kari.

     Power and its allure can be very intoxicating, especially for young people.   And let us be honest enough to admit that only by acquiring power can anyone, including the RNPA, hope to achieve change.  So, in this regard we understand where ANTI-FA is coming from.  But, making a deal, or even developing an understanding with the likes of ISIS, is making a deal with the devil.  The CIA, Israel, and Saudi Arabia, all thought they could control ISIS.  How did that work out??   And here is something for ANTI-FA to consider:  It is because of ISIS that the jihad has failed.  Can you imagine Osama bin Laden planning something like ISIS takes credit for: the running over of people with a car?   Hell, a drunk on any Saturday night can do that.  There is nothing glamorous about ISIS.  They are frustrated wannabes, just like ANTI-FA.  So I guess maybe ANTI-FA is right to idolize them. 

     But ISIS alliance or not, ANTI-FA is doomed to failure.  It's very name says it all.  It is 'anti'.  It does not state what it is for, unlike the RNPA, but just states what it is against.  They are the ultimate "party of no."  Whenever someone begins to inspect it a little more closely, they will find that as a group, they are deeply conflicted.  This is why they remain on talking points, because if anyone started to ask them any penetrating questions, which the Fake News never will, a freakin riot would probably break out, among themselves! 

     Another thing about ANTI-FA is that their real leaders, the college professors who pumped them up with all of this Leftist nonsense, are MIA.  They never take the risks, they only get some young kid to take the risks.  Sooner or later, even the most dimwitted person will begin to question this arrangement. 

     Still another thing that must be wearing ANTI-FA down is their failure to meet their own expectations.  They thought that violence would cause our movement to retreat. These, along with their mentors and Democratic party cheerleaders, all thought we would just pack our bags once Obama got elected.  They were wrong then, and they are wrong now.  In Charlottesville, our men and women fought bravely, against all odds.  Even after the politicos and police stacked the deck in favor of ANTI-FA, ours did not waver.  With blood splattered faces, blood from their comrades, and from their enemies, our brave heroes held their ground.   That has to be disheartening to the likes of ANTI-FA, whose slogan was:  "Let's Make Racists Afraid Again."  No one is afraid of them.  They are the ones hiding behind masks, not us!

     In conclusion, IMHO, if ANTI-FA hasn't peaked already, it will soon enough.  It is doomed to fail.  History is on our side, and Race shall prevail. v





RNPA position on...

North Korea

Posted September 5th, 2017 at 4:30am

     With the recent advances made by North Korea regarding its nuclear program and threats thereafter, the RNPA finds itself advancing the following position:

     The first thing that must be admitted is that North Korea did not reach this capability without assistance.  As has been reported, the Ukraine provided some technical assistance, as undoubtedly did China.  The former is a criminal enterprise which will sell anything to anyone, and the latter wants to see the US pushed out of Asia.

     That said, the position of the RNPA is twofold, the first being that we do not see the White race as having a vested interest in Asia.  Let China, the Koreas, Japan and Vietnam determine the fate of Asia, we could not care less.  Additionally, we do not want the US to resume its role as policeman of the world.  That has been costly in terms of dollars and loss of life over the last century.  We wash our hands of the world’s problems.

     It must be admitted that this situation was self-inflicted.  By adopting the course of ‘Regime Change’ in our foreign policy, we in fact sent the wrong message, that being, IF you are in conflict with the US on any position, and IF you do not have nuclear weapons, you are vulnerable to attack.  The RNPA actually warned of this way back with the Iraq war.

     Any kind of war with North Korea would be catastrophic, but that is not really our consideration.  Our one consideration is what is best for our race.  If war breaks out between Asian nations, that is Asia’s problem.

     As far as any mutual protection treaties, treaties that were made before the proliferation of nuclear weapons can hardly be regarded as valid.  The landscape has changed, the terms of the contract has changed. 

     Our race makes up just 8% of the world’s population.  We have to start putting its welfare first. 

     One other thing, no President, no President, can take any kind of military action, the kind some people are suggesting, without the consent of Congress.  That fundamental law remains true regardless who is President.

