Let’s be completely honest, we have some delusional people in this movement.  They see themselves as the new Racial Messiah.  They envision thousands of people cheering them deliriously.  And this is what they crave.

     This is one aspect that differentiates the RNPA.  We see ourselves  much like cannon fodder.  As such we recognize that we are all expendable.  What’s more, we understand that mortality creeps up on all of us.  Therefore, if we are to create a truly historical movement it must not be based on a  single person as in a personality cult, but on organization, not with a single leader, but with a core of  dedicated men and women who work for a singular vision.

     One of the most insightful quotes that ever emerged from that Jew cesspool known as Hollywood, came from a Clint Eastwood, movie Magnum Force.  In that particular movie came, “A man has to know his limitations”.  In the RNPA we embrace that concept.

     It took 800 years for the Spaniards to drive the Moors out of their country.  How many of us know the names of all those who participated in that struggle?  Their names may be forgotten but not their imprint. 

     What we seek to build is a team.   In order to accomplish that we embrace collaboration and party self-criticism.  This often involves navigating around egos and self-pride.  It is often not an easy process, but a necessary one.  There has to be a lot of give and take.  Personal egos have to be suppressed for the common good.

     The RNPA is starting to attract some really good people who offer us new opportunities.  We have to be wise enough not to repeat the mistakes of the past.  To benefit from them, we must kill the personality cult mentality.  v