America is slowly being transformed into a Third World, communist nation as Americans are being kept in the dark about the true nature of those that our Jewish controlled, ‘liberal’ media lauds as heroes.  Nowhere is this demonstrated more profoundly than in the case of Martin Luther King.

     Martin Luther King received his early training in civil disobedience at the Highlander Folk School in Mounteagle, Tennessee.  The Highlander Folk School was run by the Communist Party.  King’s photograph attending one of those sessions in 1957 is reproduced on this page.

     The notorious Bayard Rustin was named by King as his “personal consultant” in a UPI news report on October 10, 1965.  On Feb. 20, 1966, the following police report on Rustin was released to the public.  It stated, in part: “Bayard Rustin has been convicted of sodomy, also for violations of the Selective Service Act, and was an admitted member of the Young Communist League.”

     Martin Luther King was a proven plagiarist, which is how he earned his “Doctorate”, by stealing other people’s work and presenting it as his own.  He was also a deceiver extraordinaire.  Even though he preached nonviolence, wherever he went, violence soon followed.

      In Cleveland, Ohio on July 26, 1967, this is what King had to say:  “I can’t recommend burning down Cleveland.  We end up getting killed more than anyone else and our businesses get burned.”  Shortly thereafter, Cleveland did in fact burn, so either the blacks did not pay attention to King, or they read between the lines of his doublespeak.

      Wherever King went social discord and violence soon followed.  He may have not preached violence, but he certainly and knowingly fanned the flames of hatred.  In Chicago, while preparing to march in a White suburb, this is what King had to say: “This is worse than Birmingham.  We came here to bring out the hatred in people for the world to see”.

     And so he did, time and time again, and in  doing  so he  advanced  the cause of communism in America, a cause now disguised as Liberalism.  Using code words, he successfully terrorized an entire nation into accepting his communist agenda, an agenda that is promoted even today in the media.  v


     Above: is a well-circulated photo that places Martin Luther King at a subversive training school, the Highlander Folk School.  Four well known leftists are shown and identified by number.

     No. 1.  Martin Luther King Jr.

     No. 2.  Abner W. Berry, a long-time Communist Party functionary: as early as 1938 he gave the report of the Negro Commission of the Communist Party at the 10th National Convention of the Communist Party.  His column in the Daily Worker of September 10th, 1957, page 5, described the seminar which both he and King attended.

     No. 3.  Aubrey Williams, board member of the Southern Conference for Human Welfare (SCHW), a cited communist front and president of Southern Conference Educational Fund, Inc. (SCEF) which replaced SCHW.  Senate report found that the SCEF had substantially the same leadership and purpose of predecessor organization.  Also affiliated with Highlander Folk School.  Identified as a Communist Party member by one witness before the Senate Internal Security Subcommittee; another witness identified him as one who accepted the discipline of the Communist Party.  He denied both charges but admitted that he had been connected with a number of communist front organizations.

     No. 4.  Myles Horton, takes credit for starting Highlander Folk School.   Like Williams, was a board member of SCHW and became director of SCEF.  According to testimony, Horton once remarked: "I am doing you just as much good now as I would if I were a member of the Communist Party."