     If i were Trump, i would put this right in the lap of Congress, because that is exactly where it belongs.  Ask for a Declaration of War and that way every one in Congress will be on record as to their position, yea or nay.  There won't be any backtracking then.  It will put an end to the predictable wait-and-see blame game this treacherous and spineless body of scalawags (Congress) always goes through.  This is their job!!!  We have made our position known, let Congress make theirs known and end this useless and time consuming speculation.   What say you, America, yea or nay?  We say 'nay' to another war!



nuclear war 1.jpg


Guest Editorial...

 Sent: Saturday, September 02, 2017 at 10:15 AM
From: "Bob Smith"

by Bob Smith

     One never really tires about anything Donald Trump says. Though he may be an American blowhard, he is a natural choice for America's highest elected office. However, he needs a few things to develop if he truly wants to "make America great again". These first few months have been a test for him, facing bluster from North Korea and a major disaster that will be tough to weather before it sets off an economic boom.

     First up is a "peace tendon", and he needs to learn to back off gracefully. The recent little set-to with North Korea got a lot of people in Washington and around the Pacific Rim very anxious. You don't yell back at threats of missiles, you keep your adversary calm. Trump needs to ditch these warmonger generals like Mattis and Kelly; memories are fresh of the men sent to their deaths in past stupid wars by people like Alexander Haig and start being the peace president. He needs to ignore the likes of websites like Briebart's and Matt Drudge's banging the drum for another conflict with Korea. The US just can't be the World Police Force Incorporated (all rights reserved) anymore. There's crime in the streets, crumbling infrastructure, poor and homeless people that should now take priority. Turn inward, Mr. Trump, and fix America's cities and neighborhoods. And stop the war-drumming for the patriarchy-hating feminists and others who want to turn the world in to a real live version of Game Of Thrones. And get the troops out Afghanistan, the Mideast and wherever the US has a presence. Start building a "good neighbor" policy to replace the one that has a lot of nations fearing and angry at the USA.

     Now, Trump is facing what may be America's greatest weather and economic disaster in its history. The people of Texas who have lost their homes, lives and neighbourhoods , must be his priority now. It has already been estimated the cost to repair and rebuild the parts of Texas ravaged by Hurricane Harvey will outstrip that which happened after Katrina. Helping the afflicted Americans now and in the future will take real commitment, not just plane rides to Texas and photo ops. Rebuild the parts of Texas that Harvey destroyed--that will boost the economy far more than useless, bloody wars on god-believers.

     Let's get universal health care available to all Americans, and make it work for everyone, regardless of their income or status. Get law enforcement out there to crack down on gangs, drugs and lowlife robbers, muggers, and killers. Repairing an America that has been damaged more than just in its roads and bridges. The US is headed for another few hard years as the cleanup of Harvey (and any other storm that will hit America in the coming weeks) will be competing with Trump's bellicose attitudes towards North Korea (and any other nation that ticks him off). His own party isn't happy with him as midterm elections loom. Trump needs now more than ever to be more isolationist, bemore inward. Don't worry about trade -- there will always be someone out there ready to sell something America will want, and also out there, people ready to buy US goods.

     And as for Mrs. Trump, try thinking less about looking glamorous-- you're attractive enough already; maybe get the President to get a dog. People love presidential pets (the Bushs' Millie, the Clintons' cat Socks).

     The Jewsmedia are just licking their chops as they try to find ways to go after Donald Trump. They'll have a lot harder time if he can turn all of his attention to the home front -- the cleanup and restoration after Harvey, the ratcheting down of the war rhetoric and fulfilling his promise to make America great again.




Guest Editorial...


By Don Andrews, Leader
Nationalist Party of Canada   

     The massive destruction in Texas from Hurricane Harvey will need a lot of fixing and resources and will probably cost hundreds of billions of dollars -- certainly way too much for a world-policeman/ war nation for globalist merchants like the United States. All efforts will have to be directed toward building the blighted country, just like President Trump promised, with Mother Nature making sure he keeps those promises. All kinds of infrastructure and household furnishings and cars will have o be replaced, just like after Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, only this time on a much larger scale.

     There's going to be plenty of mercantile traffic in Texas to bring life back to normal after Hurricane Harvey, which has caused so much economic damage to America. Patriotic White Nationalists should make sure that Trump carries out his pledge to make the country great again by avoiding all foreign entanglements, and by bringing back the costly troop deployments in various wars across the planet that globalist anti-white Americans are eager to get into.

     Here's the chance to get out of a bad situation -- let's all see to it that Trump helps all the victims of Hurricane Harvey and make America great again.

