One of the unintended consequences of the 'Unite-the-right' Charlottesville rally Back in August of 2017 was that our local White sellouts used it to try to reap some political points.  This was done by the holding of a ‘prayer vigil’ at a Black church for the woman who was run over by a car in the turmoil that ensued.  However, one of the White sellouts and political hacks (Erie County Executive Marc Poloncarz) determined that instead of praying he was going to use the opportunity, and the pulpit, to attack me, by name, and in doing so repeat a fabrication regarding the Anti-Martin Luther King demonstration I had back in 1981.  It is rather unsettling that this knucklehead had me in the back of his mind for over 30 years, but that is of minor concern. 

     As for the fabrication, it is that I was allegedly the only one to attend this rally, which is nothing more than legerdemain intended to contain this movement.  It is clever, but in this particular case it is easily disproved.  A simple examination of any rally photographs would show a man standing next to me, that man is easily identified as the late John Ross Taylor of the Western Guard Party of Canada. Additionally, there were a number of people who supported me in the crowd of 400 or so. Granted, most of these were communists, but none of us were wearing uniforms or any other identification, so how could one be determined to be a supporter and another not? Matter of fact,  when I walked through the crowd there was a sprinkling of supporters here and there.  This of course proves that not only was this notion that I was alone nonsense, it was, and is, a deliberate falsehood. 

      And lastly, I didn’t have a car at the time, so I was driven there by  late, Waldemar ‘Wally’ Shultz, who at one time was the youngest professor at the University of Buffalo. Mr. Schultz was in the parking lot next  to the rally site, with a 38, just in case.

     The truth of the matter, there was a lot of popular support for what I was doing, which is precisely why they try to minimize it.  But let me give you some background information.

     First off let me say that this was not a case of self promotion as the police tried to make it seem.  One complained to the media that I was a ‘media monster’ and that I wasn’t a ‘hero’., which, if you know me, I never claimed to be.  My own view of myself is similar to that of Cato’s who astutely remarked, “I would rather have people ask why there isn’t a statue of me, then why there is.”   As I have stated in these pages before, “I’m just an old White man with a big mouth.”

     I announced this rally for two reasons:       1) To blunt the witch hunt that was underway because of the activities of the “22 caliber killer.”   Jesse Jackson had called for an arrest.  He didn’t care about the validity, he just wanted an arrest, any arrest.   And if he didn’t get an arrest, he hinted he might lead a march.  The media quizzed me about this and I said that he had a right to march but if  it was in a White neighborhood, and if one brick was thrown, he wouldn’t be leaving Buffalo.  He never did march. 2) I thought that this was an ideal time to promote the organization I was affiliated with.  Trouble was, when things heated up the leader told me, “I can’t afford to get arrested” , which meant I had to carry the water.  Now, I was still recovering from a kidney transplant and really wasn’t physically up for this, but I followed through the best I could.  The point is that I never intended for myself to be the focal point.  I prefer the shadows.

     After I announced the rally, the late Democratic Mayor, James Griffin stated that “There would be no Nazi rally in Buffalo.”         Whatever dude,   I told the media, which made the front page of the Buffalo News, that “Mayor Griffin can sit on it.  He doesn’t know the law, and I’m going to teach him the law.”

     In order to prevent us from rallying, the powers-that-be decided to go to federal court to try and get an injunction. I hesitated in even showing up, but did anyways.  The ACLU filed an Amicus Curiae brief on our behalf, and I testified.  I argued that while I put out a leaflet that stated: “Wanted: One Hundred White Men With Guts”  the left, being original as they are, put out a corresponding leaflet::  “Wanted: One Thousand Black Men With Guns!”  My argument was that if any injunction was to be ordered it should be against the Left, not us.          

     Funny, the establishment promotes the notion that this was a failure, BUT we won.  Besides, the Left never did realize 1,000 Black men with guns. FAIL!

     The police admonishment against the media worked, so, to circumvent the local censorship I sent out copies of that leaflet to media around the world.  125 media outlets responded.  The police had to set up a special station just to handle the media.  Paris Match did their dutiful hatchet job, and I was interviewed by Pravda.  That is a story that needs to be told. 

    After the rally Pravda called me up and wanted to do an interview.  Mind you this was BEFORE the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, so, I was really reluctant to give an interview, as I thought it useless.  They tried to entice me with promises of getting publicity, to which I replied, “ I don’t read Russian.”  They persisted and I finally gave in.  We met at the Wendy’s not far from my apartment.  There was a large Viking and  a beady eye Jew.  The Viking explained to me that since Russia endured such a catastrophic war they were concerned about any rise of ‘Nazism’.  I actually saw where this could be a concern, after all, I am a reasonable man. So I asked him,  ‘When I see these White Russians playing basketball against these Blacks, who do you think I cheer for?”  He smiled, “The Russians??” I told him:; “you got that right”.   About that time a young White girl approached us and asked me, “Are you Karl Hand?”  Immediately, I thought I was set up, but answered affirmatively.  She said; “Good!   Get those Niggers!” I was too flabbergasted to respond, and she went on her way, having made her dislike of blacks known.  I never did get a copy of Pravda, and have no idea what they reported, but a short while later, a group of ‘neo-Nazis’ were arrested for demonstrating in Moscow.  If there was any connection, I have no way of knowing, and neither does any one else.

     If anyone ever mentions this rally again, or repeats the lie that I was there by myself, or that there was, and is, no popular support for us, you will have the means to rebut them.  v