Unknown to most of the world, the beautiful tourist attraction known as Yellowstone Park is in reality a giant volcano.  Called a ‘caldera’, the Yellowstone volcano poses a serious threat to the United States.  And more, it is a serious and possibly impending threat.

     The threat is made greater by the volcanic ash that an explosion at Yellowstone would create.  If gotten into your lungs, it would suffocate you by creating a cement-like base.  If gotten into your eyes, it would blind you.  Consequently, the ‘Initial Kill Zone’ demonstrated on the map below, is not the only danger zone. 

     Scientists agree it is not a question of ‘if’, but ‘when’, Yellowstone shall erupt.   Yellowstone has erupted 3 times in the last 2 million years.  Roughly, that’s once in every 600,000 years.  We haven’t had an eruption there in 640,000 years.  In short, we are overdue. 

     We do not believe that the government is ignorant of this danger.  In fact, we believe the Department of Homeland Security was started in preparation of this event.  They would have you believe that this was created to monitor and prevent terrorism, and in response to 9-11, but with an annual budget of $40 billion, that seems a stretch.  Furthermore, there are reports of the government buying over $140 million in MREs (military jargon for Meals Ready to Eat).  This was followed by DHS agents out of Batavia, New York, inquiring of local farmers IF they knew how to grow potatoes - a food that could prove a staple in an emergency situation.

     A movie produced by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) back in 2004, provided a rather convincing dramatization of a Yellowstone event.  Called the ‘Supervolcano’ you might want to check it out.  It is available on YOUTUBE. 

     One thing for certain, IF you are thinking of planning a family, you might want to give location some serious consideration.  And, you might not want to put too much trust in government assurances,  as they are reluctant to reveal too much too soon, as it could cause a panic, and that could tip the economic scales.  And, if it comes down to your safety and the safety of your family, over their gravy train, which do you think they will choose?   They won’t alert you till the last possible minute and then it could be too late.   And what are you going to do if they are wrong - sue them?

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FLASH!!!  On July 7th, 2017, it was reported that Montana was hit with a 5.8 earthquake.  This was preceded a few weeks ago with a swarm of 30 to 230 (depending on who you are listening to) earthquakes in Yellowstone.  Sooner or later this is gonna blow.  The chance of survival in the initial kill zone is like 0.  Elsewhere, the areas where volcanic ash will descend is better but still not good.  You will need masks, goggles, water and foodstuffs.  Don't forget that there will be much wreckage from collapsing buildings.  Livestock and grain will be destroyed.  Communications will be seriously interrupted if not totally trashed.  Basically, you will be on your own.

Are you prepared?

     It is our duty to alert our race to dangers.  This includes miscegenation, communism disguised as globalism, drug abuse, and even the possibility of natural disasters.