     We're watching...and helping.


hurricane harvey 1.jpg
hurricane harvey 2.jpg
hurricane harvey 3.jpg
hurricane harvey 5.jpg



The Heat Is On!

     The fraud democracy is at it again.  First, they pressured our web provider into dumping us after 10 years. 

     Then, one printer refused to do a reorder on postcards that we had previously ordered from them.

     Now, the latest is that the printer who was doing White Voice had a policy change and won’t be able to do our printing anymore.  I had this happen once before when the FBI visited my printer and threatened them with an audit, their favorite tool against freedom of speech.

     The question that first comes up is:  What do we do now?  Let me say that first and foremost, we do NOT do anything, or say anything, that would give them cause to level some outrageous charges.  Stay Legal, Stay Active and Stay Strong!

     Secondly, we do not panic, and we do not give in.  The RNPA has always accepted the fact that we would suffer casualties.  That’s how we view this. 

     As for White Voice we will continue production, but the quality may suffer a little as we will be doing it on our own printer.  That will also take longer - but we anticipated all of this, which is one reason we went to bi-monthly in the first place. 

     It is extremely important that we send the proper message to our foes: that they can not stop us!  To accomplish that I am asking for your continued support, and I ask that you make it a point to get out someof our leaflets. 

      Also, please spread the word of this, so all will know exactly the kind of fraud democracy we are dealing with, and that they will demonstrate patience, should their WV arrive late. 

     This is like a military drill.  Hold your position and attack with the bullets of political revolution - leaflets. 

Two Pillars/ Race & Nation

Karl Hand, RNPA Party Chairman

      Postscript:  What are these lowlifes gonna try to do next - stop me from buying ice cream??  And naughty me,i was sooo craving vanilla.

      Of course, these are the actions of desperate individuals who sense that their New world order is dying.  Their paid and protected ANTI-fa punks couldn't intimidate us, so they have to resort to the oldest tactic in the book: government sponsored Oppression by Subterfuge. Government oppression by Subterfuge is still government oppression, it is just harder to prove.  But as we have said all along: the greater the oppression, the greater the resistance. 

     In the end, the government is waging a shadow war against whites, they hide in their shadows the way their anti-fa punks hide behind masks.  We expect more of this and we just have to suck it up.  It's trench warfare and yes, we have been here before. freedom!



P R E S S   R E L E A S E


To All Media Contacts: 

August 17, 2017   

    Last night, there was held a prayer vigil supposedly to stand against bigotry.  It is important that we respond to this accordingly.

     First off, those people in attendance have a Constitutional right to free speech, and the right to assembly.  That is a right accorded not by me or anyone else but by a document known as the Constitution, the highest law of the land. Furthermore, the courts have ruled that Freedom of Speech, also includes the right to hear. All in attendance, I take it, had that opportunity. 

     You will notice that no one, no one, tried to impede that right.  No one rioted, no one brought bats or tried to intimidate any of the attendees or speakers.  This speaks volumes.

     While denouncing violence, the speakers failed to distance themselves against their Anti-Fa allies, who do preach violence, and who were responsible for the horrendous actions down in Charlottesville. 

     The RNPA is a legal organization.  We have been around since 1998 without any major incidents.  Our main tools are educational to counter the anti-White indoctrination that is carried out in our educational system.  We seek to create a community within a community, a society within a society, a nation within a nation.

     We do not consider ourselves an enemy of the black man, but seek an ideological alliance with those who embrace self-determination through racial separation.  We seek not to offend, but to educate.

     As far as personal insults hurled by one of the speakers at my person last night, he too is entitled to that opinion.  Suffice it to say that I am too preoccupied with running our day to day operations and with launching our 18th annual White Christmas Drive for white kids and elderly, to get in a name-calling contest with him.       





(716) 438-0689

P.O. Box 1281

Lockport, NY 14095


P R E S S   R E L E A S E


To All Media Contacts:

August 16, 2017

      Please be advised that as of this date, the Racial Nationalist Party of America will be listing the group known as ANTI-FA as a domestic terrorist group. 

      ANTI-FA has openly conspired to deny Americans their Constitutional rights of freedom of speech.

      Furthermore, ANTI-FA openly advocates violence and has been in the forefront of riots,  from Berkley to Charlottesville.   

