Bill Clinton: Liberal Icon

     Accused serial rapist:  Four different women, including a former Clinton campaign worker, accused Clinton of rape and/or sexual impropriety.  Because of his money, power and office he was not arrested or even interrogated by the police.

     Pardoner of Black rapist:  Apparently Clinton is sympathetic to rapists, especially black ones, as he granted a pardon to Army Sgt. Major Gene McKinney, who was accused of raping 5 White, female soldiers under his command.  McKinney was a drill sergeant and therefore exercised control over these women.  Welcome to the US Armed Forces ladies!

     Proven Perjurer:  When investigated concerning his sexual involvement with a young, Jewish intern, Clinton made the now famous claim “ I did not have sex with that woman.”   As it turned out, the intern had evidence to the contrary and Clinton was exposed as the liar, perjurer, sexual predator, cheat and scoundrel that he truly was, and is. 

     Hypocrite:  Clinton and his wife are both advocates of discrimination against whites which Liberals euphemistically dub “affirmative action”.  Of course when both Clintons were in college, neither stepped aside to allow some minority student to take their places.  Indeed, do you know of any liberal who has ever done so?

     Traitor:  Clinton allowed the sale of US missile technology to communist China.  The technology was made available through Loral Space & Communications and included irradiated computer chips.  Chairman of the Board, and CEO of Loral at the time was Bernard “Bernie” Schwartz, a Jew and big time supporter of the Democratic Party.  Note: “irradiated computer chips” allow China’s missiles to survive a first strike. This gives China a tactical advantage that they did not possess previously.