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     There appeared an article in The Christian Science Monitor (April 4th, 2014) by Chris Stein, entitled: “Back to Africa?  For some African-Americans, the answer is yes.”

     The Racial Nationalist Party of America (RNPA) is a principal proponent of black repatriation.  Because it is a pro-white organization it is often times labeled a ‘hate’ group by the liberal media.  But really, does simply being pro-white mean that one is a ‘hate’ group?  And does being pro-white and advocating black repatriation necessarily make one anti-black?  These are questions that thinking Americans must ponder carefully. 

     Let us consider the case of Jimmy Thorne.  He is a  black that is quoted in Chris Stein’s aforementioned article.  Thorne claims relocating to Ghana  8 years ago was one of the best moves he’s ever made.

     Life has been good to Jimmy Thorne since he relocated to Africa.  Ghana is his home now.  He found a wife, reconnected to God and manages to play golf daily.  According to Thorne: “Once you accept it as your home, why wouldn’t you stay in your home?  This is where we came from originally, so maybe that’s why we’re here.  Maybe it’s divine providence.”

     Imahkus Okofu moved to Ghana from New York City 24 years ago.  He runs a health spa in his African homeland and has authored a number of books on black repatriation.  According to Okofu: “Wherever it is we find ourselves,  in Africa is where we should be.”  Those are profound words indeed. 

     Otis Davis moved to Ghana in 2011.  He says he loves his new home.  He is the president of the African-American Association, an organization that assists others who have repatriated.  His son, Ezra visited his father and now plans to stay, “It’s not really just about money, you have the ability to create something… to contribute.”

     Marcus Garvey (1887-1940) was one of the pioneer Black leaders who advocated repatriation.  He was a truly  great Black leader.  He had over two million blacks enlisted in his Back to Africa movement.  Unfortunately, there were, and still are, powerful forces that did not want to see that happen and Garvey was railroaded to prison. 

     Blacks, along with Hispanics, are looked upon by the powers-that-be as cheap labor.  Not only are they themselves viewed as cheap labor, but by their mere presence, wages are kept lower due to supply and demand in the labor force.  It’s Economics 101.  For that reason, we continue to see obstacles set in the path of any and all who seek to realize self-determination and self governance.

     As Racial Nationalists we must continue to encourage Black repatriation. The RNPA will in fact support legislation that would financially assist other Blacks to repatriate, and to offer aid packages to those African nations who open their doors to American Blacks. Until that time, the RNPA is working to build support for Black repatriation in both the White community, and through, the Volunteers of Africa, in the African community.

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