     Obviously, ANTI-FA has some unscrupulous and powerful friends as in every instance, the police have failed to enforce the many laws that ANTI-FA routinely breaks including anti-mask and anti-incitement to riot acts.  In Charlottesville, the police not only ‘stood down’ but actually abandoned their posts. 

     Whether it be from domestic terrorists like ANTI-FA, or from any other source, it should be known that the RNPA will not be physically intimidated by bullies, that we will not meekly surrender our Constitutional rights, that our forefathers fought for, died for, and yes, killed for.  Furthermore, we will defend ourselves, our persons, our property and our rights with vigor.  And if ANTI-FA calls down the thunder, rest assured, we will rain all over them. 

     Henceforth, any reference to ANTI-FA in our publications, shall identify ANTI-FA for what it is, a domestic terrorist organization.  We are hereby encouraging others to do the same.




(716) 438-0689

P.O. Box 1281

Lockport, NY 14095

Rain storm 3.jpg



by Don Andrews
Nationalist Party of Canada

      David Duke is right: White Nationalists have reached a turning in their fight against anti-racists attacks and we will fight back as the fifty-percent nonwhite town of Charolettesville, Virginia found out in spite of all the dirty efforts to undermine and sabotage the white patriots' rally this weekend. Their police were no better in pepper-spraying and and pushing white nationalists into the thug army of crazy white loathers. However, the biggest achievement of the Charlottesville's second violent rally has been to out the terms White Nationalist and White Nationalism into the minds of white Americans and whites worldwide that there is a desire for a white race state, which will not be denied by globalists and their nut case street thugs.

      White nationalists are also blamed, rightly and wrongly for the car-slamming into the, anti-racist crowd, sadly killing one woman. This will put the fear of death into these white self-loather nuts who have the audacity to attack Whites fighting for their racial survival. Sure they can march against racism without racists around, but at future White Nationalist gatherings,  they will have that fear when they try to stop whites' rights and freedom of speech. Their chill is on.  I particularly enjoyed the Jewsmedia race traitor show hosts marveling at the existence of natural white racists in the year 2017. They think that nature stopped with the multiculturalism and race-mixing globalists..nothing could be further from the truth as our enemies are finding out.

      Praises to all who participated in the Unite The Right rally, and curses in Charlottesville's race traitors and their nonwhite hypocrite pets for their vile vitriol and sabotage of a white patriots' meeting.

Read more at:


ABOVE: Thousands of Whites, protested the selling out of their race by slimy politicians in Charlottesville, Virginia on August 11th, 2017.  This torch light parade was widely condemned by White sellout politicians and communist front organizations such as the Anti-Defamation League,  and Anti-Fa.  Meanwhile, pro-White groups from around the globe, including the Racial Nationalist Party of America, sent their congratulations to these brave souls. 

What the White man giveth, the White man can taketh away.

What the White man giveth, the White man can taketh away.

Civil War 2:

We must destroy the destroyers or America, Western Civilization

and the White Race shall perish!  Get off your duffs and commit to this struggle.

We expect no quarter, we get no quarter, and when the time comes, we will give no quarter! 

Death to the New World Order.

Above billboard in Russian town reads: Let's make the world great again - together.

Above billboard in Russian town reads: Let's make the world great again - together.


     The fall of the Soviet Union may have been lamented by some Russians, especially with the loss of prestige, but many Russians welcome closer ties with the US. 

     The billboard above, pretty much sums up the positive reactions by the Russians to the election of Donald Trump over the crazy interventionist Hillary Clinton. 

     A Russo-American alliance would mean more stability around the world, less proxy wars, greater energy options,  and with 180 million potential Russian customers, a possible gold mine for entrepreneurs. 

      Of course there are those who will work against this kind of a relationship.  Some of this bad blood is personal, some of it financial, in other cases, like those in the intelligence community, it becomes a question of job security.  What will they do if there is no big bad Russian wolf, errr bear, to watch and work against? 

     The RNPA has been in the forefront when it comes to advocating closer ties with the Russians, even before Donald Trump announced his candidacy for the US Presidency.  We do this without ever having received a single Russian ruble, without even having seen one.  We do this because we feel that this is what we must do to end the cycle of war.  We are ready for it, and we believe both the American and Russian people are ready for it. Once again, the RNPA leads, all others follow. 



Above: Some people want to conveniently forget about the communist usurper who helped create and quietly back ISIS, at least until Trump started exposing that connection.

