I do not know if John ‘backstabbing’ McCain is the most detestable person in Congress, but I think that I can safely say that he ranks right up there.

     To understand John McCain, one must appreciate that this is a very jaded and odious individual.  But more, he is a craven and callous political opportunist in the truest sense of the word. 

     If one looks at the events over the last part of John McCain’s reign in the US Senate, one recognizes a pattern.  Basically, if there is a war in the making, John McCain isthere beating the war drum.  In fact, it has been observed by some political observers that McCain never met a war he didn’t like.

     As we have described in a past issue of White Voice (No. 35), in regard to Syria, McCain was right there, doing everything to egg these terrorists on, and doing his best to involve America in that bloody conflict. 

      So eager was McCain to secure America’s support for these al Qaeda affiliated terrorists, that he brazenly lied to the   American people   about them, claiming that they did not have the means or expertise to set off the chemical weapons that resulted in numerous dead outside of Damascus.  McCain, if you recall, at a Town Hall meeting in Phoenix Arizona on Sept 06, 2013, insisted that this tragedy was undertaken by the Assad regime, which was targeted for regime change by the Israelis, their American lobbyists, and by their puppets (like McCain and Hillary Clinton).  McCain then asserted, that the Assad regime thus needed to be removed by our helping of these known terrorists.  Of course, it has since been proven that the terrorists did in fact have the means and knowledge to set off those chemical weapons, and had in fact done so previously.  McCain knew this and tried to cover-up the truth about his terrorist friends. In a May 5th, 2013 interview with the Italian-Swiss broadcaster RSI, the highly regarded Carla del Ponte, former prosecutor of two United Nations international criminal tribunals, and now a member of the Independent Commission of Inquiry on the Syrian Arab Republic, had this to say:  The rebels used chemical weapons, sarin gas.  There is no evidence of government forces having used chemical weapons.” 

          And lest we forget, McCain has been a chief proponent of arming these very same terrorists .    

     Of course, cover-ups are nothing new to John McCain.  In fact, it is a family tradition.  His father covered-up Israel’s attack on the USS Liberty back in 1967 which saw 34 American servicemen killed and 171 wounded. Then there is that little matter of the USS Forrestal, which saw John McCain ‘wet-starting’ his fighter jet, causing a subsequent explosion that killed 134 US servicemen, injuring another 161.  Then there is the matter of those 32 propaganda films that McCain made for the Viet Cong while a POW.  It was there that he earned the title of ‘songbird’.  He was in fact so loquacious, the Soviets, who were allied with the Viet Cong, purportedly flew him to Moscow for debriefing.  A real ‘hero’ this guy McCain.

     McCain is a chief proponent of amnesty for the brown invaders from America’s south, thus betraying the white founders and builders of this great nation.  He has quietly worked to involve America in numerous nefarious and reckless military adventures, and he is a threat to the security of this nation.   

                          … Bear Right

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