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CPA-0001British Edda:  by L.A. Waddell.  Shows the interrelationships of the many mythological, legendary and heroic figures from the beginning of time that were recorded by the Aryan people in their sagas.  From Adam to Thor and King Arthur, Waddell takes you on an incredible historical journey. In hardcover. 333 pages.....$26.00

CPA-0002French Revolution in San Domingo:  by Lothrop Stoddard.  The story of Haiti, the revolution of 1789 and what happens to a nation when blacks take over.   410 pages.....$13.00

CPA-0003Our Celtic Heritage:  by Brig-Gen Sir Standish G. Crauford,.  This little 16 page booklet packs quite the wallop, giving you an overview of the migrations that went on during ancient times. For a mere pittance you can travel from the Holy Land to England, taking passage on the USS Discovery, metaphorically speaking.  16 pages.....$4.00

RNPA-1010 Behind Communism:  by Frank Britton.  A revealing and well documented look at the Jewish origins of communism.  If you don’t believe that Jews are behind communism then this book may very well change your mind.  64pages.....$6.50

CPA-0005Thirteenth Tribe:  by Arthur Koestler.  Koestler was a noted Jewish authorand in this work he argues that most Jews are not of Palestine, but are descended from an Asiatic tribe called Khazars that converted to Judaism in the 8th century. Later, they were defeated by a Russian prince and their population dispersed across Europe.  256 pages.....$15.50

CPA-0006White Man Think Again!: by Anthony Jacob.  This was written in 1965 by a South African but don’t think that this makes this irrelevant.  Jacob was a free lance journalist that served in the Royal Artillery during World War II.  He traveled extensively throughout Africa and this is reflected in his knowledge of that continent and its people.    348 pages..... $16.50

CPA-0007Iron Curtain Over America:  by John Beaty.  This book discusses the internal decay which threatens the life of our country but it also diagnoses the growing cancer of which they are merely the symptoms.  Beaty was a USArmy intelligence officer and a university professor.  . 267 pages.....$15.00

CPA-0008You Gentiles:  by Maurice Samuel.  The Jews love to dismiss us as ‘anti-Semites’ or ‘haters”, but the truth is that many of the books we handle are by Jewish authors, and this one is a prime example.  Samuel looks at the differences in the way the Jew and non-Jew perceives the world.   221 pages.....$15.95

RNPA-102 The Bible Fantastic: by Karl Hand. A fantastic journey into the past .  This will take you to places you have never been before.  The Bible Fantastic offers a new cosmogony, or to put it more accurately, an older cosmogony reintroduced, covering Atlantis, the legend of Thor as an Aryan ancestor, and more..  30 pages.....$4.00

CPA-1021Judaism in Music:  by Richard Wagner.  One of the greatest composers of all time examines the Jewish ‘contributions’ to music.  This will not be music to the ears of the phony Chosen People.  44 pages.....$4.50

CPA-0017Cult of the All-Seeing Eye: by Robert Keith Spenser.  Well documented and illustrated look at the cult of the all-seeing eye whose symbol is on our currency and on the Great Seal of the United States government.  51 pages .....$5.00

CPA-0012Verboten:  by Thomas E. O’Brien.  This is the basic Christian Identity message.  Subtitled: “Proof: God’s Chosen Are White Adamic Christians”.  This is the hardest hitting book on this subject.  Although the RNPA does not endorse any particular brand of religion, most of our members could find agreement with Tom’s chapter on the Seventh commandment, which he insists forbids race mixing. One of our most popular books. 82 pages.....$5.00

CPA-0009Six Million Swindle:   by Dr. Austin App, Ph.D. App was a college professor of English.  In this essay he discusses the postwar implications of the holocaust fraud.  Subtitled: Blackmailing the German people for Hard Marks with Fabricated Corpses”.  43 pages....$5.00

CPA-1022 Land of ZOG:  by Gary Smith. This is really a dynamite book on the Jewish Question.  Quite frankly I can’t understand why this is not handled by more people in the movement.  Dedicated to White heroes Robert Mathews, Gordon Kahl and Kathy Ainsworth, along with “all other victims of ZOG”.  175 pages …..$13.50

CPA-1023 The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.  by unknown author.  The Protocols are one of the most controversial works in history.  Even Professor Nilus, a priest in the Orthodox Church in Russia, and purported founder of these documents, admitted that it was impossible to prove its authenticity; but, as Henry Ford said in an interview with the New York World, Feb. 17th, 1921, “The only statement I care to make about the Protocols is that they fit with what is going on”. That said, Ford had 500,000 copies made up and distributed them at his own expense. 72 pages.....$9.95

CPA-1040 Far and Wide: by Douglas Reed. Douglas Reed was an eloquent writer.  His keen insight about the world government is unmatched.  First printed in 1951, Reed demonstrates unusual flair and uncanny prophetic insight, taking us on a journey of the historical and political side of America.  So controversial was this book on communism and Zionism that it sent the author into indefinite retirement and forced his publisher out of business.  398 pages.....$14.00

FSP-0001Jewish Supremacism:   by David Duke.  The best single volume on the Jewish Question.  An invaluable reference tool.  If you read only one book on the Jewish Question, then this should be it.  In hardcover.  357 pages .....$26.00

IHR-0001Jewish History, Jewish Religion:  by Israel Shahak.  You don’t know anything about the Middle East or Israel until you read this dynamite book.  Written by a Jewish professor who was interned by the Nazis for four years in Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. He was Professor Emeritus at Hebrew University in Israel,. 80 pages……$9.00

CPA-0013Jews Must Live:  by Samuel Roth.  Another one of those books that was written by a Jew.  Subtitled:  “An Account of the Persecution of the World by Israel on All the Frontiers of Civilization.”  An expose of Jewish business practices.  163 pages......$9.80

CPA-0014The Talmud Unmasked:  by Rev. I. B. Pranaitis.  The Talmud is the Satanic Verses of the Jews.  In it lies some of the most hateful literature imaginable.  111 pages…..$7.50

CPA-0016The International Jew:  by Henry Ford.  The founder of the Ford Motor Company exposes the Jews as “The World’s Foremost Problem”.  This originally appeared in the periodical published by the Ford Motor Co. called “The Dearborn Independent”.  This is the abridged single volume edition:  231 pages …$12.00

CPA-0018The Socialist Network:  by Nesta Webster.  Detailed dissection of the international network of Marxist, Anarchist, Socialist and Communist parties, organizations and front groups in the years immediately following the First World War.  Mrs. Webster was a highly regarded writer, and even Winston Churchill cited her writings which included many titles. 163 pages …..$13.00

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