Above: Some people want to conveniently forget about the communist usurper who helped create and quietly back ISIS, at least until Trump started exposing that connection.


Dateline: July 13, 2017

This is election 2.0.  They are trying to manipulate Trump to change his agenda by pressuring him from within and without.  We have to just accept the fact that we are in a civil war and start attacking.  Attack the Clintons, attack the Democratic Party, and attack the media and the Deep State operatives who want to return to a war economy; and lastly attack the traitors like John 'Insane' McCain, Lindsey 'Amnesty' Graham, and Marco 'Bubble Boy' Rubio.  These 3 want Mike Pence to be President, so that they can undo Trump's America First agenda.  They desperately want to return to the days of the Cold War where they can manipulate the American people with their 'Good Cop, Bad Cop' routine.  Man up people, start putting out leaflets, take over social media, and damn the torpedoes.  The RNPA has some outstanding leaflets directed against the Clintons, the Democratic Party, the media scum, and the rest of these nefarious characters.  Send a SASE and let us know what 4 leaflets you are interested in.  Check out our complete list on our Propaganda Central page.


by Bear Right

     On June 7th, 2017, Donald J. Trump, the 44th President of the United States (we don’t include the commie usurper Barack Obama), destroyed the world.   At least that is the perception of the globalist media in their reaction to Trump pulling the US out of the Paris Climate Accord. 

     According to the globalist media the Paris agreement safeguarded the planet from carbon emissions which they link, many times through failed models, with climate change.  They used to call it ‘global warming’, but when that failed to materialize as their patron saint Al Gore prophesized they adopted the latter name. 

     Of course, climate change is ever occurring and the Permian extinction, before the dawn of man, is worth keeping in mind when one formulates any hypothesis.  During the Permian extinction, sometimes called ‘the Great Dying’, up to 96% of all marine species died, 70% of all terrestrial vertebrate species became extinct.  Furthermore, this period saw the only mass extinction of insects.  Some 57% of all families and 83% of all genera becoming extinct.  Most scientists conclude that this extinction was the result of climate change, but some argue a catastrophic cause, i.e. celestial collision.  Either way, this was roughly 252 million years ago before man and his growing dependence on fossil fuels. 

     In 1895 Gustave Le Bon wrote “The Crowd” which was a trailblazing work into mass psychology.  This is what he wrote:  “The masses have never thirsted after the truth.  Whoever can supply them with illusions is easily their master, whoever attempts to destroy their illusions is always their victim.”  This is thus, the very essence of political correctness, the demagoguery of the Left that threatens to punish anyone who dares to question their views, and includes anyone who dares to question that man is responsible for the climate change that we may be witnessing.

     As such, it was rather predictable that when Trump announced that he was pulling the US out ofthe Paris accord, that the demagogues of the Left, including the globalist media, would pounce.  If nothing else you have to give Trump credit for having the gonads for standing up to these bullies, and that’s all they really are. 

     Now, we always have to make a disclaimer in regard to Trump, lest some deranged mischief maker of the Left try to demonstrate linkage between our movement and Trump, so let us repeat this again:  we did not endorse Trump, we do not see him as the ‘end game’, and there are times when we have disagreed with him, such as his bombing of Syria. Basically, when we feel Trump is wrong, we will oppose him; and when we feel Trump is right, we will applaud him

     In this particular instance, we happen to agree with Trump, for reasons we will enunciate.

     Let me begin by stating empathically that just because this upsets the Left is no reason to applaud this action.  The stakes are too high for that kind of reactionary thinking.  Secondly, just because this is another part of the Obama ‘legacy’ that is beingtrashed is no reason for us to rejoice either.  Don’t give that piece of dung that much credit. 

     The sole reason why we applaud this action by Trump is because we in the RNPA feel that this was the right thing to do.  First off, this accord was ‘non-binding’, which meant that the most populous nations, China and India, who also happen to be the least trustworthy signatories of this accord, would never abide by any such agreement.  Being ‘non-binding’  means there is no way to enforce the goals of the said document.  It short, it was a worthless piece of shit. 

     However, because the United States was really the target of this accord, it would be held responsible, in the court of public opinion, manipulated by the globalist media, to comply.  The deck was stacked against the US. 

