The Truth About the FBI’s War on Freedom ?

By Karl Hand, RNPA Party Chairman


     It is important to understand the nature of our enemy and their tactics so that Racial Nationalists have a better chance of defeating them. 

     What can be described as the Praetorian guard of this rotten system that corrupts all races in its bid to secure total control is the Federal Bureau of Investigation or FBI.  As you will see after reading this the name would be more appropriate if it read as the Federal Bureau of Intimidation.

     My earliest experiences with the FBI go back to my early beginnings as a political activist.   I was 19 or 20 something at the time and when I refused to talk to them the FBI went to my place of employment, a bakery owned by my aunt and uncle, and threw a tantrum.  When my uncle ordered them to leave they threatened an audit, a threat they followed through on.  Now, my aunt and uncle were of Polish descent and had gone through the depression, so they weren’t going to be intimidated.  I remember after they returned from the audit my aunt telling me of the proceeding.  She simply said something to the effect that even though she didn’t agree with my views, I certainly had a right to them.  Then she kind of laughed because she thought it rather humorous that the great and mighty US government would make such a fuss over the political activism of someone my age.

     Of course I had no idea that behind the politicization of the FBI was a semi-secret, yet powerful Jewish communist front group known as the Anti-Defamation League or ADL.  This goes at least as far back as 1968.  That was when the FBI ambushed and killed, a pregnant school teacher, Kathy Ainsworth,  who was suspected of being in the KKK, in a sting operation paid for by the ADL’s A.I. Botnick.  This murder-for-hire would probably have secured the condemnation of every decent American, but because she was smeared with the KKK connection, it was relegated to less than important news story. 

     Regardless of Kathy Ainsworth’s affiliation, this should send up an alarm to anyone who is the least bit, genuinely, concerned aboutthe politicization of America’s police agencies including the FBI and the lesser known, Law Enforcement Intelligence Unit (LEIU), a secret, and thus illegal, network of local police agencies across North America.   

      My next experience with the FBI occurred when I ran a White Power Bookstore in Buffalo, on Bailey and E. Ferry.  As part of its COINTELPRO operation, the FBI targeted my store and stole my mailing list.  At the time, whenever the FBI would do one of these ‘black bag’ operations, it would leave a writing instrument next to the heat register thus alerting the local police that it was a federal operation. 

     Shortly thereafter, I went to my printer who was located not far from my bookstore and was somewhat surprised to be handed all of my masters and told that he was not going to be doing anymore of mywork because he had been visited by the FBI.  He confirmed my suspicion that they threatened to have him audited if he continued. 

      Around this time, Senator Frank Church, a liberal, was heading up an investigation into COINTELPRO.  I wrote the good man and explained to him all of these transgressions.  The next time I saw this FBI agent was in an elevator at the Courthouse.  I had just won a gun case against the ATF and he said ‘Hi Karl’.  I didn’t recognize him at first because he had shaved his mustache.  When I put it all together I asked him what happened to his mustache.  He angrily replied that he had to shave it off because he had to get retrained because of ‘that letter I sent to Senator Church’.

     When George W. Bush , whose father (also a former President) was ex-CIA and a member of Rockefeller’s Trilateral Commission, was in the White House, his Attorney General, John Ashcroft, a former draft dodger, re-instituted COINTELPRO. 

     If you are an individual or organization that has recently suffered setbacks such as your web site provider no longer providing, or if your printer has suddenly refused to do your work, you could be a victim of this re-instituted COINTELPRO program. 

     As with the previous COINTELPRO operation, this latest one probably won’t gain attention until AFTER it turns its attention to Leftist groups, as they will.  These people are control freaks and ANYONE who they can not control, they will target.  It’s only a matter of time.  v