The Racial Nationalist Party of America (RNPA), with its national headquarters in Lockport, New York, is calling upon the governor and state legislature to partition New York state into two parts, one part being that of New York City, the other part comprising the rest of the state.

     New York City is a cultural abomination, the heart and soul of the spiritual syphilis that is affecting our nation.  Furthermore, it is the chief reason that New York  is one of the highest taxed states in the union.  The liberal politicians that are elected from NYC hold the rest of the state hostage with their wasteful spending .  They have turned the election process into a sham public auction, where voters are slotted into blocs and then bribed with public funds that are paid for by the New York taxpayer.

      If the truth be known,  New York City is an outpost of the now defunct Khazar Empire which once existed in southeastern Europe.  The Khazars were, and are, a materialistic lot, with their spiritual roots in phallic worship.  Not much has changed since the Russian prince Sviatoslav destroyed their empire (because of the Khazar’s propensity for white slavery), except now they have wheedled their way across Europe and into America, and have become the undisputed masters of New York City. 

     The RNPA is also calling upon church leaders to spiritually abandon New York City.  The inhabitants look down their  Khazar noses at everything the religious stand for.  They think spirituality is parochial, puritanical and an anachronism.  They think morality is deviant behavior and deviant behavior the norm.