     We in the RNPA see this as just another lopsided trade agreement, designed to eradicate the coal industry in the United States while allowing it to grow and prosper in China and India.  Did not the Democratic candidate forUS President, Hillary Clinton, promise to do just that in the 2016 race?  Well, that is what she campaigned on, and she lost, by 30 states in the largest upset in decades, if not ever. 

     We are against the so-called Paris climate accord, for the same reason we are against ‘free trade’, and NAFTA and the TPP.  It is a globalist dream that would create an economic nightmare for millions of Americans.  The fact that the Left railroaded this agreement through, without considering the consequences to the American worker, is very telling indeed.  It demonstrates that despite all of their posturing, they really don’t have the best interest of the working man and woman in mind.  They are a callous, egotistical lot. 

     The Guardian newspaper, based in England, but with an American subsidiary, offered Trump’s complete speech announcing the termination of this accord.  We make note of that because we have not seen any American based media groups do the same.  Instead, we had widespread condemnation and panic mongering.  We would like to reproduce some of the quotes from Trump so that you can make an accurate assessment of Trump’s motives and reasoning. 

·      “Thus, as of today, the United States will cease all implementation of the non-binding Paris accord and the draconian financial and economic burdens the agreement imposes on our country.  This includes ending the implementation of the nationally determined contribution and, very importantly, the Green Climate Fund which is costing the United States a vast fortune.”  

· “Compliance with the terms of the Paris accord and the onerous energy restrictions it has placed on the United States could cost America as much as 2.7 million lost jobs by 2025 according to the National Economic Research Associates.  This includes 440,000 fewer manufacturing jobs - not what we need - believe me, this is not what we need - including automobile jobs and the further decimation of vital American industries which countless communities rely.  They rely for so much, and we would be giving them so little.”

·  “According to this same study, by 2040, compliance with the commitments put into place by the previous administration would cut production for the following sectors: paper down by 12%; cement down 23%; iron and steel down 38%;  coal - and I happen to love the coal miners - down 86%; naturalgas down 31%.  The cost to the economy at this time would be close to $3 trillion in lost GDP and 6.5 million industrial jobs, while households would have $7,000 less income, and in many cases, much worse than that”. 

     Now, Trump has left open the possibility of renegotiating this accord, and/or replacing it with a new one that wouldn’t pose such a threat to the American economy.  I have zero hope for that simply because I do not believe these climate misanthropes to be sincere.  Consider this, IF they were really sincere, there is $43 billion that is given away each year in foreign aid.  IF they were sincere, why haven’t they suggested that this be diverted to Green energy?  Hmmmm?   

Chicken little 3.jpg

2017 White Christmas Drive

And so it begins, the 18th annual White Christmas Drive.  We are already receiving applications for assistance and this serves to remind us that one of our most important and popular programs, the White Christmas Drive, is upon us.  I know, I know, it’s still summer, but it takes much time and effort to get matters in order before the Holidays. 

      The first leg of the WCD is actually Thanksgiving.  That is what we call ‘Hams and Yams’ and is intended for needy White elderly.  As the name implies, we try to get our needy elders some foodstuffs for a nice holiday meal.  And, we like to include, when possible,  a little something extra, e.g. a shawl for the ladies or a multi-tool for the gents. 

     And then comes Christmas.  This is for White kids.  Our goal each year is to make this their ‘best Christmas ever’.  We try to include something educational when possible but mostly, we want to give something fun, and hopefully, durable. 

     This is a real fun time for us, and me in particular, as I like to imagine some White kid who wasn’t expecting much, and then finding a few more things underneath the tree, waiting to be opened and enjoyed.  When I go out shopping for toys, I morph into Santa Karl.  The fatiguing part is always the packing and shipping.  That is when I could use an elf or two. :P

      Speaking of elves, for over a decade we have been joined in this by Tina Higgins of Aryan Syndicate, out of Syracuse, who sends us awesome game consoles and games, which we then pass along.  Another group of hardy elves is Blood and Iron out of Oklahoma.  B&I has also been with us for as long as A.S., and both have helped make this a successful event every year. 

     We have already ordered boxes in bulk for packing.  I am telling you this so you know the amount of work;, expense and planning that goes into this effort.   That becomes necessary because every year I have to ‘hint’ that your support is needed to make this a success.  I don’t like doing that, but I have become quite good at ‘hinting’ over the years, and there were only one or two years where we couldn’t meet every request.  Hint.

