If so, we want to hear your  story!


     America’s Jew controlled, anti-White media will blow way out of proportion some incident , any incident, involving Whites targeting Blacks, while purposely  ‘spiking’  (killing) stories on the Black-on-White crime epidemic.  It could be simply some name calling by White kids and you would think that they committed murder.  But the rape and murder of Whites by Blacks in our schools, our prisons and our streets are stories that rarely make print.

      To counter this discrepancy, we are soliciting personal testimonies of Whites who have been victimized by Blacks.  These stories will be published in our publication, ‘White Voice.’   It is time that our side , your side, of the story is told. 

     Send your story to the address below.

White Voice

c/o Racial Nationalist Party of America

P.O. Box 1281

Lockport, NY 14095

PS: All submissions must be signed and dated BUT we will only use your initials unless otherwise stated by YOU.

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 USA Crime Statistics - 2015