     I have to give honorable mention to those who give to this effort.  This includes elderly kinfolk who have little for themselves but who still find something to give.  Also, there aremany inmates who contribute as well, usually in the form of stamps which helps out immensely.

     If you want to donate some gifts, dolls for the girls, andSuper Hero action toys for the boys,  are popular items. Coloring books for the younger kids are very popular.   Also, art supplies for the slightly older ones are real good.  I gave a couple of these one year to some of my co-workers who havekids , and they were astonished at just how popular the art kits were with their own kids.  They free the imagination. 

Send gifts to:

White Christmas Drive

c/o RNPA Headquarters

P.O. Box 1281

Lockport, NY 14095

     Cash donations must be made payable to: Karl Hand, Bookseller. 


     After three years in the making, we have finally finished the RNPA Handbook.  Whew! 

     This was quite the undertaking as I wanted it to be something that was educational as well as practical.  Additionally, I wanted to raise the bar, not just for the RNPA but for the whole movement.  Equally important, this defines our Party, sets it apart, making it a historical movement.

     This is not a permanent document, but is in keeping with our thinking of a movement in constant evolution. 

     Chapters include: 

  •     Racial Nationalism vs. Globalization.

  •     Fundamentals of the RNPA Program

  •     The Scope of Our Work

  •     Basic Organization of the RNPA

  •     Principles of Democratic Authoritarianism

  •     Importance of Party Self-Criticism

  •     Programs and Features

·  And much more!

     This is by no means a secret document and is available to the general public.  In fact, we have been sending this out to the media, businesses, banks and organizations,  all around the world!  We are doing this at ZERO expense.  We simply locate an e-mail address and send it out as an attachment, hence no cost to us.  We view every one we send this out to, not necessarily as a possible recruit, but as a conduit of thought.  

     You can order a hard copy (with clear plastic cover and plastic binder) by sending a $14.00 donation (each) to:

Karl Hand, Bookseller

P.O. Box 1281

Lockport, NY 14095

     A special note of gratitude goes out to Tina Higgins of Aryan Syndicate.  Tina was kind enough to act as our final proofreader.  She did this on her own time, and did it punctually.  Also, she offered some suggestions, some of which we used, especially in regard to gender inclusivity.  This balanced out nicely

     A word on collaboration: we are never too proud to take suggestions, but sometimes we can’t use them all.  That doesn’t mean you should stop making suggestions.  Your thoughts matter to us! 



September 28, 2017

      The recent war between the Negro Football League (NFL)  and White America is turning out quite well for the racial nationalist movement, and to think we owe it all to Barack Obama.  This all goes back to Obama suggesting that he would rather see the US drop the present anthem and replace it with some pansy bullshit entitled, 'I'd like to teach the world to sing."  No doubt his second choice would have been, 'Tip toe through the tulips." 

     Some people have asserted that these protests by athletes is a First Amendment right, fine.  So IF a White athlete had the gonads to come out as an open White Nationalist, these same people would support his First Amendment rights??  We all know the answer to that because this has nothing to do with the First Amendment, but has everything to do with promoting their anti-White and anti-American agenda.

     The protests backfired with patriotic Americans burning their NFL paraphernalia and boycotting those increasingly boring games.  Just think, we didn't have to do a thing and this monstrosity of mongrelization , the NFL, simply self-destructed.  We didn't spend a dime, and these overpaid, black racists destroyed the biggest money making, propaganda tool ever.  Furthermore, it exposed racial appeasement to be the fraud it is.  We can never appease these people, for they make impossible demands.  And that is becoming more and more apparent to White Americans.  And just think, we owe it all to Barack Hussein Obama - Thanks Obama!

     One final point needs to be made: none of these multi-racialists have any moral imperative.  That includes all those in the media, the clergy, the police,  and the insidious government and its multitude of agencies.  They forfeited any such claim when they resolved not to address black-on-white crime.  So let us be clear on this, we intend to unite all of the victims of black-on-white crime, and then we intend to storm the Bastille.  We hereby embrace the politics of revenge.   Justice will be ours!  We do not forget, and we do not forgive!  Those who oppose us ignore the pleas of their own folk.   Instead, they would rather coddle the very perpetrators of some of the most heinous crimes committed against their own people.  What a treacherous and despicable lot they are.  May they all rot in hell.   Death to the Great Mongrelizer!

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